coast brewery

Impromptu Night Out

I went out for dinner and drinks with my manager…and I was apprehensive at first…but I think I’m going to end up having a really great time. Looks like we are going to hit up a few different bars/breweries tonight 😬😜

So far I’ve had a Tröegs Hop Knife (yum) and a Lost Coast Brewery Watermelon Wheat Ale (booo). If I can find any beers off my old list I’m going to get them. Regardless of what we do I’m just happy to be out and drinking beer!! 🍻

PSA for the upcoming eclipse!

As a resident of Oregon, I am excited for the upcoming eclipse and thrilled that I am in one of the best spots to see it in the world. The US Department of Forestry expects Oregon to have an influx of over 1 million visitors over the weekend for the eclipse alone. This doesn’t include regular visitors that are coming to see things that are always here such as Crater Lake, our lovely coast, breweries in Portland and all of the other great things this state is known for.  We also have a HUGE country concert festival and tons of county fairs happening this weekend and thats just in Southern Oregon.

This is kind of a long post so I will put it behind the break.  Please, if you have visitors coming or plan on visiting take a moment to read.

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