After the spill of mine waste in Colorado I’ve done several posts on Acid Mine Drainage and the problem it represents in that area. I thought this 10 minute expedition through similar mining wastes in the Appalachians, in coal country, fit well with that theme.

The Childhood of a Leader

With so many established names premiering on the Lido this year, we’ve been hard pressed to make space for some of the intriguing-sounding debuts, but one exception is “Childhood of a Leader.” That’s partly because the debuting director is ubiquitous indie actor Brady Corbet, partly because the script is such a challenging one for a first-timer, and partly because of the cast, which features Robert Pattinson, Stacy Martin, Liam Cunningham and Berenice Bejo. Loosely inspired by the lives of various 20th century dictators, the story follows an American family living France in the years immediately post WWI, and in particular the son whose experiences are shaped by and contribute to the rise of fascism. Co-written by Corbet’s “The Sleepwalker” director/co-writer Mona Fastvold, it’s certainly ambitious, but Corbet’s worked with everyone from Oliver Assayas to Ruben Ostlund to Mia Hansen-Løve to Lars Von Trier to Lisa Cholodenko to Noah Baumbachin recent years, and has no doubt been taking notes…

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Pictured: Tony Abbott in his natural habitat - a coal mine.

Tony Abbott wants to crack down on environmentalists doing the most horrible thing he can think of: using the courts to enforce the law against unprofitable coal mines.

“This is unspeakable! They’ve challenged Adani twice now! Twice! How can this multi-billion dollar company keep up with this incessant harassment?” Tony wailed, his voice echoing down the empty chasms of the coal mine he was having a day off in.

“Why do we even have laws? All they do is get in the way of me and my friends destroying the planet, making animals extinct, and torturing people and leaving them to die…” he said to no one in particular.

“Just the other week I got told off for breaking down the door of a child’s birthday party and beating the children with a sack of coal until I was arrested for “breaking the law.” I said it was for the good of the economy but they said bullshit things like “there’s absolutely no evidence your claims are true” and “it doesn’t matter, it’s still illegal.””

“We need to fix this problem or our country might actually be a better place and I will not rest while we’re at risk of a better Australia.”

Mapping how the United States generates its electricity:
Coal and natural gas are the most common sources for electricity in the country, but coal represents a declining share. The new Clean Power Plan seeks to accelerate that trend by requiring power plants to cut carbon pollution levels and rewarding states and companies that embrace clean sources of energy. 

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