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hello yes this episode destroyed me emotionally and I need to talk about it.

I am also an athlete who skates. I have cried after competition, too. This is a pain I am intimately familiar with. You skate until your legs are numb and your chest is on fire and if you still lose, then you cry to pour out that pain. It is cathartic, but there is a certain raw vulnerability that comes after. That tenderness is exposing, and with his muscle memory carrying him through his routine, Yuri seems to experience a few moments of critical honesty.

Victor is his idol, but he had no idea how to handle Yuri’s emotions, his anxiety as an athlete and an artist. And Victor should have expected it, it didn’t come out of nowhere. That’s a huge part of a coach’s job, and he’s not good at it yet.In some ways, Victor is also out of his depth. He is trying, but he is flawed.

I said I am also an athlete who skates, and I can tell you something about a lack of self confidence: sometimes it protects you. It allows you to set the bar low for yourself. But Yuri is coming from that fragile place, that openness, and he doesn’t have the energy to build up his old cocoon. And finally, without that hero worship blinding him, Yuri is able to see himself. The routine is going well. He feels good, even though he barely slept and warmups were bad. 

The fact that he does not land the jump is immaterial. The fact that he attempted it is what is important. The attempt is a declaration. He’s saying “I think I can do this”. And from someone who ostensibly spent a great deal of his career trying to shield himself from disappointment by saying “I can’t”, that is huge. It is amazing growth, a fantastic leap over a terrifying chasm. It’s beautiful.


you sure did, kiddo

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What is TransTech?

TransTech is on online and offline community of LGBTQ folks learning and working together to create value and opportunities within marginalized communities. This is done through online and offline workshops, meetups, peer coaching, job leads, freelance opportunities and more! TransTech currently does not have any dedicated offices, but instead partners with LGBTQ organizations to create New TransTech hubs across the country. Stay tuned later this year for announcements regarding the launching of new TransTech hub locations!

Chick-fil-A is being sued for alleged bias against job applicant with autism

Chick-fil-A has sparked some controversy over its hiring practices. An Illinois man named James Kwon says he was denied a job at the chain because he has autism, Courthouse News reported. According to the lawsuit, Kwon performed a work-study program at another restaurant where he was praised by a supervisor and later worked with a job coach to prepare to apply for a position at Chick-fil-A in 2014. Read more.

[CONSIGLIO DI LETTURA] >>> 《PNL al lavoro. Un manuale completo di tecniche per la tua crescita professionale e personale >>> ★★★<<<

di Sue Knight (coach, autrice, trainer di pnl e consulente, considerata una delle più importanti formatrici mondiali in PNL applicata al business e al mondo del lavoro nei principali campi: comunicazione, relazioni efficaci tra le persone, raggiungimento degli obiettivi individuali e di gruppo, negoziazione, gestione dei conflitti e coaching).

Yuri!!! On Ice Theory

I’m going to continue the theory which was first created by totaku-eternal talking about Victor having cancer.

First of all, in the 4th episode when Yuuri asked Victor to teach him all the jumps he could do, Victor was tired after only the thirteenth jump which is kind of suspicious. Victor is one of the best skaters so naturally his stamina should be very good yet we see him gasping for air while Yuuri is just standing next to him as if nothing happened:

True, Victor didn’t really practice for those few days/weeks but still he should not be SO tired. Jumps are hard to do, but for a guy like him it should be somewhat easy.

Talking about Victor being the best skater, why did he decide to be Yuuri’s coach? This job only stops him from skating as he has to focus more on another person. Could it be that Victor doesn’t really wanna skate anymore?
He didn’t sign up for the Grand Prix (he’s a coach after all) but still…

I think Victor hides some kind of illness which stops him from skating. And because he has so many fan’s it’d be very hard to just stop skating so he chose to be Yuuri’s coach to slowly drift away from the skating world.

But what I’m really concerned about is this scene:

Just like totaku-eternal said, Victor sounded really worried about this but he didn’t look very suprised. Men start to lose their hair at around the age of 40. But our Victor is only 27!

So does he take any chermotherapy drugs?

“First of all, I would like to thank the Montreal Canadiens organization, especially Geoff Molson and Marc Bergevin for giving me the opportunity to have an exceptional experience over the past five years. The Montreal Canadiens have always been a great organization and the events of the last few days do not change my perception of this team and its leaders.

The coaching job in the NHL is a demanding job, rewarding in many ways but also quickly becoming ungrateful. When a team knows certain difficulties, every head coach knows that his job is at stake. I understand and accept this reality.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the supporters of Montreal and Quebec and the media. I also want to salute the coaches and staff, with whom I have collaborated over the years, and especially the many players I have had the privilege of working with and running.

I leave my head high and am extremely proud of the work accomplished over the past fiver years. The existing team can aspire to top honors and I wish my colleague Claude Julien much success in the future”.

—  Michel Therrien (x)

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I read Lindy's out if they don't make playoffs, which they won't. I'm interested to see who'll replace him, as long as it's not Therrien. I had high hopes coming off first in the West last season but they're third or fourth from the bottom overall, I think. It upset me a lot when they didn't address the defense during the off-season and they're paying the consequences for it now.

I forgot where I read/heard it but rn Lindy is coaching for his job. the Stars are not going to make the playoffs, that much is clear. I love Lindy and I wouldn’t mind him being resigned, but I also want to see change in the way he coaches. especially the dmen. the dmen are a problem bc they’re not playing with security of playing the next game, it causes them to overthink plays and make costly mistakes. no player should be sat out for extended periods of time, it messes with their head. acquiring one great dman is not going to change things if the system is not changed

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Hi! I’m Chloe! But call me Clo bc I like it more. I’m 17 and I’m from London,UK.
I’m a massive twenty one pilots fan and SPN addict.
I love My Chemical Romance.
I have a brother called Louie and we are really really close :)
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I love painting, especially watercolour, but drawing in Biro is the best! I got A* in 3D design and drawing!
I’m taking A Levels right now: History, Psychology, Eng Lang&Lit and Biology.
I have a part time job coaching Gymnastics for little kids! I love it! I started watching SPN when I was 13. I started loving TØP a year after, and I’ve loved MCR since I was 7. (Ikr)
I love singing and I play the guitar very well, I’ve been doing that for 8 years.

I struggle with mental health and I’ve been hospitalised but it was awful so I escaped as quickly as i could haha. My family are generally supportive and lovely. So are my friends!
SPN helped me in a time when I didn’t really want to be here. So now I have a blog about it since it makes me happy (and slightly frustrated due to destiel not being official)
I love my followers and I started gaining quite a lot after my post about crying over fanfiction which has about 17k notes I think 😂relatable
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I’m so tired of how Coach is always portrayed as this huge homophobic asswipe of a father to Bitty. Like yes, Coach is a southern man who loves football and Bitty is afraid of telling his father that he’s gay. But like I’m so tired of Coach being written as disowning his son and all of this other stuff. Like in canon, Coach is supportive.
Bitty did figure skating from ages 7-14, and the only reason he stopped was because they moved and the commute to train would be too much. Coach encouraged him in that. Coach went to his competitions. Coach paid for it. And figure skating is NOT cheap, especially for a family who is living off of a teacher’s salary.
Coach got a new job at a different school so they had to move before Bitty’s freshmen year of high school. Why would Coach do that? Maybe because his son was locked in a supply closer overnight by the football team, Coach’s team? Coach’s team locked his son, his tiny, happy, sunshine son in a supply closet. Coach was the head coach of a football team, and at his new school he was still a head coach. Do you know how hard that is? Coach probably started looking for a new position the moment bitty said “the football team did it.” Because his only son was being terrorized by the boys on his team.
Coach never came to Samwell, it was always Suzanne. Because Coach is a high school teacher. And the head coach of a football team. During summer and fall, he is in full swing of football, and can’t leave Madison.
Coach and Suzanne suspect that Bitty is gay, but since Bitty hasn’t said anything, they won’t either.
I just want Coach to be written as a confused, but supportive dad, and who loves his son more than anything but doesn’t know how to show it.

do you ever think about how cute haley and andy are bc they started off with haley pretending like she didn’t like andy at all, like even driving him to the airport was such a punishment in season 5, then they became friends and hung out all the time, with haley making sure that andy got a suit for his friend’s wedding and going out with him in the middle of the night to eat cronuts and coaching him for job interviews and then kissing him bc she had feelings for him and then being in denial and then willing to stop his proposal bc she’s in love with him and then crying bc he was engaged to someone else and then breaking up with dylan FOR GOOD bc andy once again made her realise that she deserves better and then jumping on him and kissing him bc she’s just head over heels in love with him omg they’re so cute and they had the cutest build up i ship them so hard