coachella week one

  • <p> <b>Me:</b> hey the performance with halsey was gr-<p/><b>Brendon:</b> gryan<p/><b>Me:</b> what<p/><b>Brendon:</b> GRYAN.<p/><b>Me:</b> *cautiously backs away*<p/><b>Brendon:</b> Gryan. Gremlin Ryan. Like the one who ran away from me at Coachella. Actually I texted him a month ago. And we met at this Halloween par-<p/></p>
The 1975 at Coachella: Week One

The 1975 takes the Coachella Stage at 6:10 - 7:00 p.m on Sunday, April 17th.

With this live stream, I’m sure you’ll be able to watch them live at that time. 

Here are the times with some different time zones:

6:10 p.m. - U.S. Pacific 

8:10 p.m. - U.S. Central 

9:10 p.m. - U.S. Eastern 

2:10 a.m. -  Greenwich Mean/U.K.*

9:10 a.m. - AUS Western*

10:40 a.m. - AUS Central*

11:10 a.m. - AUS Eastern*

* denotes the morning of April 18th

Feel free to add more time zones! I feel like these will be the popular ones. 


It’s so infuriating how there are people taking away the point of #reclaimthebindi. The bindi is one of the many things that represent DESI culture - our identity, our community, and US, not you. The fact that there are people out there infuriated by the fact we want to embrace the culture we are shamed for is ridiculous and petty. 

Growing up, I hated being Bengali. I felt so ashamed. I grew up learning Bengali first because my parents assumed that as I went to school, I would learn English anyways. But when I went to school, I began unlearning the language. I went to Bangladesh when I was SEVEN years old, and I refused to learn how to write in Bengali. Do you know why? Because I thought I would forget how to speak English. I was seven years old and I was already rejecting a huge part of my heritage just to assimilate. I slowly began to hate being Bengali more and more, and my skills in speaking Bengali deteriorated as well. I used to think of Bangladesh as a nuisance - I thought it was some small poor country. At a young age I already severed my connection with my heritage because I hated it and learned to hate my heritage instead of embracing it. To this day I struggle to speak in Bengali properly with my own parents.

And I wasn’t the only one who hated being Desi. I didn’t look Bengali when I was younger to a lot of people. My skin is paler (“forsha”), and I’m less hairy than most Bengali people, and a lot of Bengali girls envied me for that. I grew up being told how jealous they were because I wasn’t as brown as them and I didn’t have as thicker hair on my arms and legs. While I was being embraced for looking less Bengali, there were so many other Bengali girls putting themselves down for looking Desi. So many Bengali girls, including me, are pressured to keep their face as light as possible to be beautiful. My cousin rubbed Fair&Lovely on herself everyday just to achieve that light skin considered so beautiful.

What was probably a harder part was what my family members have to go through. I remember when I was 8 and I was walking home from the park with my mom, sister, and my sister’s friend and her friend’s mom, some boy ran past us and called us a terrorist. I didn’t understand why he said that. I remember I was 12, I went to visit my mom who worked in Dunkin Donuts. As soon as I walked in, I saw some lady scream at her and call her a terrorist. My mom yelled at her back and looked so troubled when she realized I was standing there the entire time. I didn’t know what to say. I remember LAST SUMMER when I stayed with my cousins who live in a predominantly white neighborhood, my aunt told me to stay away from this one guy. He told his kids to stay away from my cousins (who are 3, 9, and 12 years old) because they were “different.” When my uncle yelled at him for saying something so dehumanizing, they almost got into a fight until my aunt told him to stop and just leave.

For me and so many other people who struggle with simply being desi, our language, our skin, and our very being is picked at. To #reclaimthebindi is to embrace our culture despite all these hardships. It is to love ourselves again after years of lathering on fair&lovely religiously on our skin and blushing in embarrassment every time our parents spoke in an accent. 

Don’t tell me you’re “interested” in my culture while you cherry pick the exotic looking things. My culture is not a commodity. It is our history, our heritage, and our community, and when we reclaim the bindi, we are reclaiming this all.

The two pictures on the left and right are old pictures of my family members in our village. The middle was a picture recently taken my uncle when he was on a ferry going back to our village from Dhaka.

The more I think about it the less I like the person I become when I get on Tumblr. In real life I’m hella chill and laughing all the time. I literally laugh too much. It’s one of the things people know me for. I’m always laughing. My laugh is ridiculous and loud so people can’t help but laugh with me and it’s always a ball. Pre-3x07 everyone on set, at the office, or my friends would know without fail when I was on Tumblr because I would always be laughing as I scrolled through my dash. “What did Tumblr do now?” is what my girl would ask me constantly. She still asks me that, but the meaning of the question has changed a lot in the last month. When I get on here now it seems like being constantly confronted with some extreme level of stupidity and I feel as if I were being run through an industrial salt bath. I’m ticked off 97% of the time I’m on here and it’s because of all the wasted potential I see. I don’t know where I was going with this, but it just really blows realizing that the place I used to come to destress is now easily the biggest stress source in my life.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

i couldn’t have asked for a better coachella. spending three days taking a break from reality by dancing and enjoying music in the fucking desert was one of the best experiences of my life. oh, not to mention that i spent it with my favorite person and i saw tegan and sara for the first time while standing in the front row after a seven hour wait. 

my life is so good right now, and i’m incredibly grateful for everything i have. here’s to a sweet life with wonderful company.