coachella crew

anonymous asked:

Can you draw the Under-crew in Coachella inspired outfits?!?!

I tried my very best. I was very happy to get to do some Coachella-inspired makeovers. I love drawing fashion whenever I get the chance, and figuring out outfits for people is so much fun.

Anon, I hope you like this! I spent a lot of time researching and working on it. Thank you for the request!✨

Others are mixed enough to where I wasn’t just using the image for the outfit, they’re a mix of several ideas.

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We're aware that recording his voice is a low, BUT by his team, not by us reaching. I'm not saying he isn't there, he could be. But he's not gonna go without us finding out, even if he genuinely wanted to. It's Coachella, the lad crew isn't hiding, and there are fans of all kinds there. If he's there he's going to be seen. If he isn't seen once, there's no way he could've been there, and his voice in the background of a video isn't going to do much convincing.

if he is at coachella, we’ll get pictures and videos with him physically in the frame. it’ll be undeniable that he’s there. if this video w/his voice is the only thing we get all weekend then i’ll continue to believe he’s in new york.

like do people forget they literally FAKED A BABY? using his voice in a video to mask his real location is not only extremely easy to do (and effective knowing this fandom) but it’s small fucking potatoes compared to everything else they’ve done.

i don’t see why *this* is a reach when it’s so basic and simple and effective.