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Any headcanons about Percy playing basketball and having normal friends and a normal coach and just getting to pretend to be normal for a little bit?? Please?

  • pizza with the team after games
  • his coach telling him that if he works really hard over the next couple years he could be good enough to play college ball 
  • getting to take Annabeth to high school parties and hang out with all his school friends 
  • high fives in the hallway from people telling him he had a great game last week 
  • learning what nurses he can flatter into not calling his mom when he has a Tartarus related anxiety attack at school 
  • having friends come over to meet Sally and she embarrasses him and puts out way too much food  
  • video game binges at friends houses that involve energy drinks and not sleeping at all 
  • the first time he gets asked to go skateboarding with some school friends he calls Annabeth and excitedly tells her and he just sounds so happy that it puts a huge smile on Annabeth’s face
Truths*  (*and other nonsense)
  • Life has been kind of crazy.  Like really crazy.  
  • I’m currently heartbroken.  We had to put our dachshund Maggie to sleep yesterday.  She had her quirks, but she was truly one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever been around.  We got her four months after we were married (she would have been 16 in August).  It was a very difficult thing to do, but it was certainly the right decision.  Her poor body was breaking down.  But it’s still super sad.  There’s a definite void in our lives at this moment.  I always teased my daughter that Maggie was my girl long before my daughter was.   

School is winding down for the kids.  They’re ready for summer.  I, on the other hand, am not ready for them to be in summer mode.
Baseball season is over.  I was completely convinced that this would be my last year coaching.  And then my son started to love being at the field.  So there’s a chance I may be coaching again next year.  Just when I thought I was out…….

I’m currently having serious body/weight issues.  I feel like I’m getting fatter, however when I stepped on the scale this morning I was about two pounds lower than I’ve been in a LONG time.  UGH!  Why do you hate me body?  Lose weight and then balloon up!  Damn you!  The sad thing is that I know I’ve been losing muscle tone, which (I would assume) helps account for the lower weight.  Honestly, I don’t mind weighing more. I just don’t want to feel fat.  I haven’t been to the gym in awhile.  They canceled the class I was going to and I haven’t worked very hard to find another.  Maybe I’ll have more options now that baseball season is done.  But it’s time to not be fat again.

45 days until the first day of Summer. Don’t sit & watch everyone get the body you’ve always wanted‼️
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Estero HS (in Florida) girls team won the 4x800 3A state championship after getting second the year before. Shortly after that, their coach had a heart attack while at the meet and passed away in the hospital. So sad😪

omg that’s so sad, sending prayers to the family and school! 😔

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Is it weird that I have a crush on my coach who is 10 years older than me? Oh I really want to be with him!!


Kyle Chandler, Coach of the Year | GQ

by Buzz Bissinger

I had my own worries: Coaches have been portrayed ad nauseam; originality seemed impossible. But confirming Pete’s instinct, Kyle’s combination of authentic toughness and authentic compassion hauled you in. His unique performance showed that sensitivity is a form of strength. Which is why, if he won’t marry me, Kyle can at least give me some lessons on how to be a better man.

Gregg Popovich’s ability to coach in the NBA, while simultaneously shirk–through sardonic sideline interviews and rolled eyes–the bullshit that unfortunately comes with coaching in the NBA, is something Stan Van Gundy wishes he could do half as well as Gregg Popovich. But it’s Popovich’s birth right to cantankerously ignore everything that’s superfluous to the game of basketball, and that trait is a large reason I absolutely adore the sommelier from San Antonio. 

He’s also my Coach of the Year for 2012. 

Here's @tribjazz scribe Brian T. Smith with another perfect quote from Gregg Popovich:

The San Antonio Spurs, with roughly 9,765 collective years between their starting 5, are sitting in 2nd place in the Western Conference standings. They’re a team that can go 10 deep, with very little drop-off in their second unit. That’s as much a credit to R.C Buford for bringing in the talent to augment the Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili nucleus that’s been in place for close to a decade, as it is Gregg Popovich’s aligning those pieces into a bonafide basketball powerhouse that’s always sneaking up on observers who sometimes forget: Gregg Popovich is fuckin’ good at what he does.

That scraggy face that’s like a doppelganger for every alchoholic I used to sit next to during the dark doldrums of my day drinking during the week, inspires confidence in his team, and appears to remind opponents, ’you’re not ever gonna get one over on me, so don’t even try.’ Those pock marked crevices might as well be battle scars for all that he’s seen in his 40 years coaching. 

Ol’ Pop started at the Air Force Academy as a 4-year player and the team’s 1970 team captain and leading scorer. Upon graduation, he briefly considered a career in the CIA (he has a degree in Soviet Studies and I’m sure the Cold War would have ended 10 years before Gorbachev’s birthmark instituted Perestroika and Glasnost to usher in the end of communism in Mother Russia, if Popovich had joined the Agency instead of coaching basketball), but he went on to try out for the 1972 U.S. Olympic Team, then returned to the Air Force Academy as an assistant coach in 1973. 

In 1979, after being named the head coach of the Pomona-Pitzer Men’s Basketball team, he struck up a friendship with then-Kansas coach, Larry Brown. Popovich was Brown’s best man in his 1990 wedding. By that time, he had left Pomona-Pitzer and joined Brown as an assistant for the San Antonio Spurs.

After Red McCombs cleaned house in San Antonio in 1992, Popovich briefly joined the staff of the Golden State Warriors. He returned two years later as the General Manager and Head of Basketball Operations. He brought in Avery Johnson, the squeaky-voiced point guard no team in the league wanted, and who would lead his 1999 team to a title as their starting point guard. He also traded Dennis Rodman for Will Perdue (maybe you read Rodman’s thoughts on Popovich in his book, Bad as I Wanna Be). During the ‘96-'97 season, Gregg Popovich fired coach Bob Hill 18 games into his 3rd season as head coach, and took over the duty of coaching himself. It happened to coincide with David Robinson’s return to the team from injury. I think you know what happened next. The Spurs missed the playoffs that year, but haven’t missed the playoffs again in the ensuing 14 seasons with him at the helm.

In those 14 seasons he failed to get past the 1st round of the playoffs only twice (2000, 2011) and won 4 titles. I am literally aghast at how consistently dominating his teams have been and I’ve been watching them this whole time. He just abhors flashiness, so you miss all that he’s doing until he’s holding another Larry O'Brien trophy above his hunched, coaches shoulders. 

He’s got 4 rings as a head coach, and his tendril-like influence on the rest of the league through all the assistant coaches that have studied under his remarkable tutelage, means that his legacy in this league will extend even further than what he and Buford have done in the mid-tier market of San Antonio. 

The fact he’s only won a single COY award (2003) is even more of a joke than Kobe’s lone MVP award

Gregg Popovich should be the 2012 NBA Coach of the Year, and even if he is, you just know he’ll icily resent the presentation ceremony if it affects his troops before they do battle in this summer’s playoffs. That’s just how Popovich has gone about his business since his time in the Air Force Academy to his tenure as the best basketball coach in the league.

And I love him less for his success than for his attitude in the face of all that success. He’s a basketball badass, and I couldn’t be happier to have him in the league. 

AP Photo/Bahram Marc Sabhoni

Winless Wenger still nominated for Ballon D'Or Coach of the Year

Arsene Wenger has been nominated for the Ballon d’Or Coach of the Year – just a month after some Arsenal fans were calling for his head.

Eight wins out of 10 games has put the Gunners back on track and quelled the noise from unhappy supporters.

Seemingly, it has put Wenger back among the best. Except that FIFA’s prestigious award is based on the calendar year.

And despite Arsenal’s recent revival, 2011 has been a year largely to forget for Wenger.

It began brightly enough with the Gunners fighting for four trophies, but the Carling Cup, Champions League, FA Cup and Premier League title all fell by the wayside.

A year which had promised so much eventually ended up delivering nothing, and Arsenal are closing in on a seventh year without winning a trophy.

Gunners fans may get fed-up with their frugal boss, but this nomination shows­ the great respect he commands within the game.

His style of play, developing players rather than breaking the bank on big signings, and even his likeable manner have won Wenger many admirers.

But he faces stiff competition­ from Barcelona boss Pep Guardiola­ to be crowned the best coach on the planet.

Wenger enjoys verbal jousting with journalists about whether he gets a fair press. But he will rely on writers, as well as national coaches and captains, for the final vote at the Zurich awards on January 9.

**** Wenger and Guardiola are my two fave coaches in the world of football at this moment, but Pep looks like he’s going to take the award. He’s having a better season than the Frenchman.