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…a relationship is two people. Not two people and everyone who has an opinion.


God Bless this woman. It can’t be said any better then that.

Want me to tell you the truth about Long Distance

The truth is that, I say I hate it sometimes, when in reality I hate it all the time (constantly)…

I hate it the most when I’m doing things I know he(she) would enjoy. I hate it when I want to feel a little extra loved. I hate it when there are things going on but we can’t physically be there for each other. Or the times when I’m sitting on my bed alone and I just wonder how different it would be if we were together. I hate distance, I hate missing the one I love. Honestly I think there is always a time that I hate it. (except when I get to talk to him(her) or I when I know the time is getting super short like days or weeks)

The truth about long distance is that it’s hard. It will always be hard (yes there are ways that you can deal with it but it doesn’t make it easy, just a little more bearable.) People will always have something negative to say (yup there is always that person), you’ll always want the person you love a little closer or there with you. They never leave you’re mind that’s for sure. The truth is that you’ll always have something that reminds you of them with you, as a way of having them there. You won’t always find someone that will understand what your going through (but that’s ok there’s always the LDR community or your other half trust me the know what you’re feeling). You’ll feel that long distance hits you hard on somedays, harder than usual. Tears: happy or sad, oh trust me they exist in long distance.

Now in all honestly the truth about long distance, the one that isn’t like anything els I said. I’ll tell you what the truth about long distance is; that all the love that I have for THE ONE is what keeps me going with this long distance. The way that I feel when I’m with him (her), all the happy tears and all the smiles that he puts on my face are what keep me going. It’s the love that keeps a long distance relationship strong. Yes of course there are other things but, if you don’t have love as a base you can’t have the other things that make LDRs strong.

If your reading this you may be able to relate or you’re probably in an LDR (maybe not). But I want you to know that whether you’re waiting on him or her all the negative things we hate about LD it will never beat the LOVE that we have for them. Continue to stay strong and know your not alone, they miss you and need you too.


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Unofficial “Milso” Playlist

I’ve seen multiple “milso” playlist and they are all old & usually only one genre. I’m only sharing one that I made. Its a list of relatable of songs that I listen to when I’m in that funk. This is also probably good for Long Distance Relationships in general! Bolded ones are personal favorites!

  1. Willow Smith : Drowning
  2. Gym Class Heroes : Back Home
  3. Beyonce : At Last
  4. Bryson Tiller : Exchange  
  5. Carina Round : For Everything a Reason 
  6. Ciara : Jackie (for when you need a boost)
  7. Daniela Andrade : Thinkin Bout You
  8. Daughter : Numbers
  9. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros : Home
  10. Florence & The Machines : Over The Love
  11. India Arie : The Truth
  12. Jaden Smith : PCH 
  13. Janine & The Mixtape : Hold Me
  14. Jhene Aiko : W.A.Y.S. & Promises & For My Brother 
  15. Lana Del Rey : The Man I Love 
  16. Lauryn Hill : Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You
  17. Mac Miller : Objects In The Mirror
  18. Miguel : Pussy Is Mine / Coffee / Simple
  19. Moldy Peaches : Anyone Else But You
  20. Paramore : My Hero / The Only Exception
  21. Rihanna : Stay / We Found Love
  22. Roy Orbison : In Dreams
  23. J.Cole : Hello
Posts that will get you cyber-annihilated in the milso tag

This is a public service announcement for all those that post in the milso tag. I cringe every time I see one of the “unspoken rules” violated because I know these Tumblr milsos are going to go after the poor person that didn’t think before they posted. Personally, I don’t care what you post, but TRUST me: a lot of these broads do and they will go after your ass as if though you personally set out to offend them.

So, here are the top 10 things that will get you cyber-annihilated in the milso tag:
1. Posting pictures or screen shots of your personal information (address, phone number, etc.).
2. Actually, posting anyone’s personal information can get you in deep shit around here.
3. Being whinny or competitive about missing your SO.
4. Actually, complaining in general is not well received.
5. OPSEC and PERSEC violations (dates, locations, times, countdowns, etc.). I thought this one would upset more folks, but it only upsets a random few.
6. Being too proud of being a milso is a big no-no. You want to post a selfie of your “Marine Girlfriend” or “Army Wife” shirt? THINK AGAIN. You will get told to get a life and stop being such a stereotypical milso.
7. GoFundMe accounts for your wedding, visiting your SO, or for anything that isn’t a true medical emergency.
8. Engagement pics (or any professional pics) of you & your SO in uniform. People really seem to get angry with this one. Oh, and don’t you dare use “Old Glory” as a prop, blanket, or any of the sort: they find that HIGHLY distasteful and disrespectful. But wedding pictures of them in uniform is just fine?
9. Posting screen shots of sappy messages between you & your SO. Though it’s cute to you, others apparently hate it and it makes them want to punch you.
10. Basically anything that you post will annoy or upset someone–so, post what you want because you’re a big girl or boy AND it’s your damn blog, but be ready to have random strangers rip you a new one.

Finally, I don’t care what ANY milso says, they were once that nerdy girlfriend that wore proudly their milso swag and if you weren’t: you did something else that was embarrassing & stupid. Everyone goes through that stage, then you realize it’s silly and move on. Luckily for me, that stage happened before Tumblr existed ha.

You know you're a military spouse when you call your husband’s friends only by their last names.