BTS as Dads

Request: I loved your Got7 as dads. what would bts be like??


  • kim junior daily
  • language lessons
  • academic decathlon coach
  • being hella nervous about dropping the baby
  • the tallest tea party attendant
  • “yes, your mixtape IS lit, but education comes first.”
  • deep dad advice that confuses tf out of his kids

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  • mom dad
  • “of course you’re good looking, you take after me”
  • peanut butter sandwiches cut into hearts
  • brings a bangtan bomb light stick to all sporting events
  • cooking with dad
  • throws shade at all of the other PTA moms
  • dad jokes he keeps repeating until someone laughs

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  • naps with dad
  • babysitting at the studio
  • piano lessons
  • blunt af
  • “i’ll forgive you”
  • pretending to be asleep when it’s time for diaper duty
  • front row for every basketball game/practice/or scrimmage

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  • dance team dad
  • embarrassing af
  • inheriting hobi’s facial expressions
  • “of course your friends want to see your baby photos”
  • enthusiastic about everything parenting
  • leaves cute little notes in his kid’s lunchbox even when they’re in high school
  • terrible with discipline 

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  • secret language of nonsense words
  • dancing with his child’s feet on top of his
  • encourages emotions to be expressed through interpretive dance
  • “aigoo, you little punk!”
  • high pitched giggle fits
  • taking turns singing verses of taeyang songs
  • weekend visits to busan

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  • pillow forts
  • tickle wars
  • “i love you with all my butt, because it’s bigger than my heart”
  • food inventions at snack time
  • constant piggy back rides 
  • inheriting tae’s boxy grin
  • play date coordinator 

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  • golden dad 
  • superman is back 2.0
  • “safety first, safety second, coolness third”
  • keeps up with all of the trends 
  • the dad all the other moms ogle at from afar
  • little league coach
  • listens to any secret/worry and takes pinky promises very seriously

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