Daft Punk fan art 1: Human After All - coarsefur

A few older fan art requests I had of them as people. (I take commissions, btw!) It’s really obvious these are my favorite outfits they wear.

Okay! So here we are, with the lovely Crystalline Gala in full swing, me at 400+ followers, and my bday in a couple days. Good time to do at least a semi-big giveaway right?

There will be 6 winners to this giveaway, each person receiving one of the packs above!

And if the packs are a little too cluttered up there:

  1. Boreal Spoils: All 6 Gala Chests, a Winter Wolf Cape*, a Coarsefur Yeti, and a Snowfall Floracat
  2. NoN Flashback: An Unhatched Nocturne Egg, the mimic chests and the mimic bears
  3. Coli Boost + Drop: The 8 coli-dropped capes, 6 Ambush, 3 Eliminate, and 9 berserkers
  4. Celebration: A Companion Comet, a Starseer’s Emblem, a Starseer’s Sash, a Hibernal Starbear and an Unhatched Arcane Egg
  5. Gala: A Chillspike Collar, a Frigid Emblem, a Frigid Sash, a Polarfreeze Defender, and an Unhatched Ice Egg
  6. Ceremony: Crystalhide Treads, a Rockbreaker’s Emblem, a Stonekeeper Sash, a Cragbacked Bouldursa, and an Unhatched Earth Egg

*For the Winter Wolf Cape, if Swipp remains uncooperative, you have the choice of getting the items for the trade or waiting until I can catch the trade. I will be attempting to catch the trade before then though!


  • Please reblog with your Username and ID
  • Likes don’t count!
  • You don’t have to be following me
  • Please include your preference of packs!
  • Winners will be picked randomly, and this ends Monday, Feb 2nd at 20:00 site time!
  • Have fun and good luck~


A little Yeti Giveaway!

Hello! Trickmurk’s over, and I just finished wrapping up my event. Also, I just noticed Isomehow have 170 followers. Okay. Well, as a little celebration, I’m giving away a Coarsefur Yeti!


Please, please, please don’t like the post. It makes it much harder to tally entries

reblog with your username and ID!

don’t have to be following me

Ends on the 4th, at 20:00 FR time. Good Luck!


These are my friends Claire and Natalie (otherwise known as shuraiya and coarsefur). This is a signed copy of A Game of Thrones. What do they have in common?

Last year, Claire was accepted to the University of Leicester for a one-year graduate program in Museum Studies. She, her girlfriend Natalie, and their cats were to fly to the UK via Turkey (briefly stopping to visit Natalie’s family in Ankara), where Claire would attend the program of her dreams.

Due to a series of unfortunate events involving planes, pet reservations, and visas, Claire and Natalie have been stuck in Turkey since September 2013, struggling to find work to pay their keep with Natalie’s family, and certainly not earning enough to pay their way back to the United States. More importantly, Claire has just been accepted to another Museum Studies program, this one at the University of Washington, and will need to return to California in order to fully relocate to Seattle.

Here’s where the book comes in: Claire and Natalie have set up a GoFundMe page in order to raise money for their travel (which they have clearly outlined, if you need confirmation). Since they haven’t had as much luck raising money as we’d like, Beth is generously donating her copy of A Game of Thrones, which she had signed by George R. R. Martin (sans her name, so you can pretend it’s yours) back in 2011.

For every $5 donation to Claire and Natalie’s GoFundMe, you will be purchasing a raffle ticket to win this never-been-read, signed copy of A Game of Thrones. For every additional $5 you donate, you will purchase 1 additional ticket.

Here’s how you do it!

When entering your information, please be sure to mention that this is for the raffle in the comment, as well as your username so that we know who to contact when we’ve picked the winner! Claire will keep me informed of any entries, but message me (anon disabled) so I can confirm with Claire that your entry has gone through.

Unfortunately, we have to limit the raffle to the US due to shipping costs, unless you’d like to help us split the cost of shipping internationally, which we can discuss if you win. We are definitely open to making this work for everyone :)

We’ll be ending the raffle on March 26th at 9 PM PST and announcing the winner on March 27th, so make sure you enter before then! Even if you can’t enter, please consider donating regardless, or at least sharing this post with your followers. We’d love to get them back here ASAP so they have as much time as possible to relocate to Seattle before Claire starts school.

TL;DR: donate $5 before March 26th at 9 PM PST to get a chance to win a GRRM-signed copy of A Game of Thrones.

Thank you so much for your help in advance, and happy raffling!