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On 11/Rose. I, for one, don't think 11 loves Rose like 10. Certainly doesn't NEED her, like 9. Of course 11 remembers her, a very fond memory. But he must also be so aware that his last self was really too human for his own good, not safe. And he knows that fury is still in him, fears what he knows he can do. Regenerating, he must've made a true effort to be less emotional, not capable of love that fierce ever again. 10 was born out of 9 embracing his love for Rose; 11 out of 10 letting her go.

LOL BRO I’VE WRITTEN LIKE 500 METAS SAYING THIS EXACT SAME THING. So yes, high fives all around, because the only ship I actually ship for Eleven is Doctor/TARDIS.

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Someone was wearing a TARDIS t-shirt beside me in class, so while I was scribbling stuff before class, I did the The Master's taptaptaptap a bunch of times and then watched their eyes bug out.


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Last night I had a beautiful dream about Rose and The Doctor. They were on some planet far, far away, and he referred to her as his wife, and they snogged a whole lot and everything was nifty. THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN ROSE TURNED INTO A SLUG AND EVERYONE STARTED PANICKING AND I HEARD NEON TREES AND I WOKE UP



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My absolute favorite character is Rory. Rory is the level-headed campanion and is the perfect foil for the Doctor. All the Doctor's girls are infatuated with the idea of "All of Time and Space." Rory sees past that, how it changes the women and how the Doctor causes damage that possibly he doesn't even realize. Rory doesn't take crap from the Doctor and knows when to tell him off. Rory could even be smarter than the Doctor in his own way. Plus, he's the Last Centurion.

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One of the most frustrating things is when you're reading a Tentoo/Rose fic and it starts out really good but then she calls him John and you're like no no no no no




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You really think The Doctor and Rose had sex? Sorry, that's grasping too far. The Doctor wasn't human, and he couldn't even tell Rose he loved her. He almost didn't know what to do with his love for her. I don't think he'd be like "Okay, Rose. You almost died. Get naked." I'm sure he might have cuddled with her, or helped her sleep. But s'all.

Um. Excuse me, Anon, but I don’t come into your askbox (assuming you weren’t anon, of course) and declare that what you think is wrong. I appreciate you wanting to share your views with me, but next time, try not to be so rude. Why did you ask for my opinion if you were just going to slap it away? This is my opinion, and though I flip-flop between them having and not having sex, it’s still what I think.

Furthermore, here’s some meta backing my opinion up.

Clearly, my headcanon wasn’t like oops almost lost you lololol lets have the sex. It is a lot deeper than that, took a lot more time, there’s a lot more development. Though there are only a few episodes between The Age of Steel and Army of Ghosts, I believe it took place over months of time, allowing for growth. Just because the Doctor couldn’t say ‘I love you,’ doesn’t mean he didn’t feel it or didn’t tell her in every other way than words. “Oh, she knows” is a very telling thing for the Doctor to say. He doesn’t need to tell Rose he loves her, because she already knows.

Finally, any more messages sent by you about this will be deleted. I don’t stand for rudeness in my ask. Sorry.

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Just wondering why you tagged the Jenna-Louise Coleman on set as "Clara Tyler" ? There is no proof that her surname is Tyler. We only know her firstname (even that is not offically confirmed, only by set reporters) I honestly really would dislike the idea of her being the daughter. I would make no sense.

CLARA TYLER IS MY HEADCANON UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE, ANON. And I tag her like that because I’m excited for her existence. Though I do understand, I don’t TECHNICALLY want Clara to be Rose/TenToo’s daughter because I don’t want Moffat near that with a fifty-foot pole, but as of right now, we don’t know shit about Jenna-Louise’s character beyond her first name. So I am free to fill in the blanks however the hell I want to, because I can. Until we get a real storyline and name, I’m tagging her as Clara Tyler.

And you may not like the idea of her being the daughter, but I do. It’s my blog, dear anon, and I will stick to my headcanons, thank you.

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Meta isn't an accurate term. And only your little group of Dr. Rose fans use it.

Yes, we’ve discussed this before, Anon. And I quite disagree, I heard the term years before I ever even joined tumblr or watched Doctor Who.

Either way, they’re not my “little group of Dr. Rose fans;” they’re my friends and followers, Anon, and I would appreciate if you weren’t a dick about it. 

  • Honestly? I love that Jackie is rude. I love that she has insecurities, because it means she’s human. She’s understandable and even relateable. What would you do if some pretty young thing came over and gave you advice on how to deal with your significant other? Of course you’d be annoyed and offended. Anyone would. I certainly know that I would be. How dare this random person claim that she knows what’s best for my relationship with my significant other? It would make me wonder, why does she claim to know my significant other in the first place? Jackie’s response to Rose is completely realistic and legitimate and thus believable. Sure, Jackie doesn’t come out smelling like roses (no pun intended - well, maybe a little pun intended), but I believe her. She feels real to me, and that’s what good television is: believable. The fact that I’m watching a show about a space-and-time-traveling alien and his human companion accidentally falling into a parallel world and meeting the human companion’s parallel family - and I find it believable? That’s good television, my friend. Everyone has insecurities - even parallel!Jackie. Instead of looking at it as a bad thing, look at it as a sign of a realistically written character. 
  • omfg anon. I hope you’re pronouncing my name right! (nee-lee)
  • Oh. Um… I don’t know. I’ve never asked anyone out - I just kind of get asked out? But, hm, I’d say just bring it up casually. If you’re both shy, then bring up a topic you both have in common (like a TV show you both like or whatever) and then suggest that he comes over to you house and watch it. Or bring up a movie you both wanna see, and then ask him to come with you. Keep it casual and friendly  and then if he seems into it, elevate it to a ~date status. Age doesn’t matter if you’re both in HS.
  • Yup, I’ve seen it and I liked it very much!