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Hey hey!

Good morning everyone! Its my day(s) on the blog so I’m here to talk! Today I just got some college stuff going on so lets talk so I can procrastinate ;) so any Navy questions, or long distance send them in! Or any other questions for that matter :) Also, does anyone want to start a topic??

Hey Everyone! Im David with Lilly and Lilly Photography. Im looking for military couples getting married in 2013. I will be providing free wedding photography to those selected as well as bridal bouquet and boutonniere. Check us out at or if you want to donate you can visit

Happy Friday!

I’m here all day until I go to the gala later tonight (and then after I get back), so feel free to send in anything you want! Questions, vents, and/or topics. Nothing is off limits. I hope everyone has a great day! ♥