I wanna send some special love to my cheer team at MCK. It’s been a long year so far, and you’ll desire the title “The Ladies In Blue.” I remember in the summer we had kids crying and passing out over our conditioning methods. Saying Coach I can’t do this. Why do we work out like this, we’re not football players. That day I had to pause for a min. My response was, “Because we will become Champions. There’s no if’s, ands, or buts about it. Anytime I work with a team under my program, you are considered a Champion. Don’t think champions are made over night. That’s y you don’t have a uniform yet. It takes discipline, dedication, and consistency to reach your goal. Even when your trying to reach your goal, don’t settle, reach passed that. After that moment me and my team has produced true Champions. I commend you’ll on that. #CoachD #CoachMo #TeamDicon | Some people think cheerleaders are little girls and guys who just jump around and scream Go, Fight, Win, and wooooooooOOO!!!!, your wrong. Cheerleaders are supreme athletes that surpass the standards of a regular athlete. From throwing, tossing, picking up, catching people, elite jump combinations, tumbling, and getting crowds to help participant in cheering on their team. That isn’t a easy job and guess what, that’s just the beginning of what these athletes do. I want people to start given these individuals more recognition for what they do; not just them the people who help mode them and give the the material to put on a great performance. I just want to end with this, MCK Cheer, you’ll have out done yourself this year , and I want to thank you for making our vision of true cheerleader show. I can’t wait to Boot Camp this summer!!! Lol 😂😫 #teamdicon #mckcheer #coachd #coachmo #champions #theladiesnblue