coast guard art


Hey Ran! :D (@garrulousgibberish) Here are some more doodles for your lovely Lighthouse Keeper AU to hopefully cheer you up a bit! I doodled an older sailor / coast guard Mabel in a summer uniform. Her hair is extra-curly from spending so much time out at sea, getting sprayed with saltwater from the waves. 

And then I also doodled a Lighthouse Keeper AU Wendy playing a harmonica, because what respectable fisherman’s daughter doesn’t know how to play the harmonica? XD (Pssst, if you haven’t checked out Ran’s wonderful Harmonica Harassment stuff, GO DO IT NOW. It is glorious). 

Anyway, I hope these can brighten your day a bit! I had a lot of fun with them :)

-Nana Graye

Finished colouring this Surf Life Saver sketch I did at the beach last weekend! When I get a chance I want to try painting a beach background for her 🌊

(Drawn in @adobe Draw on iPad)