I honestly believe that Jim Gabbara is the reason the Spirit have been playing so badly as of late. I mean, he coached Sky Blue for three years and they were shit for all of those. This year, though, he went to the Spirit and I think he pulled a Jill Ellis.

When Jill took over for the 2015 WWC, she played it safe with the team’s style of play and the lineups. She found what worked and went for it. This year, though, we all saw the shit show she created with her experimentation and risk that almost always never worked out all that well. She showed her true colors this year when it came to coaching.

With Gabarra, I believe he inherited a squad of very talented Spirit players and went with playing all the internationals and when his normal Starting XI worked pretty well at the start of the season (they were undefeated their first 5 games) he kept using it. This second half of the season has been a much different story. He completely changed his backline with the exception of Krieger, Wys is starting in goal, Stengel for some reason continues to start even though her results are subpar at best and the girl has zero pace. He fucked fucked with the lineup and refuses to change it back to Labbe in goal; Kleiner, Zadorsky, Oyster, and Krieger at defense; his best three forwards right now (with Banini hurt) are Williams, Dunn, and Ordega and all three rarely are put on the field at the same time. Why else has the Spirit just barely managed to scrape these past several games (too many 2-1 games) even if they win?

tl;dr: Gabarra needs to stop fucking with the Starting XI and get his shit together. Put the original XI on the field because the ones out there now, will NOT win you the Championship.

so i’ve never written this down, but since we’ve gotten a canon romantic history for jack, i’d like to formally write down the romantic history for this interpretation of jack.

  • kent parson (sort of; they kissed a few times, nothing serious, and the friendship is the bigger loss for both)
  • a fellow peewee coach. older than jack by a good few years, but an actual and fairly normal relationship, beyond keeping things quiet. the other man was never weird about who jack was, which comforted him from the start. if asked, jack would say he learned a lot from this relationship. i think it ended pretty amicably; probably in keeping with the feel of the whole relationship, low on intensity of feeling but nice.
  • one eric bittle who jack has just professed to love. (jack’s first love).
funny story

i was at a nightclub when this random dude comes and starts to chat with me. he was super polite at first so i talked to him until suddenly he just gropes my ass. normally i would give him a bitchslap, but for some reason, i just stayed really calm and said “i wouldn’t do that if i were you” obviously he asked why, so i replied: “you know, i coach judo in a national level. i’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve.” this was a huge lie and i don’t know how he bought it that me, obviously a very unathletic 19-year-old girl, was a martial arts coach, but i’ve never seen anyone leave so quickly or with as terrified look on their face.

If you don’t watch hockey, then you probably don’t watch Hockey Night in Canada every Saturday night. And if you don’t watch Hockey Night in Canada, then you probably don’t know who Don Cherry is. And if you don’t know who Don Cherry is, then you are really missing out.










Jack Zimmermann thought he learned everything about leading a team through his time in the Q. However, he realized he was very wrong when he first met a rag tag group of kids who were eager to call him Coach Z.

He never had to learn to be patient around players of his own age. If they were being a shitty player, he could just call them out on it. This was not the case with his team. Most of the kids were 10 or 11 years old. Half of them had never played before. Some hadn’t even been on ice before he started coaching. It was hard for him to be stern, yet gentle with them at the beginning. Eventually, he’d found a good balance. Those who he saw half-assing on the ice, regardless of whatever skill, were scolded. But those who were giving it the Coach Z 110%, were always praised. There may or may not have been candy for good playing. 

Jack had never felt prouder when he taught Hoots, an 11 year old, how to skate backwards. The way his face lit up when he said “I’m doing it!” is still one of Jack’s favorite memories. The next practice, Hoots had sprinted over to Jack and said that he had been practicing his backward skating all weekend. 

Jack’s hockey heart grew three sizes that day. 

Working with team inspired Jack to be better. If these kids were working hard, why couldn’t he? There were many times when Jack would be practicing before the kids showed up, only to not keep track of the time. There were lots of wolf whistles and cheers when he forgot to keep track of the time. 

When he decided to go to Samwell, he had been with his team for 2 years. He’d seen a lot of them change a lot on and off the ice. He promised he would keep in touch, but it was pretty infrequent. He heard from Lotter, an aggressive 9 year old, the most. In middle school, her shinnies had turned into something of an unofficial fight club. Zoomer stopped hockey in high school to join theatre, apparently he’s quite the good actor. He made sure to go to one of his musicals when he was on spring break. He got letters from at least half of the kids at least once or twice a year. Some of them were facebook friends. But again, it’s hard to keep in touch with 20 tweens. 

That didn’t stop them from all showing up in Falconers gear the first time he played in Montreal. Jack swore they cheered the loudest out of anyone in the arena. He couldn’t stop thinking about how they’d all grown so much. Most of them were in high school right now. Some were even in university. It was crazy. Once the game ended, he met with all of them. Of COURSE it ended in a big ass dog pile. 

After that, he didn’t expect to really interact with them ever again. That is, until Eric Bittle’s senior year. He is giving his official Welcome Tour of the Haus when one of the Frogs (or…as Bitty calls them, eggs. Seriously, Bitty.) asks if Jack Zimmermann really lived here. 

“Of course he did! He lived right across the hall from me”

“Cool!” the frog starts “I really hope I get to meet him again”


“Yeah. He coached my team in Montreal when I was 11. He taught me how to skate and everything!”

Bitty’s whole expression changed. “You wouldn’t happen to be called Hoots, would you?”

The frog nodded “Yeah! My name is Hoots!”

funny story

my friend, let’s call him Ian (who happens to be gay), hates working out. LIKE, HATES IT. in class, they were doing a physical fitness test. almost everyone was complaining about the push-ups. ian was doing his push ups wrong, so his gym teacher said, “keep it straight!” and ian replied, “I’M GAY COACH” and went on about how the coach was homophobic. ian got to sit out for the rest of the year

Kyle Chandler, Coach of the Year | GQ

by Buzz Bissinger

I had my own worries: Coaches have been portrayed ad nauseam; originality seemed impossible. But confirming Pete’s instinct, Kyle’s combination of authentic toughness and authentic compassion hauled you in. His unique performance showed that sensitivity is a form of strength. Which is why, if he won’t marry me, Kyle can at least give me some lessons on how to be a better man.

imagine bitty skyping with Alicia and Bob on a regular basis…and by regular basis I mean every single day because the Zimmermanns love Bitty so much. I want Bitty to be in the Providence apartment and they’re making out and suddenly Bitty pushes Jack off like, “Wait, I just remembered I have to do something first hold on sweetheart” and he literally slides off, pulls his laptop over, and calls Bob to tell him that he passed his French quiz.

(Bob is ecstatic: “ALICIA GUESS WHO PASSED THEIR FRENCH QUIZ, I told you I was helping–oh, hello son!! I heard Eric made pot roast today, you’re lucky–oh right, your mom wants the recipe–”

And then Alicia comes over and she and Bitty talk for forty five minutes, with Bob popping in and out with commentary. Jack passes out on the couch after the first thirty minutes.)