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‘i was the smartest/fastest/most popular/etc. kid in class until you came along and now we have to fight.’ Nessian au

Here you go sweet anon~! Please enjoy Cassian thinking with his *ahem* you know *ahem* when it comes to Nesta. And of course she makes sure to get her point across as well!

Cassian wasn’t looking for trouble. But trouble always managed to find him. Today was no different, except this time it came in the form of another student. A female who walked as if she was a queen with a tongue as sharp like a blade.

Before Nesta Archeron showed up to his school Cassian was the most strongest kids in the student population. Hell he knew he was stronger than the gym coach who always boasted about playing with the big shots in his college years.

Now that title had seemingly been seized from him by a girl who had already taken down three football players who thought it would be funny to play with the eldest Archeron sister’s skirt during class. Needless to say a desk was a causality in that event that put all three of those perverted students in the nurse’s office while Nesta walked away without a scratch.

Cassian waited outside with his inner circle of friends. Rhysand was flirting with Feyre who was Nesta’s youngest sister. Azriel and Mor were talking off to the side of their vehicles after the last bell rang while Amren sat on the hood of her own car picking at her sharp nails.

It didn’t take long before Cassian spotted Nesta walking across the parking lot. He had parked his truck next to her car everyday since their first fateful encounter in the schools hallway where she shut down his flirtatious advances. Since then he hadn’t been able to get his mind off of her and the ever-present glint in her eyes that was always ready for a challenge.

Today he was determined to show her just how worthy of an opponent he was in this little game of theirs.

Her stride was even as she neared her car, but just before she went to open her door Cassian easily slid in front of her.

The menacing look she shot him had sent many other students running in the opposite direction. But Cassian wasn’t one to give up that easily. In fact he was never one to back down.

“Hello Nesta,” Cassian purred.

“Move,” Nesta bit out. “I don’t have time to deal with your idiotic brain today.”

“Then how about tonight? Your place or mine?” Cassian baited with a grin he knew riled her up.

“How about I deal with it right now when I slam your head into the pavement?” Nesta quirked a brow. “Or are you afraid I’ll damage that pretty face of yours?”

“You think I’m pretty?” Cassian asked with a slight smile. “I always knew you had a thing for me.”

Nesta snorted. “As if I would ever be with a brute like you. Why don’t you go bother some brainless girl and you both can share all your silly ideas together?”

“I’m only into smart ones who have the muscles to match,” Cassian looked Nesta up and down slowly in her baggy grey sweater. “What are you hiding underneath all that fabric?” He knew well enough that the sweater hid her feminine curves he often found himself looking at despite his best efforts.

At times he would sometimes wonder what she would look like without any article of clothing. He wasn’t inexperienced with woman to know about the differences between a male and female body, but for some reason he couldn’t help but think about if Nesta had little freckles across her form or if she blushed all the way down to her breasts when she was flustered. It was the little things that made him curious to explore Nesta’s body.

Cassian was so caught up in his own thoughts that he failed to notice Nesta’s hand clench into a fist.

“Are you just going to keep standing there or I am going to have to move you?” Nesta asked breaking Cassian from his imagination.

He almost laughed at her statement. Did she really think she could force him to step aside? He had far more weight and muscle compared to her, but for now he would humor her.

“I’d like to see you try,” Cassian smirked. “If you want your hands on me so badly then perhaps I should take you to dinner first sweetheart.”

From the corner of his eye he could see Feyre shaking her head and the others watching with interest.

Then before he knew it Nesta tried to kick him right between the legs. His hands shot out to grab her knee mere inches before it struck him.

“Now that was dirty,” Cassian said. “But I can think of other dirtier things for us to do that involve me getting on my knees for other reasons.” He winked and he could see the temper flaring in Nesta’s eyes.

“I’ll show you dirty,” Nesta hissed before gripping the sides of his face and bringing him closer. The oxygen left Cassian’s lungs as he thought for a moment she was going to smack his face into her forehead, but she held him close enough that her lips were tantalizingly near his own. He could feel her breath ghost across his bottom lip. Her hands ran through his loose dark hair at the nape of his neck.

Cassian was lost. Completely and utterly lost. Yet he didn’t mind. Because he knew that being swept up in Nesta’s storm cloud was worth it. And in truth he felt like he had found a part of himself in her softening gaze as she looked up at him.

He leaned a fraction of a bit closer just as she did. He closed his eyes waiting for the moment when their lips would meet and –

Searing pain shot between his legs as her damn knee found its intended mark. Immediately Cassian leaned against his truck with his hands gingerly cupping himself as he tried to inhale through the throbbing discomfort.

“Next time I won’t go easy on you Cassian,” Nesta tossed over her shoulder as she got into her car. She rolled down the window and gave him one last look. “And don’t call me sweetheart you bastard.”

She drove off leaving Cassian staring after her retreating car in both awe and embarrassment. His mixed feelings didn’t stop him from one thought that pounded through his veins.

Next time. He couldn’t wait for the ensuing rounds to follow. And he would make sure to get that that kiss he was so easily fooled from.

If Nesta wanted dirty, then she would love his next move.

19794) I'm committed to play a sport in college next year. My coach was talking about nutrition and I was expecting her to talk about limiting intake of bad foods. Instead she mentioned that us girls need to eat 4-5 meals a DAY. That's insane. I barely can even bring myself to eat X-Y. Idk how I'm gonna function next year.

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What's your HCs Otabeks past?

Many years and many places he had been to and had lived. He was lucky enough to travel, to see the world at such a young age. His parents happily together and still to this day. But he was never really home to appreciate exactly what that meant. He wanted to skate and he loved to skate. It was freeing and one of the things that made him the most happy in his life. But as the years dragged on and coach after coach, city after city. Different countries and different language learned just to get by.

If you could even imagine it, Otabek was a happy kid. Smiles everywhere over everything. But with each move his smile faltered a bit more. He was already tired of this of everything. The smiles were replaced by scowls. When he moved to Russia, he was a bit more at ease. It was a language he already knew some of from school, so he wasn’t so lost. And there was Yuri. THe blonde beauty with the soul crushing eyes. Someone who was so damn strong with every inch of his being. It just poured from him. Yet he was constantly called “Pretty” which just never seemed right to Otabek.

Sure the younger boy was pretty but he was more of a soldier to him. He couldn’t keep to anyone in the class. Ballet just wasn’t for him, and he knew even without it he could skate just fine. So he moved along again. He remembered the last day of class, the day before he moved he just sat and watched Yuri dance. He was being used as an example for the others to see. You could tell that Yuri was annoyed and just wanted to move on and learn more. Their eyes only connected once more before he grabbed things, thinking he would never see the beautiful boy with the ‘eyes of a soldier’ ever again.

Once he was around fourteen or fifteen was when he was in America to continue his training. He had made a couple friends there, but they only ever talked during practice. He even gave the kids his number, but no one wanted to hang out with the teenager with a grumpy face. So he was just lonely, didn’t talk much, but he just stopping caring. It hurt less. Years without parents was one thing, it gave Otabek some sort of freedom, but years without any sort of real communication, left him…lost.

After America came Canada, there he meet JJ. At this time he was sixteen. The one person who just talked to everyone no matter who they were. So he didn’t feel special, but it was nice to talk to someone after all this time. The more they talked the more the feelings grew between them. They weren’t in love per say but they used each other to fill whatever the other was needing. It never got passed heated kisses in locker rooms, and sneaking into each others hotel room at night to talk. But Otabek knew that he needed to move back to Almaty after this year, and he didn’t want the connection between the two to be anymore then just filler. So he broke it off, became distant again.

When it was time to leave he told JJ the wrong time. So that way he didn’t have to deal with any messy goodbyes. JJ didn’t talk to him for months after that. But it was okay, Otabek probably wouldn’t have replied anyways.

Once he came back home everything was almost exactly the same. Except the new addition to the family. He only got to meet her a couple times when he took trips home during holidays but she grew fast. She was already talking perfectly by the time he got home. He was a family man so some of his emptiness washed away then. His room was empty however except for a mattress. For the longest time his room was still decorated from when he was eight or nine or so. So it made sense to change it. It was just sad to see. It made him realize, just how long he was gone.

But everything fell into place when he saw Yuri again. His eyes. It was like he was young again. And that’s when he realized that he was in love with the boy. And that he was what he had been missing all these years. He was glad he found an outlet to talk to him while they were in Barcelona. He was even happier when Yuri agreed to be friends with him.

Well….you guys know the rest.

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Yuuri (through a series of fortuitous events) ends up as Minami's temporary coach for the GPF years after canon. As a result, Yurio has never been more scared or frustrated by his own temporary coach's wails of, "YUURI LEFT ME FOR HIS FANBOY?? HOW COULD HE???"

Victor flies to Japan, challenges Minami hot springs-on-ice style, the cycle repeats itself

Someone give me seventeen-year-old Yakov Feltsman at the 1964 Olympics wearing bell-bottoms and a peasant shirt with a scarf around his head, hair cut into a moptop and skating to The Twist. He landed the first triple flip in competition and, in an interview, announced that his inspiration was the most beautiful girl he’d ever met, his girlfriend of three weeks Lilia Baranovskaya.

Yakov’s coach is banging his head against a wall somewhere just off camera.

Forty years later and Viktor Nikiforov, he of the fae-like looks and waist-length silver hair, wants to wear a bondage costume on the ice and Yakov can’t even tell him not to because when he tries Viktor starts screaming “COME ON BABY LET’S DO THE TWIST” and Yakov is immediately paralyzed with shame.

“I mean, really, you have no room to talk,” Lilia tells him, examining her nails as Viktor announces that he’s engaged to a skater he’s barely known for eight months. Who he’s still actively coaching.

Yuri shows up in his exhibition skate outfit and doesn’t even wait for Yakov to open his mouth before he’s holding up a picture–an actual printed picture where did he find it–in full color of Yakov on the podium at the 1964 Olympics.

“Bell bottoms, old man?” he says, flipping his hair as he skates onto the ice.

(Lilia frames the picture. It hangs in her office underneath a laminated poster reading “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”)

AU where instead of going to Samwell, Jack starts a widely successful Publicly Broadcast show for children.

Jack learns that he is great with kids after coaching them for a little over two years. Moreover, kids are good with Jack. There is no pressure to be anything other than who he is.

It all starts with a local news program doing a fluff piece on Jack Zimmermann’s coaching ability. But then it turned into something completely different when Jack skated onto camera and started to introduce every single one of his kids and what was special about them. He was…really enchanting actually. He didn’t ever really talk down to them. Jack just treated them as a tiny friend. 

They ARE his tiny friends, but that’s not the point. 

The footage they got of “snack time” was really the best. Imagine a good 16 kids piled around this massive man teaching them the best way to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 

 It should have been obvious that a local channel would contact him. It still surprises Jack. They want him to host a show? Why? Everyone always teased him about how impersonable he was during interviews. Is it because he’s Jack Zimmermann’s son? Or Alicia’s? 

Jack asks all of these questions to his mother and she just laughs. “You made a PB&J interesting to 16 kids just by being you”

Jack figures it wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot. 

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This is from the blog post immediately after the end of year 2, and looking back on it, it gives us the entire plot of year 3???????

“How will they tell the boys?” Brunch at Jerry’s

“Will Jack keep this a secret from his NHL team?” He comes out to George and Marty, and presumably Tater.

“Who are the members of his NHL team?” Meet the Falconers update, anyone?

“How will Bitty deal with the pressure of dating an NHL player-or the sadness of sacfricing a relationship for Jack’s NHL career?” THIS IS LITERALLY THE ENTIRE PLOT OF FALL YEAR 3. I’M PRETTY SURE THIS IS DIALOGUE FROM BITTY’S VOICEMAIL.

“It’s Lardo’s last year as manager-how can anyone replace her?” FORD!!

“Are Ransom, Holster and Lardo going to get jobs?” also the plot of the Ford update????


But there are still some unanswered questions in this, like who’s going to be captain and when will Mama Bittle and Coach find out?



Two young twins (Ethan and Justin Coach) play your young son who’s 4-year-old Day. What was it like to work with those two twins? Working on Imperial Dreams—it wasn’t only a career move or something to do with building my artistic muscle. It actually built me and showed me snippets of how I would be if I was a father, when I am a father.

High school reunion AU for @zimmbitty who planted the idea in my head. I hope my loss sleep makes you happy.


An AU where Jack and Bitty happened to go to the same high school for maybe a year or two. (Here their age difference is around 3 years.)

How you ask? Coach is filling in temporarily maybe not as a Football coach but in some other position. It doesn’t matter *waves hands to misdirect from possible plot holes* just go with it…

Bitty is still into figure skating and in this high school, they have an actual ice skating ring in the premises!!!

And his skating lessons are usually before the hockey team plays. At first, he avoids the team but slowly realises they didn’t really care what he did so long as he left the ice on time.

Then Bitty started watching the practices and hockey looked kind of fun, (if you ignored the checking…) and maybe if he got into hockey he and Coach would have more stuff in common to talk about.

So one day after hockey practice is over, Bitty sneaks back into the ice with a broken hockey stick he found in the dumpster and put back together with duct tape and a flatted out can, and starts trying to get a hang of how the sport works.

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Happy Birthday Hailey

It’s the wonderful @victuurificrec aka Hailey’s birthday today! She does an incredible amount for the fandom and if you don’t know her blog, I suggest you definitely check it out asap. She puts a huge amount of effort into everything that she does and she’s been an incredible supporter of my fic for a long time. So to say thank you and Happy Birthday to Hailey, here’s a little birthday themed Viktuuri ficlet to show my appreciation. 

Happy Birthday! xx

“So, you’re telling me that all this panic is just because you can’t decide what to get Viktor for his birthday?” Phichit asked disbelievingly.

Yuuri groaned, resting his head in his free hand as he clutched his phone with the other. It was stupid, he knew. Calling Phichit in a panic after almost a full week of constant worrying and doubt over something that Viktor probably wouldn’t even care much about but he couldn’t help himself.

“I’ve been living with him for a year Phichit. We’ve been together for even longer. Last year he told me he didn’t really celebrate much but this year it’s different. We’ve been together too long for me to not give him something, I just don’t know what.”

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So how do we know that the banquet scene that Victor actually fell for Yuri there at that point? Because yeah his eyes sparkled but I thought that was down to him having an epiphany like "omg yes that's a great idea! I can coach for a year!" What do you think??🤔

While I don’t think Victor could have possibly fallen in love with someone he didn’t know, I do think he was swept off his feet by Yuuri at the banquet.

Look how much fun Victor’s having in that picture!

And yeah … I’m still not over these two dorks doing the bull/matador thing with each other. 

Note that Yuuri is still dressed in these pictures, which means that he didn’t ask Victor to be his coach until after they danced together. (Later, he wasn’t wearing pants and his tie relocated to a much nerdier place.)

I think at the banquet, Victor sees something exciting and new in Yuuri.

It’s not love, but it’s a spark of attraction. I think it’s obvious from Victor’s behavior at the beginning of Season 1 that he developed quite a crush on Yuuri at the banquet.

Victor is easy to misinterpret as a touchy-feely person because of how he behaves with Yuuri. But go back and watch him in Season 1. Victor only touches and flirts with Yuuri. If Victor touches anyone else (like Yakov or Yurio), it’s more friendly. The way you would act with family. Mostly, he keeps his hands to himself.

But not with Yuuri. Victor’s behavior sets him apart as a romantic interest from the beginning.

So while the idea of becoming a coach might have contributed to the sparkle in Victor’s eyes at the banquet, I do think there was also some romantic attraction happening as well.

“Mad Dog and Puppy” English Translation

Here it is. I apologize for the delay, but various circumstances got in the way. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

From Haikyuu!! Light Novel 6, Chapter “Mad Dog and Puppy” written by Kiyoko Hoshi with illustrations by Haruichi Furudate.

Introductory page 

Attached illustration on page 129:

Mad Dog and Puppy

One fine holiday in fall, there was a man standing in a convenience store nearby Aoba Jousai High School. The guy, wearing a volleyball jersey, walked out as the opening and closing door made an electronic sound. The man’s name is Kyoutani Kentarou, a second-year member in Aoba Jousai High’s volleyball club.

Kyoutani tore the wrapping of the chicken—chicken is his favorite food—that he took out of the convenience store bag before sinking his teeth into it, making an audible noise; this was how he walked toward school. The volleyball club took Mondays off. Practice starts morning today, which is a Sunday.

Kyoutani had not attended the club for quite a while since the middle of his first year due to various circumstances, though he has been recently thrown into the spotlight for coming back after being recalled by Oikawa, the team captain.

At the preliminary round of the Inter-High Miyagi Finals in June, Aoba Jousai suffered defeat at the hands of Shiratorizawa Academy, the invincible champions. It was necessary to regroup and reorganize the currently completed team in order to clear themselves of the disgrace come the next Spring High School competition, move on from second place and aim for the Nationals. What they wanted to strengthen in particular was their offense. The fighting strength that served to be the trigger of that was Kyoutani, whom Oikawa jokingly called “Mad Dog.”

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Hi! Love your blog, your recommendations give me so much happiness. I was wondering if you could compile a list of School/college AU, especially with lots of pining between victor and yuuri <3 that would be amazing!

I love this AU! Thanks for requesting this, everyone! 

Originally posted by studioghiblishy

High School AU

gays on ink: an epic love story by thankyouforexisting, Teen, 5.6k
Yuuri looks up from where he’s wringing his hands together in his lap, nervous, heart beating way too fast, and looks at his 73 copyrighted Victor Nikiforov posters, and the framed picture by his bed, and the copies of Victor’s artwork that he’s got lying on his nightstand. “Maybe it would be better to go somewhere else,” he chokes out, a bit strangled. Awesome highschool AU!

Viktor Nikiforov: Life Coach™ by greengoblin1, Teen, 18k (WIP)
Yuuri was comfortable in his second year of high school, until he agrees to an arrangement from a new (annoyingly attractive) transfer student. Whoever gave Viktor Nikiforov the idea of becoming a Life Coach™ has a lot to answer for. Thumbs up!

Rhythm of Love by caneeljoy, Teen, 43k
Yuuri Katsuki is your average loner American high schooler. Yuuri tries desperately to keep his parents from knowing about his budding dance career, and to keep Viktor from knowing about his massive crush on him. LOVE!

The Accidental Confession by SpillAllTheTea, Gen, 1.9k
A short High School AU where Victor and Yuuri have to work together on a school project. Cute one shot!

Ice skating hearts by April4444Key, Teen, 12k (WIP)
Katsuki Yuri has spent his entire high school career flying under the radar but all that changes when a new Russian exchange student comes to town and decides to help him revive the school’s discontinued ice skating club. Definetly recommend!

The Eye Of Bliss by treasures and trinkets (hookedswan), Gen, 633 words
In a world where your eye color changes to match your soulmate’s hair color, Yuuri Katsuki meets the Russian exchange student Viktor Nikiforov, (who constantly dyes his hair.) Cute one shot!

Then you should have put a ring on it by ObsidianAbyss, Teen,  15k
Recently, it’s become a trend for students to exchange rings with their significant others. Although Yuuri is very much single and uninterested, he wears a pretty ring that mostly goes unnoticed by his peers. That is until Victor Nikiforov starts wearing an exact copy of Yuuri’s ring and flaunts it around. OMG SO GOOD!

A wager most simple by astralelegies, Teen, 7.1k
“Victor Nikiforov checks his perfect hair in the reflection on the microwave while he’s heating up his lunch,” Yuuri scoffs. “There’s no way he and I are even close to being in the same league.”  I’M SOBBING THIS IS SO GOOD

star fire and silver by elesssar, Gen, 38k
Not the stars in the sky, but the stars on the stage – or: in a high school production of Romeo & Juliet, Yuuri Katsuki is cast as Juliet. His long-time crush and the golden boy of the theatre department Viktor Nikiforov is cast as Romeo. The problem is, Yuuri can’t tell if Viktor’s flirtatiousness is just method acting, or if it might be something more. High school theatre AU!!!!!!!!!!! Love!!!!

A Typical Schoolday by racing_cupido, Not Rated, 1.3k
Yuuri reflects on his new life in Russia and just has one of his typical school days. Very cute!

Surprises From A Cute Dancer by SugarRose22, Teen, 2.6k
Viktor Nikiforov is captain of the St. Petersburg High School football team. Viktor is always one to surprise people, but what happens when he gets surprised instead? Dancer!Yuuri and football player!Victor… cAN YOU HEAR MY SCREAMS OMGOMG

The Secret Lives of Catholic School Boys series by
violetlolitapop, Teen, 35k (4 works)
A series of Victuuri short works of them in high school! Rec’d by @cajuncherrybee!

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they're not canon, kubo said it's up for intepretation, so it's an opinion, not a fact... wish they were tho, but i guess they don't have the balls to confirm victuri.

“but i guess they don’t have the balls to confirm victuri.” 

during the course of the show and in the following interviews, we have been shown and told:

- Viktor openly and directly flirting with Yuuri

- Viktor suggesting that he can be Yuuri’s boyfriend

- Yuuri skating a program based on sexual love with Viktor in mind

- Viktor encouraging Yuuri to seduce him

- Viktor CRYING HIMSELF TO SLEEP after Yuuri’s rejection in episode 2

- Yuuri outright thinking that Viktor is extremely sexy/attractive as he skates Eros

- Viktor becoming Yuuri’s coach after he was very obviously smitten at the GPF banquet the year before

- Yuuri declaring his love for Viktor at a press conference

- Yuuri dedicating all his programs to Viktor

- Yuuri having very suggestive dialogue about his and Viktor’s love and about how he’s the only one who can “please” Viktor 

- Countless moments of pda, initiated by both characters (kissing, hugging, napping together, holding hands, bathing together, lip touching, grinding, tie pulling, forehead touching, the list goes on)

- Viktor and Yuuri kissing and sharing a look of utter sincerity and love on their faces afterwards

- Viktor calling Yuuri a “sleeping beauty”

- Viktor also talking about how Yuuri’s love opened up a whole new world to him 

- A ring exchange that Viktor sees as an engagement

- Viktor admiring his ring and considering what it means for the future

- Viktor and Yuuri showing compassion and respect and willingness to be good to the other one

- The both of them pushing their beds next to each other so they can sleep together

- Viktor and Yuuri pair skating to a song based on strong romantic love

- Yuuri and Viktor together in St Petersburg, obviously overjoyed to see each other

- Kubo tweeted that in the Yuri on Ice universe there is no homophobia, so all love is accepted and she will fight for that world (this is an obvious reference to Viktor and Yuuri’s same-sex relationship)

- an interview stating that Viktor and Yuuri share a connection so deep that they have transcended love

- Kubo stating that Viktor and Yuuri are inseparable

- Kubo also saying that Viktor and Yuuri are soulmates

- Kubo now stating that the love she based Yuuri’s programs on is what a person would feel for a lover/significant other, basically confirming that Yuuri’s romantic love for Viktor is what drives him to get gold



the fact that most people thought mitch wouldn’t make the league this year, including his own coach, only for him to turn out to be one of the most important players on the leafs as well as one of the top rookies in the league makes me insanely proud. what mitch has done this year is absolutely phenomenal.

Their daughter gets sick the night before the free skate of the Grand Prix Final.

It was to be Otabek’s last Grand Prix final, having deciding to retire no matter what the outcome. He had a daughter to care for, plus his body was starting to give out. He couldn’t skate forever. He had no idea what he wanted to do once his skating career was over, but he would figure it out.

So, their daughter gets sick the night before the last day of the Grand Prix Final and they need to get sleep. Yakov, who had gratefully agreed to coach Otabek for his last year, would be pissed if they showed up with dark circles under their eyes.

But Ekaterina keeps crying and coughing and she even vomits all over Otabek all in the course of three hours. He and Yuri take turns sleeping and taking care of her. Otabek sings her to sleep and Yuri rocks her, whispering kind Russian words in a sleepy voice.

When it’s time to get up early that morning all three of them are bleary eyed, Katya’s fever never subsiding. Yuri doesn’t drink coffee but he buys an energy drink, Otabek grabbing a coffee for himself. And then they have to go to the rink for practice before it actually starts.

Yuri is glaring when he hands Katya over to Victor and Yuuri, who for whatever reason had decided to come. Both parents were grateful they were there though so they could give their daughter to somebody trustworthy.

“WE gave her medicine already,” Yuri was explaining with a scowl, “Make sure that blanket stays wrapped around her or I will wring your neck. And then make sure she wears the headphones. I don’t want to hear her screaming over the music okay?”

“Don’t worry Yurio we’ve got this. It’ll be good practice for when we have a child!” Victor grinned.

“Don’t reproduce, for the love of god.” Yuri mumbled.

Yuuri just laughed and rubbed Katya’s back. “We’ll take good care of her Yurio, I promise. Good luck.”

Yuri scowled and Otabek curled his arm around him, turning him away. They needed to go before Yakov wrings their neck. Yakov was fuming by the time they got to him and he shoved them on the ice after getting changed.

Otabek skated with his heart heavy with anxiety and worry. He was worried about his daughter, wondering if Victor and Yuuri could handle a sick child. And he was anxious for other reasons. He had a plan when the scores were announced and three skaters stood on the podium. If everything worked out he and Yuri would be standing up there together. Yuri was currently at number one, the only thing separating them being one Jean-Jacques Leroy.

Skating their programs approached slow yet quick. Three skaters went before Otabek but he wasn’t breaking a sweat. He closed his eyes and listened to the music, imagining his movements and the twirls and jumps of his body. And then he skated onto the ice, passing by Emil as he did so.

“Beka, Davai!” Yuri called out and Otabek smirked to himself as his music began. He focused all of his thoughts on his daughter, as his program was dedicated to her. 

And when he was done, there were tears clinging to his lashes as he ended with the thought of Yuri curled protectively around Katya in his sleep. He earned a roar of applause and a score that brought him to number one. 

JJ skated but he didn’t come close to Otabek (or Phichit’s score).

And then Yuri took the ice, a thumbs-up coming right after Otabek’s cry of “Davai.” He was flawless, of course he was. But Otabek a little better, earning gold overall with Yuri at silver and Phichit finally earning a medal for his country.

Yuri wasn’t mad that he had gotten silver because he lost to his love.

Besides, he got a gold medal of his own.

After the gold medal was stung around Otabek’s neck, he dropped to one knee next to Yuri and pulled a ring from the pocket of his free skate costume. The bouquet of flowers fell from Yuri’s arms as he brought his hands up to cup my face. Phichit was standing behind Otabek in the same fashion as Yuri and he looked like he was itching for his phone.

“Yuri. Marry me.” He didn’t propose it as a question, but when had he ever.

“Of course, dumbass.” Yuri laughed through his tears, which he would openly deny either. Cameras were flashing but Otabek rose from his knee and Yuri tugged him close by his medal to kiss him in front of the crowd. 

Somewhere in the audience Victor and Yuuri were openly sobbing, Katya in Victor’s arms asleep completely unaware of the moment currently happening.


This is definitely my favourite moment from episode 12 because both Victor and Yuuri are just so precious in this?

Look at this beautiful boy who declares he’ll win just so Victor could kiss his medal. He just wanted to retire but how could he when Victor says he failed as a coach? He’ll skate one more year and he’ll win this time ok.

But then as much as I love Victor’s ridiculous puppy eyes (same Victor, same) his answer is just so perfect because honestly, Victor’s main goal was to make Yuuri confident in his skills and to help him get the best score and the whole time after Yuuri beats his record he’s so proud and happy and Yuuri saying he wants to stay is everything he wanted to hear and yet he demands more. 

Victor, how long have you been thinking about competing with Yuuri while still coaching him? Because it looks like he already calculated all the risk and despite he doesn’t hesitate for a second? He’s so in love I can’t handle it and I also love how he puts Yuuri’s medal around his neck as if he was stating that it’s still valid but at the same time he says he wants Yuuri to win more times as he deserves.

Victor knows this is ridiculous, he was the only person ever to be able to do something like that and he was much younger when he started and he still totally looks like he thinks Yuuri could do this. Even when he does that super sweet thing with his face when he winks (I can’t find the gif but you know which one lol) it doesn’t look like his just teasing Yuuri he really is able to believe that at that moment even if he knows how it sounds. And then Yuuri doesn’t say it’s stupid or he could never do it, he says “okay”?!

He’s moved to tears because of how much Victor believes in him and how much Victor wants to do for him so they could stay together and so they could compete on the same ice because Yuuri always wanted that and promising Victor he’ll win for him is the least he can do in return?

Like this is the moment where most of their dreams come true and instead of just celebrating they sit there declaring absurd things to each other because they believe so much in the power of their love I’m so done with them, bye.

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->   Day Seven: Endings
Victor: Promises


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