One of the best shows of the year was the Franz Ferdinand show at Pappy and Harriet’s this year. It was amazing to see Franz Ferdinand introduce the audience to new songs from their first record in four years Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action which ranked forty six on the Rolling Stone albums of the year for 2013. Here is an excerpt from my review:

“Alex Kapranos greeted the Franz Ferdinand crowd with a gleeful "Howdy Partners” as he walked on the stage wearing a post modern version of a cowboy jacket paying homage to Pappy and Harriet’s seventy year old hertiage as a former site of old cowboy movies. I was surronded by hardcore Franz Fans who came as far away as Canada to see this band during this Pre-Coachella warm up show prior to Franz Ferdninand upcoming appearance on Saturday at the Coachella Music and Art Festival.“

© Guillermo Prieto 2013