coal river mountain watch

I'm going to start posting regularly now.

I suppose you could say this is the first post in what is going to be regular blog posts. I figured some folks out here in internet land may be interested in the goings on of my life, and by extension the movement to end surface mining here in West Virginia. So, yeah if anyone has any suggestions of what exactly they would like me to talk about I’m open to them.


Good morning! :) If you’ve got a minute, please check out my paintings on Etsy. This one I’m selling to benefit 100% Coal River Mountain Watch, an Appalachian nonprofit that works to stop mountaintop removal coal mining thay poisons the drinking water of locals and destroys Gaia.

Do what you can, what may seem a little is a lot.

Have a lovely day :)

PS With non charity paintings, I am more than open to trading goods for paintings :)


Junior Walk, Coal River Mountain Watch