coal barge


64 days in heaven and hell (53)
Sunset over the Rhône river
Van Gogh’s room in the Café de la Gare and his studio in the Yellow House were not much more than a good stone’s throw away from the Rhône. It surprises me that we don’t see much more of the riverside in his work.

Here he is exploring the effect of the sunset.

Vincent Van Gogh, Péniches de charbon (Coal Barges), c. August 1888. Oil on canvas,
- 71 x 95 cm. Private collection (F 437, JH 1570)
- 53.5 x 64 cm. Private collection (F 438, JH 1571)


Day Four: 400 miles (again):
Another night of free camping just off the road in the Wayne National Forest near Athens, Ohio. A lovely breakfast in nearby Amesville. Horse and buggy in the Ohio heartland. Ferry across the Ohio River to Kentucky. Following a truck blindly west out along a narrow track through cornfields (how else was I supposed to get out of town?). Coal barge and a steamship across the Ohio on the Indiana side. The foothills of southern Indiana. A more complete account would include pictures of ice cream, dairy bars, coal plants, and the blazing sun.