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“we do squats next, yes?”

Coach Sergei x Season 9 Gag Reel!Jensen.

I’m not kidding. Jen is a struggling, bratty LA actor (slash part time Instagram model) and his agent hires Coach Sergei to help him bulk up for his first big movie role.

I’m not kidding. 

In my head

Big little lies is really good. Queen Reese.

Wedding planning is so much work. So many details.

Can someone teach me how to be a girl? My hair is always a mess, idk how to use makeup and I want to look more stylish. Is there a manual I can buy or a life coach I can hire?

CRANBERRY, Pa. – After Mike Sullivan was hired to coach the Pittsburgh Penguins on Dec. 12, one of the first things he did was sit down individually with the players in the team’s leadership group.
That, of course, included captain Sidney Crosby.
“This game, it’s an emotional game and it’s hard to be good in the absence of it,” Sullivan said Tuesday. “We have to have controlled emotion, we have to channel it the right way, but emotion is a necessary part of competitive advantage and excelling in this game. And, from my experience of coaching against Sid, that’s when he’s at his best, and some of the early conversations that I had with Sid when I first took the team over was to try to light that fire in his belly that makes him so great.”
Crosby does not underplay the impact Sullivan has had on his play, saying, “He definitely helped me.” The proof is in his performance.
In 50 regular season games after the coaching change, Crosby had 66 points (30 goals, 36 assists). Although Crosby went through a scoring lull in the second round against the Washington Capitals, he still ranks second on the Penguins with 12 points (four goals, eight assists) in 13 games in the Stanley Cup Playoffs and is heating up with points in four of the past five games (one goal, three assists).
“When there’s a coaching change, especially as a captain you take a lot of responsibility on your shoulders and you expect more,” Crosby said. “I wasn’t happy with the way I started, and I think he just put me in situations and gave me opportunities to try to work my way back into things. He was just good holding everyone accountable, myself included, and making sure that I got better.”
Crosby recalled how Sullivan set the tone in their relationship in that initial meeting.
“He coached with the Rangers and I’ve seen him a bunch, so he told me what he expected out of me as far as a player individually and as a leader and things like that,” Crosby said. “It was pretty clear and he was very honest, and that’s all you can ask for is for him to be straightforward like that and tell me what he thinks. … And it wasn’t just me. I think he was very clear with everyone what he expected from each individual guy and, at that point, it was just a matter of us going out and doing that.”
“I thought it was important for me as a coach to establish a relationship with our leadership guys, so I tried to extend myself to all of those guys, but Sid in particular,” Sullivan said. “The message that I tried to bring to the whole group was that the foundation of our team identity has to be our competitive spirit. It has to come from our passion to play, and so I tried to challenge these guys and Sid in particular to play with that necessary emotion. … And I think [with] our group certainly, the message resonated and we have a team right now that plays with competitive fire.”
Liam, Niall, Louis & Vocal Health

Yesterday I made this post about Harry and Vocal Health and a few people asked me my thoughts on the other boys.  I said I’d do it yesterday but the day got away from me (sorry anon!  hope you’re still around and reading today!).   

I’ll start by saying that they can all benefit from training to an extent.  Just like any athlete (because remember! Your vocal folds are muscles), no matter how professionally trained you are, you still need a coach of sorts!  I’ll be honest, I haven’t looked SUPER closely at all of them.  Harry’s issues stand out the most for me because as I mentioned, I see so much of what I’ve done in the past (and present, she says guiltily) in what he does. I did attempt a MITAM listen this morning as I was getting read so I do have a few things to say.  

Liam has the best training out of all of them which was obvious from the start on The X Factor.  When you listen to his voice, he’s relaxed and comfortable at all times.  There’s not a lot of tension in his facial muscles.  that’s why he has the best range out of all of them.  He can hit the low notes as well as the high falsetto.  He’s the one i"m most concerned about when it comes to smoking.  If he’s not careful he’ll definitely lose that, especially his upper register. 

Like my anon mentioned yesterday, Niall definitely wins the award for Most Improved. He’s less nasal now and able to make his vocals sound gritty without it being damaging. He also sounds quite relaxed when he sings.  His voice isn’t technically perfect like Liam’s, but it’s also not as problematic as Harry’s.  I think that could possibly be due to the fact that he doesn’t have as much pressure on him as Harry does (and also the pressure I’m sure Harry puts on himself) as the “front man”.  He’s able to relax a lot more and doesn’t have as much tension. Plus, for the most part, the parts he sings are a little easier and well within his range.  When he does have to belt the higher notes, he does tend to have tension there which can always be improved upon, but it’s not as scary to me as Harry.  In my opinion, his biggest problem is his breath support. He tends to run out of air towards the end of his phrases.    

Now, Louis.  Oh Louis.  I love his unique voice and I want so much better for him.  His biggest problem comes from breath control. Basically he needs to use his diaphragm more.  When you take a big, full, deep breath in, you should feel your stomach expand.  What happens is your diaphragm, a dome-shaped muscle under your lungs, drops down and allows more air to come in.  As you breath out, that muscle moves UPWARD pushing the air OUT of your lungs. 

What Louis needs to DO with that breathing is to learn how to make sure when he breathes out, the amount of air he releases is a steady flow. A lot of times when he sings, the breath comes out quickly at the start and then he loses steam (even more so than Niall).  This is partially why he has pitch problems. If you let too much air out too quickly, it can sometimes make you sing a little too high, and if there’s not ENOUGH air, you can be a little under pitch. 

Have you ever noticed how he sometimes will put his hand on his stomach when he sings?  I personally think that the breath support has been pointed out to him before, but I don’t think he really fully understands or embraces it.  It’s just another trick to help him get through.   

Then there’s the smoking which doesn’t exactly help with breath control.  Buuuut as awful as it is to say I kinda like what it’s done?  It’s added that cool rasp which gives his voice that unique little flavor. He should definitely stop for health reasons (Smoking is bad, kids) but I think he’s fine when it comes to tonal quality.

Speaking of tonal quality, he has the tendency to sound nasal which can be pretty tiring to the vocal folds.  Additionally, he also has tension when he sings his higher notes (especially since he finally gets the chance to show off that he even has those notes to begin with).  I think a lot of that is also due to his lack of confidence in his voice (which has ALSO improved a lot, but again, some insecurities do have the tendency to pop on up no matter what).  He just needs to trust himself more- that will help with the breathing and tension in particular.

 A great vocal coach can definitely help with all of that because any vocal coach worth their salt doesn’t just focus on technique, but the whole person.  Singing is more than just making muscles move in a certain way, it’s mental, it’s emotional, it’s part of the human experience.  The right coach puts all of those things together to pull that out of you.  Here’s to hoping they ALL get the training they deserve.  

Hamilton High School Debate AU
  • Alexander is a lone wolf from a public high school with no money to hire a coach or pay for travel. He does all his own research and writes like twelve cases and several hundred pages of blocks for every tournament. Everyone else on the circuit is convinced he’s cannibalizing someone’s college policy backfiles or something because there’s no way one person can produce that much.
  • One person can, in fact, produce that much. 
  • He starts out doing LD because he doesn’t have a partner. Junior year, he gets a scholarship to one of the fancier high schools and teams up with Laurens, who is passionate about addressing classism in the debate community and probably reads a ton of Ks. 
  • Jefferson and Madison are the top team at a wealthy Catholic school with about six coaches, everyone goes to camp every summer, huge team that mostly exists to produce research, etc. 
  • Washington picks up Hamilton/Laurens over Jefferson/Madison in outrounds at the ToC. 
  • The Schuylers sometimes do policy, but Angelica’s one of the top LD debaters in the country and Eliza prefers extemp. 
  • Alex is an inveterate LARPer who definitely knows way more about financial policy than any 17-year-old should. 
  • Hamilton and Burr were a team for about six weeks in 9th grade. They split because Burr’s very techy, and he prefers abstruse critical arguments and sketchy theory to actual substantive debate. 
  • But Burr is much better at oratory as such. Alex just tries to cram as many words as possible into the time he has, he’s crazy fast even for policy. 
  • George is that weird kid who does parly and takes the procedural stuff far too seriously.  

*cracks knuckles* *stretches arms* *puts on glasses with no lenses in them* OH-kay.  lets talk some Foxhole Court AU’s shall we:

Camp Counselors AU

  • Wymack runs a summer camp for troubled teens. 
  • the Foxes are previous campers now working as counselors. 
  • This marks the second year of the same group of Foxes EXCEPT Coach hired a new guy last minute as a replacement for that girl who couldn’t make it.
  • all stereotypical camp shenanigans ensue. 
  • Neil only took this job because it looks good on college applications (he’s starting a bit late)
  • everyone still has problems but lets take them down a few notches
  • Dan and Matt are head counselors
  • Kevin runs sports activities with Andrew
  • Allison is arts and crafts
  • Renee is outdoor adventure (archery, nature walks)
  • Katelyn and Aaron organize group events
  • Nicky is theater (obvs) Neil gets suckered into music
  • clearly this is sleep away camp (the average stay is 5 weeks but full summer ones are still pretty common) 
  • No one knows why Coach hired Neil. Specifically, no one knows what Bad Thing Neil went through to qualify. 
  • please imagine ridiculous competitions between everyone and their favorite little campers
  • bets. always bets. not just the Foxes either. the mini foxes too.
  • I Live For Bonfire Moments
  • I Also Live For After Hours Parties
  • listen. you have to have a rival camp. and it has to be Riko’s. and he has to be a cliched douche. I don’t make the rules sorry.
  • But please imagine Vixen Girl drunkenly kissing Neil at some point and Andrew being like YEAH WHATEVER but like also WTF?! I SWEAR WE HAD A THING BUT I GUESS NOT LET ME GO PUNCH THIS TREE 
  • honestly there is so much you can do with this and i wrote more then i originally thought so i think I might set this aside for myself. 


  • picture Hawaii Five-0 style as in they are a special task force.
  • Neil joins their team and everyone knows he is The Butchers son
  • also that HE helped catch and put his father away
  • Redemption kink anyone?
  • lots of arguing and fighting and the team not being very solid but Neil somehow starts to mend them together
  • ohana means family okay
  • Sarcasm and Banter
  • Feelings wtf 
  • Major Thing happens. someone almost dies.
  • Andrew x Neil “holy shit i am in love. dont ever fucking do that again you prick”
  • Happy Ending Mother Fuckers

Reality Show AU

  • guys there are a million options for this
  • Big Brother House- the lies! the betrayal! the ridiculous costumes wtf
  • The Real World- the lies! the betrayal! the amount of sex holy fuck sterilize that hot tub 
  • Master Chef- LISTEN if the thought of Andrew throwing a pan on the floor and screaming “MY RISOTTO IS PERFECTLY FUCKING SEASONED RAMSEY AND YOU KNOW IT!” storming off doesn’t make you laugh for an hour then i don’t know how i can help you. 
  • “Celebrity” show (i.e. Kardashians or Housewives or w/e)- This can actually work as canon divergent a bit or even after TKM since they are minor celebrities already. Just imagine one of the foxes signing up for a reality show. or one of the new coaches signing up for it to better the team publicity. 
  • The Great British Bake Off- So i read a destiel au that was this mixed in with some p&p and its one of my top 10 favorite fics of all time. I’ve never seen this show. I don’t care. I need this au in every ship.
  • Dating Show- I just. CAN YOU IMAGINE. 

NORMAL College/University AU

  • Just your standard first year at college
  • Neil got an scholarship 
  • He also worked 2 jobs to help support him and his mom
  • Dad was a deadbeat loser (still mean and hurtful but lower scale. haven’t seen him since he was 14)
  • He wants to keep to himself and graduate and make mom proud
  • Neil and Andrew are roommates
  • hate each other pretty much instantly
  • college things happen. literally give me all the cliches. 
  • oops we fell in love haha 
  • i have a thing for jealousy so yes, lets add that. 
  • i have a thing for ‘dating other people until we realize we don’t want anyone but each other’ as well. 
    • omg this one can be super light and hilarious. 
    • like imagine the hazing. and the pranks.
    • and like, We Are Your Bros, Bro
    • Rival Sorority sign me the fuck up (fun rivalry of course)
    • beer pong. keg stands. toga parties. 
    • The Dean Is A Prick Lets Whip Cream His Car
    • study sessions, bonfires, holidays.
    • Riko’s frat sucks and they are Mean so lets take the fuckers down
    • #GayMoments between Neil and Andrew that get interrupted by the other guys in the frat
    • oh god i want this so bad now

okay i have 100 more but these actually totally ran away from me??? My bad. I’ll keep the others to myself for now. If anyone takes one of these and writes fic. TAG ME. I DESERVE GOOD THINGS.

In a February live special of WWE’s NXT TakeOver, Sasha Banks, the Diva who’d spent months in the shadow of her peers, finally got her revenge. She put her former BFF, Charlotte, in her signature “Bank Statement” submission hold, and hoisted the dead weight over her body until Charlotte’s shoulders touched the mat. 1, 2, 3. The career sidekick had finally captured the NXT Women’s Championship. The match epitomized the total transformation of NXT, WWE’s developmental program, into the world’s best destinations for women’s wrestling. And that revitalization has a single champion: Banks and Charlotte’s trainer, Sara Del Rey, the first-ever female wrestling coach hired by the WWE.

“Sara wanted us to go out there and steal the show. To come backstage afterward and see how proud she was… I’m getting emotional right now just thinking about it,” Sasha told VICE. “It just shows how much we care, how much we love this.”


It’s not just attendance numbers and the new club which reflect the growth of the NWSL. 
looking just in comparison to last season, the thorns have added least two new staff positions- both of which happened to be filled to women.
last season, there was no specific soccer operations manager for the thorns- this year, they’ve doubled down their commitment by assigning a specific staff member to focus on this. 
they’ve also added another athletic trainer, and, I believe, another assistant coach, bringing the total number of thorns specific staff up to 9, instead of the 6-7 they had last year. 
the majority of the thorns specific staff are also now women.

Now I feel at home. A bit like in Rio, the city where I was born. Paris is my city, I hope to continue some years wearing the jersey of PSG. I need to speak with the President to extend my contract. This is where I’ve lived the best moments of my career, I am very happy.
—  Thiago Silva

sooooo, I’ve ALWAYS been awful at incorporating strength and core work into my training. I “add” them and then never really know what to do so i skip.

This time around I hired a coach and she sent me the link for the video for some of my core workouts. 

LOVING IT! I wanted to share in case anyone out there has my issue too :)