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If you struggle with braids and you have short hair to boot, then you’re going to LOVE this cheat braid! It’s easily done on long hair; you may have seen my tutorial using this technique on myself recently. But I was inundated with requests for it to be recreated on someone with shorter hair - so here it is

You can forget the need to weave three strands of hair while consecutively picking up new strands as you go, this technique is SO simple, you just need some clear hair elastics and you’re good to go! 
You can purchase them in UK here: 
Or, if you’re in the US click here:

You can also complete the makeup in just 5 minutes - once you have all the products laid out and you know what you’re doing. It’s a simple but effective way to enhance your natural beauty in quick time! 

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Shonagh x


Festival Hair Style For Short Natural Hair