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spica honestly had more talent in ONE member than a lot of groups have in a whole. not shade, just facts. every member had the vocal chops to go toe to toe with some of the best if they wanted. boa was the vocal coach for INFINITE and recorded demo songs for several groups, including news by nine muses. boa and sihyun were both vocals WITH rapper abilities. bohyung honestly snatched my edges with EVERY damn note. and narae was literally a fresh but power vocal and jiwon slayed every note with her cute af lisp. and this is honestly an example of why the kpop industry and “fans” have placed an expiration date on girl groups due to age. talent doesn’t matter to them. it’s who is cute and young and it NEEDS to stop

Davai! (Or why Otayuri actually wins the world)

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I’ve been thinking a lot about this comment of Kubo-sensei’s. It’s just the most adorable thing I have read in a while. I am not the biggest Otayuri fan, but only mostly because they’re seriously too young for me at this point. I do like their tandem, however, and I am enjoying the attention they are getting recently with the official photos and everything.

This comment, though, just paints such a cute picture for me: Otabek as a god of victory, like a mystical butterfly who ignores and flits past everyone else but chooses to rest on one particular mortal’s shoulder and bless him with strength and victory.

Listen, this is what is great about what Kubo-sensei said. Yuuri Katsuki has the gold rings that connect him to Viktor as his lucky charm - we know this. BUT! Yuri Plisetsky’s lucky charm, on the other hand, is Otabek Altin.

Yuri’s a great character. He is an angry teenager, but also a talented one who has big dreams and the actual skills to achieve those dreams. From the very beginning, we know this. It was even a point he has above Yuuri Katsuki.

He aims to win and does not see what others might consider obstacles. So what if it will be his first Grand Prix? He’s awesome. He won the juniors series. He can win as a senior, too.

Yuri, however, is also very immature. He is pretty poor at expressing himself and seems to shortcut through having to process most personal encounters and interactions by just being angry all the time. Affection for others embarrasses him, which is why he gets so high-strung around Viktor and Yuuri.

(I can’t really blame the kid, though. Those two just have no chill. They’re embarrassing.)

Interestingly though, Yuri seemed to calm down after Otabek came in the picture. It’s a complete 180. Yuri still had that passion, but somehow it became more tempered, less angry and more focused - so much so that the moment Otabek came in, Yuri broke a world record and then proceeded to win his first Grand Prix Final.

I am not saying that it is Otabek’s doing, like an actual god of victory. That would be ridiculous, and it’s more an expression than anything else. The timing is just pretty neat, and isn’t that how people develop lucky charms in the first place? You happen to have them right at the moment of a great win. It is also not as if Otabek was completely useless. He did provide a friend to Yuri, who thus far had been going on without someone he can actually call a friend. Everyone around him were either older than him, a competitor, a mentor or a teacher. I think Otabek calmed Yuri down by reminding him that he can just be himself… well, a cool version of himself anyway. Yuri actually sort of acted his age with Otabek around. For instance, this?

I thought Yuri was kind of cool-guy-posing here - you know, acting chill, even looks kind of smug. Lol, this reminded me so much of my younger brother when he was about Yuri’s age. He was such a useless brat at home and was pissed off at everything and nothing 99% of the time, but the moment his friends came over or one of them called him on the phone, he sort of became this cool version of himself - wittier, sharper, less fidgety. Lmao, his voice even became deeper. Smh at these boys…

What I also love about Otabek’s character is that he reminds us of Yuri’s name. Names are a big deal, okay, and I thought that Yuri being Yurio was kind of like him being a secondary character to Yuuri Katsuki - Yuuri #2, if you will. Ever since episode 2, Yuri is Yurio, and for every episode hence, he is Yurio. It was actually a bit of a shock to me when Otabek yelled this out in episode 11:

I was literally, “Oh yeah, that’s Yurio’s name.” I know Yakov and Lilia call Yurio by his name, but somehow it was when Otabek was calling him by this did Yurio become Yuri to me again. My theory is that it is Otabek’s manner, this I-know-you-call-him-Yurio-and-I-don’t-care-because-his-name-is-Yuri attitude he has going, that is somehow more convincing than anyone else. It is as if no one else matters in his world than Yuri Plisetsky. It is ridiculous to call him by anything other than his name because to Otabek, Yuri is Yuri #1. He probably calls Yuuri “the other Yuri”, “the Japanese Yuri” or just plain “Katsuki”.

So yeah, Otabek enters Yuri’s life and now Yuri has that source of affirmation that is outside family, who is a peer and even a close contemporary. He is no longer fighting alone. Yuri’s a strong guy, but he is still a kid, and at that age people can be quite vulnerable. No 15-year-old is so self-sufficient and self-confident that they can stand on their own at all times - at least not to my knowledge. That is why I love this friendship and why I love that Otabek came along. I think his coming triggered something that Yuri has long been building throughout the series but has yet to stabilize - his strength, his growth, his maturity as a skater as well as a person.

And actually, Yuri did win in the end. I think the series did not celebrate Yuri’s win enough and admittedly, even I was on such a high during those last weeks of the show that I could not be happy for him all that much. Episode 11? I couldn’t get over Yuri’s world record; I did not want to see Viktor dethroned. By episode 12, I still couldn’t look Yuri in the face. I was bitter about his world record and I was bitter about Yuuri Katsuki not winning the Grand Prix.

BUT, it’s time to face it: Yuri Plisetsky is amazing. He won the GPF on his senior debut. He beat a world record. His coach is obviously grooming him to be the next Viktor Nikiforov, and actually, the series has been hinting at it before hitting us on the face with it in episode 11 - Yuuri Katsuki is not the next Viktor Nikiforov, but Yuri Plisetsky is. What is more amazing is that he might even surpass Viktor, especially with Yuuri Katsuki as his main rival. Viktor never really had that one rival to push him up further than he thinks he can. We are told that his wins had wide margins from his other competitors. Viktor only had himself to beat each and every time. Yuri, on the other hand, won by a hair’s width and he knows it. He is even more driven now. He will push himself harder than Viktor ever had pushed himself, and that just might tip the scale a little bit more to future Yuri’s favor.

As for Otabek? Nah, he actually does not need to do anything. He is a lucky charm; he just needs to exist. With him around, Yuri is stable, and that’s all that this talented monster skater needs really.

Lol, look at this guy just watching his favorite so proudly:

“I’m not really needed here, but fuck if I’m not staying put to watch and join the cheering.”

Otayuri actually has a lot more going for them, future-wise. They are young, they are talented, and where Viktor and Yuuri are still struggling and see-sawing between victories and losses, Otayuri actually kept a steady climb. We already know and mentioned Yuri’s wins, but Otabek was also actually that steady character from the very beginning who skated well without question and was even the first to qualify for the GPF.

So, yes. In case you are asking, Otayuri is, in fact, the real power couple of the show.

Lmao, TL;DR - Otayuri just trumped Viktuuri and ultimately even stole their gold. The secondary OTP lowkey just beat the main OTP and I, albeit a hardcore Viktuuri shipper and just an Otayuri bystander at best, still find that really hilarious.

Occupations Masterlist:

The Music Industry~

OKAY, so under this cut you’ll find a list of #55 jobs your characters can hold in the music industry aside from classic band members/solo artists. I know for bandom RP especially it can be hard to come up with unique jobs for OCs that still enable them to create connections. I’ve organized everything into categories for easy searching and defined even the most intuitive titles, so hopefully this helps!

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Open Your Eyes - Stiles (part 4)

-(Y/N) is the new student at Beacon Hills High School and she has a secret. Being born blind, she was never able to see a thing, until she was attacked by a wild animal. To this day she has never told anyone about it. So will she do it now? 

word count: 2768

other parts: part 1 - -part 2 - part 3 - part 5

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“Are you like Daredevil or something?”



“No, no. Tell me.”

“Oh, you’re Daredevil, he’s Batman. You’re both Ben Affleck.”  Lydia walked up to us. I hadn’t even noticed it, until she had said that and sat down next to me. Stiles looked extremely confused.

“How do you know Daredevil?”

“I’m not an idiot, Stiles. I know about things.” As soon as she said it, she looked a bit nervous at me. “That’s not what I meant. I meant that…”

“It’s okay,” I smiled, “It’s not your fault that my parents raised me like some kind of amish.” Lydia let herself  laugh a bit. I realised how awkward it was for them.

Obviously I had to tell them my secret. It would make everything so much easier for me,but for them too. And then I could at least act like a normal person around them.

But what if they would be angry at me for not telling them immediately. What if they could think I was just using them all this time. They would probably hate me for the rest of my life.

“(Y/N)!” Stiles got me out of my deep and dark thoughts.

“Huh? What?”

“You kind a zoned out there for a second?” Lydia looked concerned.

“Did you have a vision?” Stiles looked at me?

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“Oh yeah. Eh, nevermind. It was kind of a stupid joke anyway.” he rubbed the back of his neck. I couldn’t help, but feel extremely sad. I wanted to say something but got interrupted by Lydia:”I think we should get you home. Remember, I promised your dad to bring you home after school.”

“I completely forgot. I guess you’ll have to teach me about Lacrosse some other time.” I said to Stiles. He just smiled weakly/

I said a quick bye to everybody and followed Lydia to her car. I ticked my cane on the ground, aimlessly, but still in the same direction.

“Wait!” a shrill voice stopped us in our footsteps. “You two, get over here!” Coach Finstock waved around. Hesitantly I walked to him, trying to stay a few steps behind Lydia the whole time. To be honest, he did scare me a bit. Not as much as he scared Stiles, but enough not to want to be close to him. Did anyone actually want to stand next to him? From the short time I’ve been here, I don’t think anyone was really eager to have a conversation with the coach.

“Why were you leaving?” He looked at me. I had no idea what to answer.

“We were going to my car. I have to bring her home, coach,” Lydia told the crazy man.

“Aren’t you trying out?”

“Trying out for what?” I asked him puzzled.

“For the team of course! We need someone that can actually shoot and aim.” I couldn’t help but notice that he glanced over to Stiles as he said that.

“I don’t think I-”  

“What? Because you’re a girl? Kira is a girl.”

“It’s not that. I just don’t-”

“Is it you’re grades?  I can give you a better one for the next Econ quiz.”

“No, I just -”

“You’re parents?”

“NO!” I was fed up. I understand that he was trying to be nice and was doing his best to get me on the team. But the coach could at least listen to me for a second. So, I did what had to be done. What was probably the only way to get him quiet. I took of my glasses and tried to hit him with my cane. Obviously I swung a few inches above his head. (As much as I would love to hit him, he is still a teacher and I do not need any of that on my record.)  

Coach duck his head quickly and almost fell on the ground. It was very clear that he was trying his best not to say every curse word he could.

Once he was back on his feet, he looked at me. But that was also only very quick. As soon as he looked at my face, he cringed and turned away from me. I couldn’t help but laugh. When Lydia noticed that I wasn’t mad, she laughed too.

“It’s you.” Coach simply said, “What are you doing here if you can’t see?”

“The fact that I can’t see, does not mean I can not support my friends.” I had put on my glasses back and I couldn’t help, but glance at Stiles as I said that.  

“That was definitely something,” Lydia said as she started her car. I was sitting next to her in the passenger’s seat.  We hadn’t said a word to each other until we had reached the vehicle in the parking lot.

“Yeah,” I said. It was silent for a few seconds and then we both burst out in laughter. I haven’t had a laugh like that in a long time. Once we calmed down a bit, Lydia took off. She drove out of the parking lot of the school and we made our way to my house.

“Is Stiles really that bad at Lacrosse as everyone makes it sound like,” I asked as Lydia took a sharp turn to the left.

“He is actually really good,” Lydia sighed, “He’s just really insecure. But once he has the confidence, he can be amazing. Last year he scored the winning points in the finale. But then…” Lydia suddenly stopped talking. As if it wasn’t her place to talk about it. “Then, that summer, he started to train like crazy. He thought he would be co-captain, together with Scott. But then, Liam showed up.”

“Liam?” I laughed, thinking about the little boy I met yesterday at lunch.

“He may look like a shrimp, but that guy is an absolute beast on the field,” she had to pause for a second as there was someone in front of us who didn’t know how to drive, “Anyway, it completely devastated Stiles.”


“Yeah. but please don’t tell him that you know. It would kill him.”  

“I understand.” but I actually didn’t. Lydia made it sound like it was the worst thing in the world for Stiles to know that I knew about that. What was so special about me? I barely knew him… or anyone in Beacon Hills. And probably I won’t get too know anyone as long as my mother won’t let me make actual friends. When I started to think about my mom, and everything that happened last night and this morning, I suddenly didn’t feel like going home. Not that I ever want to go home.

“This is probably a bit on short notice,” I said to Lydia as we were only a few streets away from my house. “But could I eat at your place tonight? If my parents let me, that is.”

“Of course,” Lydia said happily, “I’m home alone tonight anyway.”


Only seconds later, Lydia drove up to my house.

“Here we are.” Lydia unbuckled her seatbelt. I did the same and opened my door. The cold wind suddenly hit me in the face, giving me goosebumps.

“Is it me, or did it get really cold suddenly.”

“Yeah, it did.” I agreed with her. We walked together to my front door and she rang the doorbell. After a few seconds we heard footsteps and my mom opened the door for us. She looked a bit angry, but faked a smile as soon as she saw Lydia.

“Uhm, hello.” she mumbled. Lydia smiled at my mother: “Nice to meet you mrs. (Y/L/N). My name is Lydia Martin.”  she held out her hand and my mom, to my surprise, actually shook it.

“Nice to meet you Lydia. Thank you for bringing (Y/N) home. C’mon inside.”

“Actually…” I stopped my mom, “I was wondering if I could eat at Lydia’s tonight.” my mom stared at me for a few good seconds. She then laughed in relief. “Oh thank god. I thought that Lydia would stay and I would have to cook. I’m so tired from cleaning this place. Of course you can go.”


“Yeah, just make sure you make your homework.”

“Thank you. I’ll just go get my books then.”

“I’ll come with you.” Lydia suggested. I stopped in my footsteps. There was no way that Lydia will see my depressive excuse for a room. “No, that’s okay, I will be back in a minute.”

Once in my room, I walked to the book case. I took the two books that I would need to make my homework and walked back to the living room. My cane ticked on the floor.

“I’m ready.”

“Good.” Lydia put down the glass of water on the counter. “It was nice to meet you mrs. (Y/L/N).” Lydia waved to my mom as we walked out of the house. My mom shouted a quick goodbye too from the couch, before I closed the door.

“You know what, your mom is actually really nice.”

“Believe me, that’s only because you were there. She literally has a split personality when it comes to talking to guests or to me.” We got into the car and drove off.

The drive to Lydia’s house was surprisingly short. Once we had arrived there, I had to take a second to look at the big building.

“Home, sweet home.” she stepped out, so I did the same. The cold air hit us again, and this time the sun had also hidden behind dark clouds, making it almost look like it was night time. It also started to smell like it was about to rain.

“We should get inside quickly,” Lydia suggested. I agreed as she took my arm and guided me to the stairs that lead to the door. Lydia opened the door and it revealed a big corridor that lead to the living room and open kitchen.

“Welcome to my humble home.”


Lydia lead me to the couch where we sat down.

“Okay, as much as I want to tell you that I am a 5 star - chef, I am terrible in the kitchen,

so let’s just order something. How about pizza?”

“Yes please.”

“Anything in particular.”


“Okay, let me order it quickly.” She took her phone out of her bag and left the room quickly. I took that time to look around. The room was big and filled with, probably, very expensive things. But at the same time it looked very cozy.  

“Alright. The pizza is on it’s way.”

The next hour or so, we spend doing our homework and then later on also eating pizza with it. Meanwhile we were enjoying our greasy dinner inside, it had started to rain cats and dogs. The wind had also started to even harder than before.

Lydia and I talked a lot about ourselves. We were actually much more alike than I thought.

“I think we are going to be great friends.” she said and it made me blush a bit. This was the first thing that I actually had made a friend. But it did made me wonder a bit….

“I’m curious,” I said as I finished my last piece of pizza. “How is it possible that you are all so cool with me looking like… this?”  

“Were we supposed to ignore such a cool girl as you?”

“No, that’s not what I mean.” I laughed. “It’s just that, normally when I show my face to people, it normally ends up like with coach. They just scream or try to run away,” we both giggled at the thought of that, “but not you guys. You all act so casual about it. As if this is normal.” I had pointed to my face.

“I suppose we just saw much more worse things than a few scars,” she said casually.

“You want to tell me, that you sw worse things than this.” I pulled of my glasses. Lydia didn’t even flinch. She just smiled sheepishly.

“Okay, you want to know what it is.” I just nodded. “We met you before you had showed us those scars. Stiles had a whole walk to a classroom before he saw them. I didn’t seem them until this afternoon and I don’t even think that the rest had seen them. If you know a person, it shouldn’t matter how they look like, right? You should know that.”

“Can I hug you?” I felt my eyes sting again. However, I knew very well that these would have been happy tears.

“Of course.” she hugged me tightly and I hugged her back. When she let me go, Lydia looked behind me and her eyes widened.

“O wow, it got late. I should probably get you home.”

“I guess so.” We got up and headed to the door. Lydia opened it and it only took me one step outside to almost fall down on the ground. Fortunately, Lydia had caught me just in time.

“I don’t think it’s the best thing to drive in this weather. We would sooner slip and die than get to your house.”

“You should call my dad.” She did as I suggested and my dad picked up after a couple of seconds.

“Hello. Mr (Y/L/N)? Yes this is Lydia Martin. As you know, (Y/N) was at my home and just wanted to bring her back home, but with this weather, I don’t think it’s possible to drive. Could she maybe… Oh, OK. Thank you. Goodbye,” and she hung up.

“You can stay.” she said a bit confused.

We decided to get back inside. Lydia had given me something to wear as a pyjama and our conversation continued. It was almost midnight, when I decided to do something that I had never done and never thought I would do.

“I have to tell you something.”

“Sure.” she put down her drink.  “What’s wrong?”

“I’m saying this, because I trust you and please don’t be mad.”

“You’re scaring me. Just tell me already.” Lydia started to look a bit worried.

“And swear that you won’t tell anyone else. This has to stay a secret. At some point, I will tell the rest, but I think that you are the best person to start with.”

Lydia didn’t say anything for some time. Then, her eyes almost lit up from excitement. She squealed: “Oh my God. Are you in love with Stiles?!”


“C’mon, you are totally falling for him.”

“No,” I shook my head, “that wasn’t even what I wanted to say.”

“So you do like him?”

“Can we please not talk about this now,” I begged her, “I actually wanted to tell you something really important.”

“Yeah, being in love is a pretty big deal. Hahaha, I’m joking. What is it?”

I had to take a deep breath. I was going to do it. There was no going back now. Not anymore.

“You know that I was born blind, not because of the attack that got me these scars.”

“Yeah,” the redhead looked at me with full confusion showing on her face.

“Well, that’s not everything that happened. After the attack, I woke up in the hospital, days after, I could see.”

“What!” I flinched at the loud, high pitched sound she had just made. I slowly pulled of my glasses for what felt like the hundredth time that day. I looked up at Lydia as I folded the glasses up. She was staring at me with wide eyes.

“I don’t know how it is possible, but I can see. I am really sorry if you feel like I have been using you. You have to understand that I’m only doing this, because I don’t want to be a scientific experiment.”

Lydia still didn’t say a word. She brushed her hand through her hair, looking extremely confused.

If I could cry, I would have by that moment. What had I done? I just told her my biggest secret and now she probably hates me.

But I was wrong. Lydia suddenly made another shrieking noise and hugged me. I felt all the air being pressed out of my lungs. WHo would have thought that a petite girl like her had so much power in her.

“That is amazing! Now I can go shopping with you and watch cheesy chick-flicks and…”

“Calm down.” I got her of off me and she apologised for almost choking me.

“I have to call them!” Lydia stood up.

“Wait? Who are you going to call?”

“Stiles, Scott, the rest.”

“No, please don’t.”

“Don’t worry. We also have to tell you something.”

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What do you do when you work with a bad veterinarian?

There are only two real options if you want to maintain your integrity: Try to improve them or leave.

I assume you’re asking me, myself, and not in a rhetorical sense.

When I have worked for a bad vet, I tried to leave. While trying to leave, I attempted to mitigate his influence as much as possible. This included steering him away from cases I didn’t want his useless hands touching, mostly by making them sound ‘boring’. There was also some gentle, off the record coaching for clients that perhaps they would like a second opinion somewhere else.

When I have worked with bad vets I have initially tried to tutor them, to guide them into making better decisions and practicing better medicine. But when you are faced with a bad vet who doesn’t think they are doing anything wrong, and are compromising patients because of this, that’s very difficult to do. In those circumstances I set about documenting everything to get them fired, whilst still trying to mop up cases as much as possible. This is a real challenge when they never asked for help, because I often don’t know everything they were doing.

It’s a difficult situation because I don’t want to bring the profession into disrepute, but vets that can’t or wont learn are detrimental and against what I stand for, so I have to do something about it.






He answers that it’s Yuuri’s decision yet he looks so pained, so hurt??? We can see how much he meant it when he said he wanted Yuuri to never retire in ep 9





Viktor just HUGS HIM. Both of them are panicking and Viktor HUGS HIM. This is no normal hug and it’s also not only a dad cheering for son moment, you know what makes this scene so great? The fact that Kubo depicted Viktor’s silent plea and Yurio’s/Victor’s mutual pain so accurately with just actions and expressions. THIS HUG IS NOT JUST VIKTOR SHOWING HIS AFFECTION FOR YURIO, IT’S ALSO ABOUT VIKTOR HUGGING HIM SEEKING COMFORT BECAUSE IT BREAKS HIS HEART TO THINK YUURI WILL RETIRE IF HE WINS GOLD.

Ignore the subs cus that’s just Otabek thinking about his own performance; VIKTOR BURIES HIS FACE INTO YURIO’S SHOULDER DEEPENING THE HUG, MAKING HIS PAIN SO CLEAR AND THIS ENTIRE ACT JUST SCREAMS PLEASE DON’T LET IT HAPPEN. It feels like Viktor is asking Yurio to win, like he needs him to win, and Yurio is even more taken aback thanks to this act. During his performance he even thinks to himself that Yuuri can’t just take Viktor as his coach, break his world record and then retire once getting gold. He can’t just suddenly stop caring and leave everything behind and HONESTLY THIS SCENE IS SO??? GREAT??? HOW??? HOW!!!

Before they were Foxes

Inspired by this post:  What if Neil’s mom had not only stolen Neil away on that night (you know the one i’m talking about), but also Kevin?

Prompt: Kevin asks Neil Nathaniel to take him along when Nathaniel and Mary Hatford run away.

Characters: Nathaniel Wesninski (Neil Josten) and Kevin Day

Word Count: 1,162

Note: You can find this currently being posted as a full blown fic on ao3 under the title, For the Love of the Game.

“You’re leaving." 

Nathaniel turned slightly to find Kevin standing behind him, fist closed tight around the handle of his racket. Kevin was wearing his Raven’s jersey without armor, and he looked like he was drowning in it. 

Nathaniel envied that Kevin and Riko were Ravens without being Ravens. They were far too young to be on the team, but they had their own jerseys, their own room at the Nest. They would have Exy for life, would play for an undefeated team, and Nathaniel had just played his last ever scrimmage with them this afternoon. Nathaniel was sick with the unfairness of it. 

Poking out from beneath the black collar of Kevin’s jersey were yellowing bruises. They weren’t Exy bruises. If Nathaniel looked closely, they look remarkably like fingers. He was all-too aware of what it felt like when those bruises made their first acquaintance with his skin. Nathan Wesninski was never gentle, and he found rage in himself daily to want to strangle the life out of Nathaniel. The bruises were peculiar on Kevin, however. Nathaniel couldn’t think of what situation could possibly have lead to a hand wrapped around Kevin’s throat. 

Nathaniel didn’t reply, but they both knew the answer. Kevin nodded knowingly. There was a grim set to his mouth and a dead look in his eye. Nathaniel was all too familiar with that expression. 

"We were supposed to be Court." 

The phrase set Nathaniel’s heart jack hammering. Coming from Kevin Day, a promise of Court meant something. Even though they were children in Little Leagues. There was a new ache in his chest as Nathaniel thought about the extent of all he was losing. High school, University, Pros, Court. It wasn’t fair. 

It didn’t matter. Couldn’t matter. Nathaniel loved Exy more than he knew how to describe, wanted the future Kevin saw for him in it more than he could imagine was possibly healthy, but he loved living more. And life with Nathan Wesninski was not living. 

 Kevin and Riko would make it to Court. They were too good not to. That had to be enough for Nathaniel. It would hurt, watching them from motel room TVs and knowing he could have been right there with them, but at least Nathaniel would be alive. He swallowed back his endless wanting long enough to answer. "You still will." 

If possible, Kevin gripped his racket even more possessively, but he didn’t look reassured by Nathaniel’s sentiment. His shoulders sagged a little, and for a moment Nathaniel thought he saw the shine of tears in Kevin’s eyes. There was no hope on Kevin’s face. No excitement at the thought of Court or the fame speckled life that was undoubtedly his future. Very slowly, Kevin reached up and touched the black 2 on his cheekbone. Nathaniel couldn’t help but think of the matching 1 on Riko Moriyama’s face. They were too young for tattoos, but the sharpie marks never faded. Neil had watched them trace over each other’s numbers twice already during his short stay at Evermore. Only this time, Kevin wasn’t smiling pridefully at Riko or Tetsuji Moriyama. Kevin looked destroyed. For a boy so young and with so much promise, Kevin looked an awful lot like he was waiting to die. 

"It won’t matter.” Kevin had a longing in his voice Nathaniel knew like the back of his hand. It matched his own perfectly. It shocked Nathaniel to realize just how similar they might be. “I will always be second best. And I will never be free." 

Kevin’s hand traveled down to the bruises lining his throat. Nathaniel said nothing. He wasn’t sure there was anything to say to comfort the older boy, and he didn’t understand what Kevin meant. Riko and Kevin were best friends. Brothers. Family. How could Kevin possibly not be free?

Nathaniel let the pieces click into place in his mind: Kaleigh Day dead, the numbers marking Kevin and Riko’s cheeks, Riko always having the last word, Coach Moriyama’s undefeated record, the cruel set to both Moriyama mouths. 

The weight of the realization hit Nathaniel like a freight train, and suddenly he didn’t envy Kevin quite so much. They really were the same. Child prisoners made to fit a mold, to make themselves useful or suffer the agonizing consequences. Nathaniel hated himself for being relieved that he wasn’t the only one suffering. 

Nathaniel didn’t trust his voice not to betray him, so he stayed silent. They stood in silence for several long moments before Kevin spoke again. "Could I come with you?" 

Nathaniel’s eyes widened. Kevin glanced at the dufflebag Nathaniel had stuffed with all his Exy gear, the tennis shoes on his feet that were braced for flight. Kevin’s eyes were calculating, but approving. He didn’t know that Nathaniel’s mother, Mary Hatford, would more than likely make Nathaniel throw all of his most prized possessions, every piece of his Exy gear, away as pieces of a life he was no longer allowed to have if he wanted to survive.  

 "You might never play again.” Nathaniel told him, and hated that he had to say it. He didn’t want Kevin Day to think Nathaniel would willing give up Exy. That was too big a sin for Kevin to comprehend or accept. 

Kevin stared at him, a hint of his normal arrogant, angry expression on his face. “I will play, and so will you. Even if we must only play in secret.”

It was all Nathaniel needed to hear. His heart was an Exy ball slamming against the court wall. With Kevin by his side, he didn’t have to give up Exy; at least not completely. Kevin was single minded in his veracious pursuit of being the best, and he would always find a way to improve. Kevin would practice and he would invent new drills and he would continue to be the best, no matter what the number staining his cheekbone implied. And Nathaniel would be right next to him, absorbing everything.  

Nathaniel nodded, mind already racing with ways to make it work. His mother would fight tooth and nail to leave Kevin behind, but if they held fast he believed in the end she would take Kevin too just for the sake of not losing anymore time. “Do you need to take anything else?" 

Kevin shook his head, holding up his racket and gesturing to the dufflebag slung at his side. Nathaniel hadn’t notice it before. There was a rush of blood through his body at the realization that Kevin had always intended to leave with him. He’d chosen Nathaniel and freedom over Riko and fame. 

"No.” Kevin affirmed, sounding significantly more alive with the promise of leaving Evermore behind. If Neil hadn’t seen the bruises, if they hadn’t watched his father cut a man to pieces just hours ago, he wouldn’t have understood. But he had, and he did, so he simply nodded and slung his own bag over his shoulder. 

“Then let’s go." 

In regards to this post by @littlestpersimmon about ballet dancer Bitty, may I humbly suggest:

Bitty who used to do ballet and was pretty good, but has to give it up when they moved to Madison and started doing no contact football as a way to keep active.

He gets a football scholarship by accident, because there were some scouts at one of Coach Bittle’s games to see a promising player, and Bitty sometimes will be around helping the guys warm up (he has a neutral relationship with the football team here, and the guys who locked him in the closet where from his previous school) and he catches the eye of Coach Hall.

Coach Hall finds out who he is, and that Bitty has a game the next day, so he goes and tapes him. Coach Murray sees the tape and agrees that the kid could potentially be a great backup wide receiver since he has steady hands and is good at keeping his eyes on the ball. Plus Bitty is pretty agile and fast as hell.

(Basically, Bitty would only play when their starting wide receiver is being too closely defended, so passing to them isn’t possible),

However Bitty is deadly afraid of tackles and that’s a problem.

They offer him a partial scholarship, but it comes with conditions. Bitty has to prove he can play properly with tackles and all that, if he can’t he’s off the team (he can stay at uni but obviously no scholarship money for him).

Coach encourages Bitty to take it, and Bitty sort of gets ‘pressured’ into at least trying it out, but at the same time he does wants to go to Samwell, so it’s 50/50.

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anonymous asked:

How about an AU in which Mike is a High School English teacher and Ginny is resident science teacher. The two have an unhealthy rivalry from the start but students are starting to take bets to see how long it is until the two of them get married.

ahh, yes. The only people more dramatic in a high school than the students are the teachers. 

Ginny Baker is excited to start her new job as a biology and anatomy teacher, though she is a little disappointed to find out the school already has a longstanding baseball coach. They say she can take over the softball team if she likes, though. She will because she doesn’t like the idea of these girls being thrown at the mercy of someone who won’t take them seriously, but. She just wishes it could be baseball. 

That wish only solidifies when she meets the baseball coach, English teacher Mike Lawson. Lawson is exactly the kind of guy Ginny’d love to kick in the shins ordinarily: cocky, condescending, and cute, okay? The man is too attractive for his own good and it makes Ginny a little prickly. All in all, it does not make for a great first impression on either side. 

It definitely devolves into a bet over which team can come out with the better record, losing coach appearing at the end of year assembly in the outfit of the winner’s choice. 

And while they start out the season playing pranks on each other and encouraging their players to join in, they do eventually find some common ground. Mike sees what Ginny does with the softball program and goes to her for new drills and Ginny sees how much Mike cares about his players. They start talking strategy and trading conditioning exercises. Soon they’re talking without squabbling about other things, too, which is what sets off the flurry of gossip around the school. Both Ms. Baker and Mr. Lawson definitely hear about it, and even laugh with each other over it, but don’t do anything about it. 

Not until Ginny wins the bet, anyway, and Mike practically tackles her on the field, he’s so proud. 

(She still makes him wear the funny outfit at the assembly, though.)

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I heard from one of the interviews with the voice actors that they get their script the night before their first recording session? Do you know if that's true? Like lmao I feel like that's so little time to prepare idk

this is true for most animated shows! writing scripts is usually a super fast process–think within a week or so–and since cartoons are produced so fast, the studios want to record as quickly as possible. it’s not a lot of time to prepare, but VAs are professionals! they’re good at their jobs, and with the direction of the vocal coach at the records, they usually nail their lines in a couple of tries.

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It baffles me in that video that you wasted so much time ( like something crazy like 3 hours ) for one back nine??? I can't believe you were so patient lol.

it was literally like… 3 hours yeah HGGHLKAMSDLKQOIRUOAISJDLKASJD

and at the time i was visiting my moms house and her internet is like. INFAMOUS for cutting out a lot so back 9s were already stress inducing enough ….. and….. those r ones that don’t take 3 hours A<Aa,a<A<A<AAAA,

my friend alex (sunny hurricane the cat) and i are like VERY patient ppl tho. so it didn’t rlly matter to us? i was surprised papa bear went along with it tho he was getting so weird i wanted the back 9 to be over, like really soon LOL 


“Could you do a fanfic or a ship with Liam as one half? He hasn’t gotten much of a backstory on the show so it’d be interesting to see what you come up with. Just a thought, thanks x” -anon

“Y’know it’s really not that bad, Scott,” Liam tells him for the third time since they got home.
Scott just drapes another blanket over his beta’s shoulders. “You got kidnapped, poisoned, and thrown in a well. It’s okay to get taken care of for a while.”
Liam just grumbles something about overbearing werewolves and getting kidnapped twice in two weeks.
“I did that for your own good,” Scott says, but his face flushes, and he busies himself with the cup of tea he’s making- despite Liam’s insistence that he doesn’t want or even like tea. “You could’ve been dangerous.”

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Back to The Super Bowl!

The New England Patriots have done it again; won their 6th consecutive AFC Championship game and an unprecedented 9th appearance in the title game! Brady’s 7th. Tom Brady who threw a franchise playoff-best 384 yards and 3 TD’s routed the Pittsburgh Steelers 36-17. The Patriots have won 9 consecutive games in a row and 3pt. favorites in the Super bowl.  This will be also be an NFL Coaching record; Bill Belichick’s 7th appearance!

USWNT Coach rant

Tom Sermanni became the head coach on January 1, 2013 after Pia Sundhage stepped down so she could coach Sweden. During Tom’s first year as US head coach, he had a record of 13 wins and 3 draws coming from Germany, Sweden, and New Zealand, some of the top teams in the world. In 2014, the team started off well by winning their first 3 games. In March at the Algarve Cup, they played Japan and drew 1-1. A few days later, the US lost to Sweden 1-0, Tom Sermanni’s first loss, 14 months after taking the job as head coach. Three days after Sermanni’s first loss, he got his second, a 5-3 defeat to Denmark. On April 6, 2014 after a 2-0 win over China, Sermanni was fired as head coach with an overall record of 18 wins, 4 draws, and 2 losses. 

On May 16, 2014, Jill Ellis was appointed the new US head coach after serving as the interim coach while US Soccer looked for a replacement for Tom Sermanni. Since becoming head coach, Jill Ellis has lead the US to 9 wins, 1 loss, and 2 draws. It took her just under 7 months to lose a game as head coach, which is half the time it took Sermanni to lose a game. 

The thing I liked about Tom Sermanni is that he game the younger players a chance. He liked to test out new players to have a bigger selection in the player pool and gave so many players their first caps (Ashlyn Harris, Morgan Brian, Kristie Mewis, Sam Mewis, Julie Johnston, Christen Press, Erika Tymrak, Leigh Ann Robinson, Lindsay Horan, Crystal Dunn, Amber Brooks, Sarah Hagen). He changed things up every once in a while.

Jill Ellis decides to choose veterans over talent. Abby Wambach in center mid? The player that couldn’t run to save her life? She should not be playing full 90 minute games. And why is she putting Tobin Heath and Megan Rapinoe at forward? They’re outside mids!! You have plenty of talented forwards, USE THEM. The 12 players that Sermanni gave their first caps to, how many of them were called into this camp? Six. How many of them have played in the last 2 games? Four. Also, why is she using the same players in her lineups? Obviously the 4-3-3 isn’t working. The US plays best when they’re in a 4-4-2. Start Heather O'Reilly or Morgan Brian in midfield, let Kelley O'Hara, Amy Rodriguez or Julie Johnston off the bench for once, let Ashlyn Harris or Alyssa Naeher get a game in goal, just put different players in because the ones Jill’s using now aren’t working together. 

Right now, this team is never going to win a World Cup.


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Any fics of caskett getting together with a young Alexis? I read a few and need more!

Ok I haven’t done a list of just young Alexis fics, so here we go :)

Bullet Catcher by GameOn (Kate is Alexis’ bodyguard)

Of Finding Innocence by FanficwriterGHC (book signing)

Play Dates by ncisabbylover (Alexis and Kate’s daughter meet)

A Night to Forget by LorelaiGilmore82 (Kate has a daughter from a one night stand with Rick)

Autumn Skies by AlwaysCastle (meet in a club)

In Another World, Maybe (ski trip) and Kate & Kitten (pet store) by McGladiator

Vice by chezchuckles (vice Beckett)

Crossing the Line by katiepwns (Kate has a son, meet at the park)

Days of Summer by liviafan1 (Meet in New Jersey when Kate is in the academy)

All The First Times by Miss-HL (meet at the beach)

random happenstances by tombombadillo (Kate’s daughter and Alexis meet)

The Nanny (Kate’s is a nanny to Alexis) and Arranged (arranged marriage) by Cassie Bones 

Into the Wild by Tree23 (Kate accompanies Alexis’ field trip)

All kinds of rabbit holes by honeyandvodka (meet at a bar)

It Takes Two by lostinthewords (Meet at a baseball game)

Vice by Sandiane Carter (Vice Beckett)

Lost and Found by scripting life (Alexis is lost at the mall)

Family Healing by Random-1985 (Jim and Castle meet at rehab)

Hiding my Heart (Castle has twins), Through The Looking Glass (bookstore), Someone Like You (hospital) by Trapped in a MatchBox 

Kidnapping by Bbolt14 (Alexis is kidnapped)

Lifeboats by seilleanmor (season 4 AU)

If You See Kate by SabreDae (bookstore)

A New Start by Caskett Hopeful (Meet at a hospital)

Coffee and Scribbles by JessieWills (Coffee Shop)

Someone to Lean On by cburton1995 (dating before first case)

Waiting for More by farewellblindgirl (Johanna is alive, Rick’s lawyer)

Underneath the Wreckage by firstadream100 (September 11)

may flowers by closingdoors (Cops and Robbers AU)

Assist by NellieRai (Kate is Alexis’ soccer coach)

Pen-Pals and Postscripts by McGladiator (Pen Pals)

Little Bean by soprano193 (Same Apartment)

Matching Baggage by NotYetLostFaith (Kate has a son as well)

It All Started With A Mouse by BlueMoonFan (Disneyland)

Strong Enough by pullingbeckettspigtails (Kate’s Alexis’ teacher)

Attention Shoppers by jstar1382 (Alexis lost in department store)

It’s A Small World by jstar1382 (Disneyland)

Supermarket Sweep by jstar1382 (Shopping Carts)

Savior by encantadaa (Kate is homeless)

Love Story by encantadaa (Costume Party)

tumblr fic by encantadaa (Alexis asks Castle about girly stuff)

tumblr fic by ilovetoread09 (Toddler riding dog)

tumblr fic by CalPal052699 (loud sex, i have a four yo)

tumblr fic by bravevulnerability (you live above me)

tumblr fic by bravevulnerability (Christmas light comp)

tumblr fic by bravevulnerability (Shopping cart racing)

tumblr fic by bravevulnerability (Postcard wrong address)

tumblr fic by bravevulnerability (halloween)

tumblr fic by Caskettismydrug (Kate’s a lifeguard)

tumblr fic by concreteskies (Disneyland)

tumblr fic by bamboo72498 (Kate’s Alexis’ teacher)

tumblr fic by Cassie Bones (fire alarm 3am)

tumblr fic by Kato (Alexis missing at mall)

tumblr fic by KroganVanguard (Kate’s Alexis’ soccer coach)

Record-a-saurus by soprano193 (Toy Store)

Just Keep Swimming by Trinity Everett (Kate’s a vet)

tumblr fic by Cassie Bones (Kate’s Alexis’s teacher)

Where I Find You by bravevulnerability (Kate’s a Zoo keeper)

tumblr fic by skygirl55 (Cat stealing usb)

tumblr fic by weightofmywords (stars at night)

late night serenades by faithsette (neighbours singing)

Nightlife by faithsette (kate’s a stripper)

tumblr fic by concreteskies (ice rink)

Take the Stairs by Trinity Everett


When I first started coaching CLG, I recorded the early days with a different song, and it took another one to convince them to come out to Korea to boot-camp.

I hope you enjoy!

Fans think I’m a pretty bad head coach
And we’ve thrown so many won games
I guess it must be so
But still I cannot see
If the unskilled one is me
How can there be so much that you don’t know?
You don’t know…

You think you own whichever noobs you play with
That on KR server you can’t lose a game
But I know every strat and team and player
They have Save, they have Spirit, they have Flame

You think the only players who are players
Are the players who juke and farm like you
But if you use the hotkeys of an Asian
You’ll learn things you never knew you never knew

Have you ever felt the skillshots of the mighty Ggoong?
Or asked the grinning Kakao why he grinned?
Can you gank with all the power of the Samsungs?
Can you fight with all the prowess of NaJin?
Can you fight with all the prowess of NaJin?

Come gather in the topside of the jungle
Come learn to rotate better than the Earth
Come play with all the talent that surrounds you
And for once, never see in all chat “worth”

The solo queuers call you “elder brothers”
The CJs and the KTs are your friends
And we can all learn so much from each other
With new styles, in a scrim that never ends

How high can your ELOs grow?
If you stay at home, then you’ll never know
And you’ll never feel the skillshots of the mighty Ggoong

For whether we lose wards and get Lee Sinned
We must gank with all the power of the Samsungs
We must fight with all the prowess of NaJin

You can own NA and still
You won’t own at Worlds until
You can fight with all the prowess of NaJin.