coaching opposite teams

7 Days of Writing (Plot Twists)
  1. A is a monster hunter, B is a monster. They meet when B isn’t in monster form and start to fall for each other, one night they meet while A is hunting and B is a monster
  2. A and B have been dating a few weeks, A is an undercover cop and B is a criminal boss, they don’t know about each other until B is brought into the station one day
  3. A is a restaurant owner/chief/cook and B is a harsh food critic, they meet on a blind date, B had done an anonymous review of A’s restaurant that wasn’t very flattering 
  4. A and B are online gaming enemies, but they meet in real life and hit it off until they find out their online gamer names
  5. A is a local teacher who coaches the school’s sports team, B is a parent who coaches the community’s sports team, they meet at a parent/teacher conference and make date plans, only to find out they’re coaching opposite teams at a big/important game the next day
  6. A is an avid bird watcher, B is an owner of some private land and doesn’t allow trespassers. Some rare breed of birds take to living on B’s land and A sneaks around to watch and get photos of them 
  7. A is allergic to/dislikes cats(or other animal of choice), B owns a cat(choice animal) rescue center, they’ve been dating for a few months when B has to go into the center for an emergency while on a date with A, who doesn’t know what B does exactly and tags along