Magic Hour - Magic Moments

A very special Bandcamp Monday! The mighty Magic Hour has put their entire discography up for the download – including this collection of previously hard to find tracks originally released on singles, comps, or fanzine giveaways. For the uninitiated, Magic Hour existed for a few years in the 1990s, and featured the glorious twin guitar attack of Kate Biggar and Wayne Rogers, backed by the legendary rhythm section of Naomi Yang and Damon Krukowski. Killer psychedelia that was simultaneously behind its times and ahead of the curve. Like all the best music, right? The time is ripe for a Magic Hour reunion, I think – this year’s Coachella lineup needs them! 

I was meant to launch my blog OFFICIALLY this weekend but it’s not perfect so I’ll be launching later this week. I want to spend more time on content, including a full outfit and makeup breakdown of my look from Laneway festival 🌜🌛 I’ll also be featuring a Coachella style guide and what I think is majorly trending atm (glitter brows, neck ties, chain bras and split skirts….etc) stay tuned kittens 🐱

Skipping Stones
  • Skipping Stones
  • Gallant ft. Jhené Aiko
  • Red Bull Sound

I keep on forgetting all of the lessons that I’ve learned…
How many bridges have I burned?
When did I go missing somewhere in the distance?” - Jhené Aiko…

Jhené teams up with Red Bull’s Sound Select artist, Gallant. 

“The new song is part of Gallant’s two-song digital single that will be released via Red Bull Sound Select Friday, Feb. 5. The other Gallant tune included in the release is “Borderline,” which features James Fauntleroy and came out last December through Red Bull’s 20 Before 16 series.” - RedBull.Com 

He’s also performing at this year’s Coachella!

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