coal walk

My temper isn’t fragile and I’m not your deity and you should walk on coals around me, not glass.
Suffer for it if you place me above you,
worship me like you think I deserve.

Fuck you;
I have every reason to be mad
(and you know that)
so don’t announce it to the room-
denounce me to the room-
as if i’m a wild animal.
Jaws clenched around your throat,
Don’t force me into shame.

I’m a wolf now,
you cannot cower and escape.
And suffer no consequence.
I won’t let you undermine my fury.
Belittle me one more time- I dare you
and I’ll show you overreaction.
I’ll show you teeth clenched and torn neck
so you know that this is nothing.
If you think this is anger then you're severely under prepared.
Don’t earn a god’s wrath if you want to survive.

—  I’m not a god, but if you want I can act like one f.h

@theficwritersblock, here’s some lourry So You Think You Can Dance with bonus angst, hope you like it!

Shoving his head under the pillow doesn’t help, since it’s not the noise that’s keeping Louis awake. Even with his ears covered, the shock waves from Harry’s hard landings on the living room floor travel through the apartment and reverberate inside Louis’ ribcage. Not for the first time, Louis wishes terrible things upon whichever producer came up with their roommate assignments. He sits up and reaches for a pair of sweatpants.

 There’s only a dim lamp on in the living room, but Louis stops to let his eyes adjust anyway. Harry’s stalking across the floor with his back to the bedroom door, head cocked oddly, elbows pointing at an angle that makes him look like a bird of prey.

 God, Sonya Tayeh must have loved choreographing him. He’s the perfect canvas for the elegant creepiness of her visions, all disorderly limbs and scrawled tattoos and that uncanny alien face. For a moment Louis forgets to resent Harry. It almost looks like he belongs here, instead of practically walking off the street and into the SYTYCD top 20 right alongside Louis, making a mockery of Louis’s fifteen years of classes and practice and sacrifice and living, breathing, bleeding dance.

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sleepeatdrawrepeat  asked:

Lead: -reappearing in a glitching-teleporting, he yelped, now landing on his face outside of Coals house- OOw! -he winces, sitting up a bit, rubbing the bridge between his eye socket(s) and sneezing- Ugh.. alrighty, Coal? You home? -he calls, starting to stand-

Coal: * he heard the familiar voice and opened the door but before he could say hi or greet lead, acid dashed pass him and ran straight to lead jumping around and licked his face a couple times* Acid ):C you need to stop Q>Q * Coal walked over to lead and picked him up, giving him a kiss* hey!~

  • cokeworth is full of terraced houses all crammed together and leaning on each other
  • gardens are walled in and mostly paved over
  • little pathways run at the back of houses, between two rows, full of children skipping and racing each other on bikes
  • most of the men work at the factories or down the coal mines
  • they walk home from a day’s work, covered in soot with callused hands and blackened faces
  • children run to meet them and swing on their arms as they return to their families
  • the pub just off the highstreet is always full of the workers
  • opens at five and is crowded by six
  • familiar faces and loud conversations spill out into the street as darts is played and daddy’s girls are taught poker
  • the highstreet is old and weary but still bright
  • there’s val’s cuts the hairdressers run by the american widow who always swears at the little boys sticking their noses against the window and has bright pink hair and pops gum, hanging it to the children who sweep her floors for a few shillings
  • next door is the indian takeaway and at diwali lights line the entire street thanks to mr nandika
  • mother’s line up at the supermarket, babies on hips and in prams, baskets balanced on arms as they talk about eastenders and whether or not frank is going to propose to susie
  • a redhead runs down the road, skipping towards the hill a few streets back
  • fondly named wendy’s crescent thanks to the time wendy smith’s dress blew up whilst she was climbing a tree
  • before the hill is the park with swings and a seesaw and a roundabout
  • more marriages and fights and secrets and friendships happen there than anywhere else in the town combined
  • once a week everyone on the street piles into mrs nash’s living room because she’s the only one with a colour tv
  • children dare each other to climb to the top of the abandoned mill, stories of ghosts and strange happenings encouraged by parents who’d rather their children believe in the supernatural than a failing industry
  • teenagers who think they’re a little harder than everyone else carry around cans full of paint and ride up and down the dirty river, whilsting and calling at the passersby
  • no one questions the flashes of a pretty floral dress that brightens the dank streets, not when they know it’s headed towards the house that’s full of shouting and hatred
  • two buses a day run through the town, one a week heading to london 
  • pretty girls with bows in their hair haul suitcases onto the buses, ready for the trip to secretarial school where they’ll meet handsome, educated men 
  • men who didn’t attend cokeworth primary school and don’t know rumours about what goes on behind the bike shed and who really broke the cane and how to sneak into the teacher’s car park
  • on a sunday all the children with scabs on their knees and dirt beneath their fingernails are forced into their finest clothes and the whole town sits in pews or stands at the back of the church listening to the new sermon from father jeoffrey
  • at the end of the service cake is served and the cleaning rota is talked about and the children run back home to change
  • the parish hall hosts parties for the children and union meetings and bingo nights and dances and serves beer because the only way to get the men to turn up is to promise some sort of alcoholic beverage
  • everyone defends janey ford from down the road who lost her first two children and managed to keep her third just to have her cheating husband leave her
  • no one talks about the time mr peterson knocked out mr twain after labour won the election  
  • cokeworth is full of secrets and rumours and broken walls which children run along but when you think of it you think of boys in shorts and girls in sandals running after the ice cream van and women laughing as they hang their washing out and the men swinging toddlers onto their shoulders 
  • most of all you think of home
  • because, for most people, and especially lily evans, even with the fighting and the anger, cokeworth is exactly that

greatest Jim and Pam scenes: 10/20

I did the coal walk! Just, I did it. Michael, you couldn’t even do that. Maybe I should be your boss. Wow I feel really good right now. Why didn’t any of you come to my art show? I invited all of you. That really sucked. It’s like sometimes some of you act like I don’t even exist. Jim, I called off my wedding because of you. And now we’re not even friends. And things are just like weird between us. And that sucks. And I miss you. You were my best friend before you went to Stamford. And I really miss you. […] there were a lot of reasons to call of my wedding. But the truth is, I didn’t care about any of those reasons until I met you. The thing that I’m just trying to say to you Jim, and to everyone else in the circle, I guess, is that I miss having fun with you. Just you, not everyone in the circle. Okay. I am gonna go walk in the water now.

Shonda has worked with Bellamy Young before. That is HER GIRL. She would walk on coals for BY. Remember when Shonda changed her wallpaper to feature BY? She didn’t do that for Kerry or Darby or Katie. She did it for BY. That is her girl. She is writing her as lead. All the white critics know it and won’t call out Shonda as it benefits a white actress.

Shonda acts like she cares about diversity while she is putting together a new show for BY and is using Scandal as a launching pad. Kerry Washington knows how Shonda feels about BY, which is why she stays sucking up to Shonda and being friendly with BY in the hopes that some crumbs will be thrown her way.

Shonda is setting up Kerry/Olivia and her fans to look like fools. Watch and see how this season ends. Bellamy/Mellie will be on top. Shonda can’t stand Kerry. She uses her for publicity, but her goal is to set up BY with her own show. Hell, she’s already rewritten Scandal to be about Mellie. When the show first aired, we were getting the story from Olivia’s perspective. Olivia is the one who had people to confide in, like Steven and Harrison. Olivia had her own company. Most of the characters helped highlight Olivia’s story. It was Olivia’s scenes with Fitz that was slowed down while every thing else and everybody else spoke fast. Now, notice how the few scenes between Olivia and Fitz are fast paced while the ones between Mellie and Fitz are always slowed down to emphasize their connection, their team work. They get to really talk, to have discussions, to share their dreams, and talk about Olivia - like she’s an object. A nothing. A secondary character with no feelings or point. Think back to Fitz and Olivia scenes from season two and compare them with Fitz and Mellie. I know Olitz fans don’t like to hear the truth, but Shonda is writing for Mellie because she supports Bellamy Young. And because BY wants more airtime with Tony Goldwyn and more power for her character, she’s getting it. BY knows that Tony helps her scenes come off well while Kerry’s with Scott Foley comes off as weak. Bellamy Young is just as shady as Shonda. She is very entitled.

—  A person who peeped the game.
You are dangerous
because I fell in love with you
with a love so deep
that I would walk on coals
and run through traffic
for a chance to hold your hand.
I would let you drag me to hell and never back
if it meant staying with you.
And you were a distraction
when I needed to focus.
Focus? Focus on what?
Why focus on anything if its not you?
The exact sort of thinking I had trained myself to ignore
but you, and a simple smile of flowers and feathers and sunshine and love
managed to break me deep
and the walls came crumbling down
and I loved you
and that left me vulnerable
because you are dangerous
with the way that you made me love you.
—  Fissure 

This is nothing like the movies
this isn’t beautiful
this isn’t the tragic girl crying on a bathroom floor only to be comforted by the lover who broke her heart

this is blood staining favorite sweaters
this is walking on coals because you like the way it feels
this is picking wings off flies and selling them at a garage sale as antique mirrors
this is digging yourself a grave so you don’t have to face the sun anymore
this is not seeing the sun anymore

you haven’t left your room in a week
your phone is dead but your hands still tremble when the light catches it
you think it’s his name lighting up the screen
but it isn’t
there’s not enough life in it for that but that doesn’t matter, he’s not texting you anyway

the last voicemail you left him goes like this
“oh my fucking god there’s blood everywhere please help me please help me. im so sorry please come back.”

the last text you sent to him goes like this
read 3:43 a.m– “i don’t know what this is but it feels like dying. it feels like I’m dying.”

—  This isn’t supposed to be beautiful– Lily Rain
Day 9

Day #9 - Favorite Pam moment

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“Hey, I want to say something. Ive been trying to be more honest lately and I just need to say a few things. I did the coal walk! I just did it. Michael, you couldnt even do that. Maybe I should be your boss. Wow, I feel really good right now. Why didnt any of you come to my art show? I invited all of you. That really sucked. Its like sometimes some of you act like I dont even exist. Jim, I called off my wedding because of you and now were not even friends. And things are just weird between us and that sucks. And I miss you. You were my best friend before you went to Stamford and I really miss you. I shouldnt have been with Roy. And there were a lot of reasons to call off my wedding, but the truth is I didnt care about any of those reasons until I met you. And now youre with someone else and thats fine, its whatever, thats not what Im OK, my feet really hurt. The thing that Im just trying to say to you, Jim, and to everyone else in the circle I guess, is that I miss having fun with you. Just you, not everyone in the circle. OK, I am going to go walk in the water now. Yep. Good day.”

The signs and what they remind me of
  • Aries: Fire. Hearing a new song that doesn't take anytime to get to like, it's instant. Laying on an air mattress that deflates only slightly as you sleep. Fancy handkerchiefs.
  • Taurus: The sun. Soft kisses on the top of your head. Feeling secure. That feeling that your lungs are too big for your rib cage. Uncertainty. Being touched.
  • Gemini: freshly cut grass. Outer simplicity but inner fire. Chuckles. Judgement. Lying in your own bed after a long day.
  • Cancer: Waterfalls. Jumping off of something not knowing if you'll be caught. Getting caught. Sadness. Happy tears.
  • Leo: Walking on coals. Feeling exhilarated after doing something dangerous. Bright eyes. Riding in a jeep without the doors. Knives.
  • Virgo: Walking without any thoughts. Safety. Brilliance. Staying home all day after a long week. Being bored. A smile from across the room.
  • Libra: Parks. Heartbreak. Life of the party. Dark humor. Sunshine after a long day. Anxiety. Pretty hair.
  • Scorpio: festivals. An extremely tall wall, but it's made out of cotton candy. Sharp stares. Jelly sandals. Roses.
  • Sagittarius: the walk into school on the last day of high school. Long legs. Lemonade. Goofy grins. Getting a bad grade on a quiz. Content.
  • Capricorn: sitting in a desk. hugs from people who don't normally give hugs. Acceptance. Snide remarks. Praise. Tripping.
  • Aquarius: sleeping in a car. Hearing "it's going to be okay" when you didn't know you need it. Being blinded by the sun. Eye gunk. Being lifted in a hug.
  • Pisces: laying on a trampoline watching the stars. Comfy blankets that are the perfect temperature. An annoying voice. Watching a movie for the first time. Someone holding your face.