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so you obviously ship katsuyu and I didn't even know there was such a ship (please forgive ignorance of kacchako shipper ^^") so I've got a question - what made you ship them? any specific moments in manga? cause your art kinda made me like them as pair so I want to know more about katsuyu :>

Hello! thank you very much for you kind words! ^-^)/

Well, first of all, their personalities match very well;
Tsuyu is someone who is friendly, warm and also very analytical and observant as much as she says what she thinks, honesty is her point.

Otherwise, Katsuki is explosive (lol) due to his agressive responses not everyone have the courage to tell him certain stuff face to face;
there’s a panel in the manga (well it happened on the anime too xD) where Tsuyu literally tells Katsuki he won’t be popular by his attitude: he got angry, then she’s like “See?” Tsuyu somehow knew how he would react. Plus then Kaminari jumped on Tsuyu’s train of truth lol.

That’s in chapter 13! But take a look on further chapters, to be more accurate on chapter 37, where something similar happens:

Look at the difference; in this case Kaminari was the one who “teased” Bakugou about his match with Uraraka and how he would act if it was him who should fight her, but then  Tsuyu “defends” Bakugou and makes Kaminari to shut up, more like “you are not who to judge him”; on ch.13 Bakugou basically jumped on Kaminari’s “I will fucking kill you” but on ch.37 he didn’t, Tsuyu dragged Kaminari, like defending, for once, Bakugou and his response was calm in comparison just a “HMPH”  don’t forget that in spite the amount of critiques, Tsuyu somehow complimented him, or gave him some ease. Tsuyu could simply ignore this all, but you know? She decided to talk to him, which it means, she cares.

I dare to say, both situations are a parallel; notice Kyouka sitting besides Bakugou, and Kaminari talking shit again, the difference here is, the change of attitude of Bakugou and Tsuyu.

Both interactions are important, and Tsuyu was clear to him, which I’m sure he deeply appreciates her actions, in special during sports festival arc.

But tho they didn’t had very much interaction on the manga, it’s still early to say anything, because both characters need to develop more sides
but that fact make me ship them; Tsuyu has a sassy side and probably Katsuki needs someone who’s not afraid of tell him the truth and someone who is able to see through his explosive responses, he’s not a bad guy at all, and I’m sure Tsuyu already knows, plus both likes to be honest and realist so these are points to consider.

Sometimes little details means everything!

also they look super cute together:

side by side in official arts

Promo was for the BNHA cafe event! (izuocha and katsuyu ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

 music band AU it was for merchan! they were put side by side

same battle pose  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

don’t forget this sketch by horikoshi sensei <3 outfit switch!

side by side in the calendar!

even in the latest post to announce the second season is gonna be on april 2017 ^^

Also this little precious panel in chapter 124, tiny, silly but I think it’s cute?

It looks like nothing, but I find it curious how Bakugou is somehow closer to the girls, and he demands trash, but obviously they has no trash there (?)*wink* look how far is Tokoyami (pointing at proportion differences Toko-Baku-Girls). Anyways, people, this is another “ side by side “. LOL. Appreciate Tsuyu’s cute smile and her hand gracefully placed on the coach. O v O

more merchan! Oendan promo :’)

maybe i’m wrong,  but I dare to say this is an old promo for the S2?

cover of chapter 131; this is no joke  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

in the new season, when they enter in the stadium… they changed the actual position of Tsuyu and Bakugou?  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

also in the opening? my my….

Wedding Dress Shopping with Blue (closed to adxshofpixiedust)


Amelia had recently gotten engaged to Ingrid and was on her way to tell Blue. “Blue! I’m getting married, Ingrid proposed to me.” Amelia said excitedly showing Blue the ring. Amelia was really excited and wanted to go and shop for dresses.


Coach Cerminara with Gregor Gillespie. Check out the 17-33 sec. mark to see Coach’s physical excitement before he wrestles his opponent. Wrestling chain drill. (


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Neil “Unreliable Narrator” Josten

(The Foxhole Court / The King’s Men)

I hope what coach v said is true

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