packing for Norway (Photo by coalitionforjustice)

Today I got the call your going to Norway! So packed my stuff this afternoon found my passport and ill be leaving for Norway tomorrow at 8:30 out of PDX international airport. I’ll be going to a festival this weekend and will be selling coalitionforJustice clothing to help spread awareness of human trafficking around the world! So pack up my suitcase and on my way! Together we can stop human Trafficking! Never stop dreaming 


   Today I want to share a highlight of my trip to L.A. I was able to speak to 35 young people about Coalitionforjustice and the issue of human trafficking.

   Two girls came up to me and asked to buy some shirts. I told them i could give them some. They said no we want to buy them! I saw that it wasn’t about the shirts it was about helping these women and children. They got it! They kept asking questions about CoalitionforJustice. I started explaining and one stopped and said I found my calling she kept saying it i found my calling.(WOW)  I was sitting there blown away. Because she truly believed and felt a sense of purpose! I was so excited!! She asked if she could work for me someday. I said of course!!! I sat there seeing these two girls getting excited about the possibilities of changing the world doing what they love to do using there gifts and talents! I sat there smiling full of joy. For this is the calling that freedom comes and that we change the world together. 

THANK YOU TWO for having a heart for human trafficking. CoalitionforJustice believes in you!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for encouraging me. For this is why we do this to inspire and stop human trafficking. You guys are a hight-light of the trip.


Take the time to watch this!