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I was working with a client to create a logo for their eco friendly clothing business. The initial direction was that they wanted something very flowing and organic. He said he was open to all styles and the only thing he stressed was the organic feel devoid of sharp edges.  

I sent him a few options, including one with a simple, relatlively abstract mountain.

Client: I love the mountain, but it needs to be less abstract. Use soft contours that convey strength and endurance.

A little help? How does that work?

Support women in STEM

Because they’ve advanced the success and growth of those fields for just as long as men, even when they weren’t afforded the opportunity, the recognition, or the grants. Onward:

Rosalind Franklin (July 25, 1920—April 16, 1958)

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Rosalind Franklin was a chemist and, get this, X-ray crystallographer. As far as titles go, you can’t do much better than crystallographer. Her work in understanding the molecular structure of DNA laid the foundation for the discovery of the double helix. She also made significant contributions to understanding the structures of RNAs. And viruses. And coal. And graphite. Her work was not fully appreciated until after she passed away. Two teams of all-male scientists who used her work to discover great things later went on to win Nobel Prizes.

Rebecca Lee Crumpler (February 8, 1831—March 9, 1895)

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Rebecca Lee Crumpler spent most of her professional life being the first at things. She was the very first Black woman to become a physician in the United States. The first (and only) Black woman to graduate from New England Female Medical College. She authored Book of Medical Discourses, one of the very first medical books written by a Black person. Every obstacle she powered through was done in an effort to provide care for other people. Hero. 

Mary Anning (May 21, 1799—March 9, 1847)

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Mary Anning discovered the first full Ichthyosaur skeleton at 11,  the very first Plesiosaur at 22, and then opened up her own fossil store front a few years later. We repeat: She opened up her own fossil store. We could go on and on, but Rejected Princesses (@rejectedprincesses​) already did it best in this biographical comic. While you’re over there, check out their whole archive and the dozens and dozens of women’s life stories within.

Follow these too:

  • She Thought It: Crossing Bodies in Sciences and Arts (@shethoughtit​​) is a database dedicated to shedding light on women making strides in both science and the arts. A whole bunch of great things.
  • Lady Scientists of Tumblr (@scientific-women​​) promises everything you could ever want from a feminist science round-up blog: intersectionality and equal representation of all scientists who identify as female. Hell yeah.
  • Math Brain (@ihaveamathbrain​​) backs the novel idea that women are indeed capable of understanding math. Shocking. With the perfect amount of sarcasm, they tackle the idea some bozos have that women just don’t have the mind for mathematics.

I work as a freelance layout artist. I’m on the phone with a client, discussing some magazine spreads.

Client: I like the spreads, but they’re very graphics heavy and I’m afraid the page numbers won’t read. Can you play around with it a bit?

Me: “Play around with it”? Seriously?

Client: Uh… yes?

Me: This isn’t remedial gym. C'mon.

Alright designers you have to scrape off your charred on skin and dirt you’ve had since childhood and create an entirely new ensemble from the jungle around you

Make it work!

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Daya’s “Sit Still, Look Pretty” is a completely awful song for a wide variety of reasons, but one line that has always driven me particularly insane is “Snow White she did right in her life with seven men to do the chores, ‘cause that’s not what a lady’s for.”

Like wow. Let’s ignore the obvious for second and pretend she didn’t just seriously say that ladies aren’t meant to do chores. I don’t care if you’re a lady or a gentleman, if there are chores to be done you are meant to do them. But no, what really bothers me is her choice to specifically use Snow White as an example. It makes me think she’s not at all familiar with the story of Snow White. Snow White did do the chores. In fact, that is an important part of her story and an important example of her autonomy and strength. In the story, Snow is a young girl fleeing from an evil witch who just tried to have her killed. She is forced to find someway to survive alone and abandoned in the woods. She comes across a lodging where there is potential for food, shelter, and some measure of protection from the witch. Upon meeting the owners of this lodging, she decides to think on her feet and negotiate a living arrangement. The dwarves are hard-working coal miners, but their busy schedules and dirty occupation have led to their house being a filthy mess. Snow sees this need and capitalizes on it by offering her services as a homemaker. She has no money but she decides to barter for sustenance and shelter with her skills, which shows bravery, resourcefulness, and exceptional fortitude in the face of daunting circumstances. She is certainly not less of a girl because she did chores.

But seriously that song sucks so much. “You get off on a 9-to-5/dream of picket fences and trophy wives”?? Are you dating guys exclusively from Mayberry? Who seriously thinks like this? Why would you release a song like that in 2016?

My daddy

Me and my daddy, around 2010.

He’s a Mother Earth-subscribing, thoughtful, measured, kind, Obama-voting surface coal miner. He doesn’t mind paying high taxes to feed and help people and our region, but he has a problem with the money going to war. He’s a Christian who lives his values, and though I’m no longer one myself I admire his interpretation of his faith everyday. He says all the time he’s not attached to coal itself, and would do any other job that paid as well and had good benefits. He supports his fellow miners, but understands the companies are not saintly benefactors. For Obama’s entire presidency, he was the lone voice on his jobs who voted for him. They even called him “Baby’s president”; Baby is my dad’s call-sign/nickname on his jobs, because he stands about 6′3″. He’s someone who graduated high school and went straight to work, supporting 4 kids on $5.15 an hour at first, working his way up to being one of the best operators in the tri-state. He was told by a boss once that as long as there was a coal job in VA or KY or WV, my dad would have a spot on it.

My dad has laid ground for schools, helped build the foundation of highways, and of course he’s mined coal. He finds beauty in everything. He tries to love everyone he meets. He worked 6 days a week, driving 1.5 hours each way on top of a 12 hour shift, for most of my childhood. We only saw him on Sundays, really, and I remember waving to him from the school bus as he passed us going to work.

I’ve been thinking about him all day. My dad represents what everyone should already know…Appalachians are not a monolith. We don’t all have the same politics, we don’t all fit the mold the outside world places us in. And there’s nothing wrong with the ones who do, either. But sometimes, when I read about people who dismiss us as a region, I think about how they should meet my daddy.


AN: Chapter 1 and 2 were posted separately, but this is the WHOLE fic (chapter 3 included). I don’t know why, but it feels like it belongs all together. Don’t ask me to explain it, because I totally can’t. It just does.

Summary: Neverland is more than a place of adventure and eternal youth. To Lucy, Neverland is home. [NaLu] [Rated T] [Peter Pan AU]

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I am a lost boy from Neverland

Usually hanging out with Peter Pan

And when we’re bored we play in the woods

Always on the run from Captain Hook

“Run, run, lost boy, ” they say to me

Away from all of reality

Neverland is home to lost boys like me

And lost boys like me are free

Neverland is home to lost boys like me

And lost boys like me are free”

–“Lost Boy”, Ruth B.

The first time she sees him she thinks she is dreaming. He is a mere shadow dancing on the moon, his silhouette growing bigger and bigger until he is framed by her bedroom window with a back drop of inky night and bright stars. She blinks, slow and with eyes still heavy with sleep, and he is gone. 

In the morning she thinks that the vision of a pink haired boy must be derived from her loneliness.

The house she grew up in is no longer the home she once knew. It hasn’t been since her mother died. The bustling household has turned stale, the rooms quiet. Mrs. Spetto, her governess, has been fired - the cook as well. The maid only comes once a week now, to dust and do her father’s laundry. Lucy looks forward to her visits, even though she is ignored in favor of getting chores done. It breaks up the monotony of her days. 

At night, usually after dark, her father comes home. He doesn’t say hello, doesn’t ask about her day, instead he walks up the stairs and to his study. He shuts the door behind him. He goes to bed after she has fallen asleep, and leaves for work - or wherever else he goes - before she wakes. She can’t remember the last time they had a conversation. The most she ever hears from him is the sound of his pen scratching against parchment that leaks through the cracks in the copper keyhole.

Still, she is lucky. She is not blind to the children begging outside her front door. She sees them, filthy and dressed in rags, through her bedroom window. She knows that while she is housed by a roof and ornately decorated walls, their home consists of alleyways and makeshift boxes. Many of their lungs are blackened by soot and coal from working at the factories, she can hear it in the way some of the older children cough. As lonely as she is, she knows things can be far, far worse. 

Still - she knows that things can be far better as well. 

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esrigby  asked:

Earl, in your experience... why don't conservatives believe in climate change? I used not to either, because my parents are far right wing and I grew up before the internet was a big thing, and I believed what my parents told me. But once I had access to the facts I changed my mind right away. Nor can I ask my father why /he/ disbelieves it, as he could never give a reason that didn't just come from sourceless belief. Why do conservatives cling to the idea that it's a scientific conspiracy?

…Okay, I might not be the best person to ask because I have a Thing about climate change. I am willing to listen to people who say that it is real and willing to say “yes, we should do something about it”. But I mostly ignore it as much as I can because Apocalypse Rhetoric is Not Safe For The Earl. 

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That being said… I’d guess the reasons boil down to “oil + coal dependence”, “seething resentment”, and “the class war no one wants to acknowledge because it’s bipartisan”.

A lot of richer conservatives are oil barons, or are friends with oil barons. A lot of poorer conservatives live in coal mining country or work in oil/coal/construction. Many conservatives- of all social classes - live in rural areas and need to drive ten miles to get to the grocery store or to church. 

And like- there are liberals who live in rural areas and are dependent on cars and stuff, but most of them at least, like… know people who live in the city and use public transit. For a lot of conservatives, coal and oil and driving are bound up in the Way the World Is. Oil and coal are just a natural part of life, and trying to get rid of them is crazy-talk. 

 There’s also this idea floating around over there… and like, it’s mostly propaganda, but there’s a grain of truth in it… that liberals are either “welfare queens” or rich people from the big city who hate conservatives and are divorced from reality. Tree-hugging vegetarians who drive around in limousines and drink fancy lattes and don’t notice the ‘normal’ people who do the work it takes to support them, or Those People who will do whatever it takes to sponge off said ‘normal’ people and don’t care about who they’re hurting.

….The grain of truth is that there are plenty of liberals who do hate poor white people, and not just in the “well, if they’d stop being bigoted, we wouldn’t have a problem” kind of way. If you’re rich and liberal, you can get away with saying all kinds of terrible things about poor rural white people - everything from “their culture is garbage, only stupid people would like NASCAR and pro wrestling” to “poor white people are all dumb and inbred and shouldn’t be allowed to have kids” to “we should nuke the Deep South, we’ll lose nothing of value”. (Yes, I have actually seen people saying that last one.)* 

So the global warming thing tends to go like this:

- Rich oil baron doesn’t want to stop making money by being rich and owning oil wells. Rich oil baron sees that switching to being a solar panel baron would hurt his bottom line. So he decides he needs to use his time and money to make sure alternative energy doesn’t go through.

- Rich oil baron calls up his friend who owns a major media outlet and says “hey can you make sure people hate this bill that would send money to alternative energy I want to buy another yacht this month” and Media Mogul says “sure I gotchu fam”**. 

- Media mogul pays a lot of people a lot of money to talk about why alternative energy is bad. Since a lot of the reasons alternative energy is important boil down to “we need to stop global warming”, the people talking about why alternative energy is bad need to downplay or outright deny global warming.

- The 'journalists’ getting paid to talk about why alternative energy is bad wind up playing on rank-and-file conservatives’ hatred and fear of limousine liberals. “Hey,” they say, “you know those people who keep talking about saving the whales and trees, but who gleefully advocate for your genocide? They also want to make it impossible for you to leave your house, steal your jobs out from under you, and generally make you completely societally irrelevant! Why should you listen to them when they say these things?” 

- A lot of rank-and-file conservatives are also religious fundamentalists, and are generally distrustful of science because it goes against their religious beliefs (like “foetuses are people” and “the earth was created in 7 days and is less than 10,000 years old” and “evolution is a hoax”). So they’re predisposed to distrust scientists. They’re also authoritarians, though, so they’re willing to listen to and trust people that are ‘legitimate’ authorities. Due to decades of propaganda, this means the media mogul types, or people even farther to the right- think Alex Jones”. 

- So the rank-and-file conservatives believe the media moguls’ ‘journalists’- or disbelieve them, but believe their stuff as filtered through youtube conspiracy videos and long chain emails from the Cranky Old Man side of the internet.  

- Oil baron sits back and sips a sweet, sweet glass of the tears of baby seals**, secure in the knowledge that his money isn’t going anywhere.

Over-the-top jokes about terrible rich people aside- this is why you get all those jokes about electric cars that literally plug into the wall and only let you go fifty feet away from your garage. Or the “haha, it’s snowing here, can’t be getting warmer globally, right?” It’s based in fear. 

American conservativism only makes sense when you realise that it’s rich white people (who don’t want to lose their money and power) manipulating middle class/working poor white people (who don’t want to lose the tiny bit of societal power they do have) into hating everyone else. Because Everyone Else wants to take their power away. 

*As an aside: my general rule of thumb when it comes to this kind of shit is “would you say it about poor rural black people”? And if the answer is ‘no’, don’t say it. Just because they’re white doesn’t mean it’s okay to be mean.

** note: this is fictionalised, and no resemblance to real individuals is intended.

ok SO you may remember my taz girl scout camp au from a while back. WELL i have now worked at a girl scout camp and many things have changed in taz canon since i made it, and i am revamping it slightly. almost everyone is staff now and they’re all gay, just like REAL girl scout camp staff

lucretia is program staff, which at my camp meant that she leads… program - ropes, nature, arts n crafts, and archery. maybe at taz camp they have more program areas!

but please: imagine lucretia with a hot glue gun. imagine her teaching little girls how to shoot arrows and gently correcting their posture. imagine her explaining which native plants are edible. all in her cargo shorts and floppy wide brimmed hat. please

lup is waterfront staff!! you know that old trick used to teach how to paddle, with picking the frog up out of the water? she uses that even w older campers and Loves Her Whistle. Tweet Tweet You Little Hellions.

also bc i was in a unit w the head water staff and she regularly just stuck her hands in the grill to shift around coals. matches not working? she has a lighter. we didn’t get any firestarters? just throw some chips on those coals! get some grass cmon!!!! we can make this cookout happen!!!!!!!!

sloane is riding staff. alast summer she and hurley broke up… and sloane left before the last session… and everyone thought for SURE that sloane wouldn’t come back this year and… she DID. and OOH man she and hurley are gonna get back together in the best way after some tense convos in the dining hall.

during one last night campfire hurley pulls out her guitar and sings this beautiful old song about wanting to see your dearest friends sometime soon, about how you’ve been impacted by those you love… and she just looks out at the audience, at the campers, but all the campers know Exactly why she’s singing this, and WHO she’s singing it TO, and sloane has to sneak out the back and try not to cry in the bathroom

killian and carey have been going to this camp since they were little!! it’s so important to them!!!!!! they were CITs (counselors in training) together in high school and haven’t missed a summer in the LONGEST time. killian is a staff supervisor (basically the head staff in a unit) and carey is ALSO program staff. carey pulls the BEEEEEST pranks every year. like… koolaid filled water balloons. she’s a MENACE

uhhhhhh…… cassidy is also riding staff! antonia is usually assigned to the hiking/roughing it units. ren is good with the littler ones. jess fights a mountain lion

worth it

damon salvatore x reader

word count: 792

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fic search #143

the admins goofed the queue and accidently posted our searches out of order. ^_^’;;;;;;;; Please respond to this one using the reply function as we are on hiatus.

1. Athanasia by Leftfoottrapped

do you guys know the fic where tao and jongdae(?) are vampires, (i think maybe tao is a vampire but dae isnt) and tao kills baekyeol then taochen basically have sex in front of their dead bodies? LMAO i KNOW that fic actually has a plot, but i only rmbr the porn hahahaha. id be so grateful if you could find this!🌷

2. deleted

hello! i’m looking for a kyungsoo/jongin/baek fic that i believe i read on ao3 and was chaptered. in the fic, kaisoo were a 30-something couple who started sleeping with baek, who was in his 20s and had pink hair? and eventually they started ‘dating’, and kyungsoo and jongin had a fight about him and ksoo said he didn’t want/like him, baek overheard and they broke up? i think that was the last update i read. anyway, if the admin/readers have any idea, i’d appreciate it!!

3. we walk (hand in hand) by khrysallis

hi!! so there’s a fic i think baekhyun was a girl and kris got her pregnant, but he stays with her?? i remember she also falls off a ladder somewhere in the fic LOL thanks guys!!


Hello, admins!!! This blog has been giving me awesome reads for quite while now and I couldn’t be more thankful!!! Anyways, can you please help me find this Yifan/Junmyeon fic where Kris was a girl (Kristina) who had really long hair and Junmyeon was looking for a roommate but he didn’t expect it to be a girl. I also rmb Kris being an artist and she cut her hair short in the middle of the story??? I hope you can help me!!! Thank you so much!!! ♡

5. Breathing You Back In by leroy_benedict

Hi, there’s a fic Ive been searching forever for. I’m hoping it hasn’t been removed so asking is my last resort now. It’s a fic where kyungsoo is a designer and he meets Jongin’s wife who wants him to make a suit for Jongin. The main story is that Kaisoo has a child together but Kyungsoo had left him(or was he asked to leave?)


and the fact that you tried to conceal it, by not mentioning it in the description is just wrong. please guys.

7. tumbleweed by yukkuri

Hello! I’m trying to find a fanfic that I was reading on AO3 awhile ago but lost, I’m pretty sure it was the pairing was Baekhyun/Kyungsoo, and Chanyeol and Jongdae may have been his best friends although I’m not too sure. I remember that Baekhyun has an abusive uncle that works in the town’s coal mine and Baek works at like a gas station or grocery mart of sorts and Kyungsoo comes in drenched fetus rain outside. I hope this is enough info, thank you for your help!’


Hello! I’m hoping someone can help me find a fanfic I read a long time ago (around 2013?) It was ot12, and they were all in an office. All I remember about it is that in one chapter, they all go out to a club/bar, Tao gets drunk, hits on some random guy who smells like gucci black (such a random detail to remember lol) and somehow he and kris end up making out. I think they all go to jail too and CEO!Chanyeol (I think) has to bail them out. Any help is appreciated thank you!!

9. Repent on Your Sins by AbiIsTheBomb and deadgirldancer

I’ve been looking for this fanfiction for months okay so : Luhan and Sehun are brothers (luhan is 16 sehun is 17) and they grew up in a very religious family leaving luhan quote innocent. However one day he follows his brother out and sees him smoking with his boyfriend jongin, his best friend baekhyun and spends the night with them. Luhan develops a crush on Jongin and watches him and sehun have sex their sister is also either bi or gay- one phrase I remember 'just a bunch of fucked up kids’


Hi! I’m looking for a sekai fic in which they were together then broke up for some reason but reunited in hong kong or macau after many years. Jongin had been celibate all these years waiting for sehun and they have reunion sex and sehun was working at a restaurant at the time I think. Sorry if this is undetailed, I read it a long time ago and that is the only scene I remember :(

thank you @1chenbaekxi and @thekentraptor, hazecake, jlunmyeon, janette014, godkyungsoo@k1mk41 for your help!