Ok I love her look. Why? because I love all the colors. The purple hair, the pink Converse, the tie dye bodysuit, this look so so much fun.

Coachelle, 2017, Weekend 2

The Harry IG Like incident and Louis’ Coachella Jogging Pants

Harry’s IG LIke on 14th April now makes so much sense!!! 

So here is Louis at Coachella yesterday.

And here is the pic on his bum.

So he was walking round Coachelle and getting papped in these jogging pants with this model on his bum.

And he was with Elk.

And so we go back to Harry’s odd IG like on 14th April which is hilarious! This was what he was pointing out would happen. What Louis has done.

Harry liked this pic. Sara’s screenshot of her husband’s like on IG where she humorously publicly drags him for liking the pic of models.

And Louis walked round Coachella with Elk with a picture of a bikini clad model on his bum.

And THAT is why you should never ever underestimate how Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson plan and carry out their strategy together.

Because how big a coincidence was that IG Like and Louis’ jogging pants 2 days later?

—— 📞✨ summer themed plots masterlist

so with summer coming up and people going on breaks, i decided to work on a masterlist that included a bunch of different summer themed plots. most of these will be for group roleplays, however some could be adjusted to fit 1x1s or mumus. this masterlist will be super simple bullet points, but if you ever need help building on one of the plots, message me !! if you find this helpful, a like or reblog would be appreciated. i hope some of these inspire you !!

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anonymous asked:

Can you, like, enumerate the phases of memes in the haim fandom?

  • Este’s bassface
  • ”Leave Danielle alone, she is divorced with two kids”
  • Danielle the human noodle / spaghetti 
  • Este’s mullet story / Alana’s “tru tru”
  • Alana is 13 yrs old
  • Danielle is the sad frog meme in real life
  • Danielle is a nerd
  • Este and her possums
  • Farmer Danielle Haim
  • My Song 5 video never existed
  • Valli Girls
  • Poppi’s poetry corner
  • Fake Coachelle Lineup
  • @haimcomments on twitter
  • Haim as memes
  • AlanaLooksLikeAThumb.gif
  • Haim Time
  • #SaveHaim from Taylor Swift

That’s what I remember best. Did I forget something?