coal ice

imagine during a passionate night of love making gaster goes for grilbz glasses like “LET ME SEE YOU WITHOUT THEM, PLEASE MY  DARLING" 

and grilbz lets him take them off and there’s literally nothing and he’s just like ”…I don’t know what you were expecting.“

the alternative is that grilbz actually has beautiful eyes and gaster can’t handle it

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Manuscripts Don’t Burn: Mohammad Rasoulof somehow made this film without the Iranian government’s knowledge. The film centers on the murder of intellectuals by the government’s secret police, highlighting both the efforts of authors to get their works published, and the police tracking down extant documents. Rasoulof, who was arrested alongside fellow filmmaker Jafar Panahi, and banned from making films for twenty years, is an expert at making deceptively disturbing images, and while not his greatest film, Manuscripts Don’t Burn is an exceptional “fuck you” to the forces opposed to creative freedom. Available on Netflix.

Phoenix: One of last year’s best films, Christian Petzold’s Phoenix is about a woman (played incredibly by Nina Hoss), disfigured in a concentration camp, tracking down her husband. What ensues is a strange scheme to defraud her family of her inheritance, but at the center is her struggle to find a place, both with her unwitting husband and in a rebuilding Berlin. While the film is a bit slow-starting, it’s worth a watch for the final scene alone. Available on Netflix.

A Pigeon Sat On A Branch Reflecting on Existence: Roy Andersson’s latest is in the same style he adopted for his two previous films, You, The Living and Songs From The Second Floor (think something between Jacques Tati and Wes Anderson, except everything is grey). Despite a few extremely problematic scenes near the end are hard to sit through, the film is mostly wonderful, and as funny as anything he’s ever made. Available on Netflix.

I Am Love: This movie is not very good! But it has Tilda Swinton, and really, really wonderful cinematography. There are worse ways to spend your time! Available on Netflix.

A Summer’s Tale: I don’t actually remember which Eric Rohmer summer movie this is, but that’s ok because they are all great! Available on Netflix.

The Last of the Unjust: Always wanted to watch Shoah, but never had nine hours to spare? Well lucky you, Claude Lanzmann’s latest is only four hours long! (But also, watch Shoah). Available on Netflix.

Pariah: I tend to avoid Sundance films, and while Dee Rees’s film has a lot of the feel-good trademarks of that wretched festival, it’s a very good movie! A coming of age story about (and by) a black lesbian, dealing with the struggle for acceptance by friends and family. Available on Netflix.

The Babadook: Part nightmare-inducing horror, part heavy-handed metaphor, 100% enjoyable movie. A film about depression and why having children is probably a horrible thing to do. Available on Netflix.

Black Coal, Thin Ice: Featuring my favorite cinematography from last year, Black Coal, Thin Ice is a neo-noir with an overly complicated plot that never seems to add up to much. And that is perfectly fine. The film is a delight to watch, even if it’s not a masterpiece. Available on Netflix.

Winter Sleep: Sometimes, when I’m feeling a bit down, I remember that his movie exists, and that makes me a happier person. That this isn’t even Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s best movie is incredible. Available on Netflix.

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List of movies everyone should see on Netflix?

  • punch-drunk love
  • there will be blood
  • two days, one night
  • sunset boulevard
  • y tu mama tambien
  • its such a beautiful day
  • hoop dreams
  • blade runner
  • in bruges
  • fish tank 
  • carlos (2010)
  • blancanieves 
  • eyes wide shut
  • frances ha
  • phoenix 
  • the act of killing
  • the good, the bad, the wierd
  • girl walks home alone at night
  • world of tomorrow
  • like someone in love
  • oslo, august 31st
  • cave of forgotten dreams
  • black coal, thin ice 
  • tokyo tribe
  • somewhere
  • a trip to the moon
  • russian ark

10 of my favorite films from 2014

1.Bai ri yan huo (Black Coal, Thin Ice), Yi'nan Diao

2. The Guest, Adam Wingard

3. John Wick, Chad Stahelski & David Leitch

4. The Raid 2: Berandal, Gareth Evans

5. The Grand Budapest Hotel, Wes Anderson

6. The Lego Movie, Phil Lord & Chris Miller

7. Jigoku de naze warui (Why Don’t You Play in Hell?), Shion Sono

8. Snowpiercer, Bong Joon-ho

9. Nightcrawler, Dan Gilroy

10. The Double, Richard Ayoade

She tells me of the non-love
and I see the monster of my
parents: Coal on dry ice skin;
Two kinds of burn.

The season changes and I am 
asked if I remember the name
of the first. I tell them no as
I taste the blood in my mouth
beginning to pool.

I sit alone in a restaurant and
write a poem to keep from
catching the looks people give
to those who eat alone in

The boy I love has every piece
of my heart, except for the
ones I lost before knowing him.
We share what is left.

I eat gingerbread pancakes and
pretend my phone is not dead.
This is how we survive. 
By pretending there is someone
on the other line.

—  “i did not think coming home would make me miss being away so badly”, Emma Bleker