(if we’ve got nothin’) we’ve got us.

Show: The Flash
Characters: Iris West, Barry Allen, Linda Park, Joe West, some background cameos
Ship: Barry/Iris, a healthy dose of ParkWest friendship
Words: ~10k
Timeline: AU
Notes: sandy tweeted out this prompt: ”we’re coanchors at a news network at 3am and we build a devoted fanbase of insomniacs who want us to make out” and i rolled with it. and she continues to be the best beta in the land!! @bluestoplights


Iris should have known broadcast journalism would be a mistake.

It’s not that she’s necessarily dying for the recognition or notoriety of daytime news. She doesn’t even need the early morning half-hearted viewership of tired people working nine to five, shuffling around getting ready while a too chipper voice tells them the news.

In fact, if she had just stayed the course she wouldn’t even be on TV at all. Iris would be hiding behind her computer in relative obscurity writing for a newspaper or, more likely, an online publication. God, if she had a time machine.

As it is, she’s sitting at her stupid desk in front of her stupid fake backdrop at 3 AM trying not to sound like she’s contemplating quitting on air in a blaze of glory.

Well, she was contemplating that anyway. She’d daydream about it at least three times a week in between reiterating news from earlier in the day and trying to find a way to make it sound like the clip they’d found on YouTube is actually news. Of all the new stations in the city, Iris had to work for the one with a 24 hour cycle.

Barry Allen, it turns out, is a breath of fresh air.

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