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You attract what you are, not what you want. So if you want it then reflect it.
—  Tony Gaskins
Shit I Pulled In High School

So my friend and I got talking about the good old days and it hit me that I’ve probably got some mildly entertaining tales from my teenage years ( which only ended four years ago I can’t believe I made it to 23 )

So here’s a few of the shenanigans Hot Mess High School Me got into ~

( I went to a weird school that threw grades 7 -12 together in the same buildings so this is at the same school the whole time just not divided into middle school and high school )

7th Grade

- Made the art teacher gasp because I knew a surprising amount about Medieval art styles ( I’m obsessed with history and the Medieval era is just such a hot mess of a time)

- Got scolded in Math class for reading , learned to read more stealthily

- Memorized the coded language from ’ Vladimir Todd ’ , a popular teen book series about a sarcastic teenage vampire who just wants to be normal, and used it to write notes in class

Eventually this resulted in my getting sent to the counselor because the teacher suspected me of being a cult leader

I ran with that assumption and to this day the school still thinks I founded the cult of Vladimirism , a cult devoted to the protection and support of rebellious teen outcasts , queer kids , and unfairly treated main characters ( we’re a small cult but we are very nice and membership is free , we spread love and rebellion , our mascot is a baby bat )

- Started a week long debate on sexism in history class with my teacher , which resulted in him actually awarding the most fervent arguers a free soda

Turned out it was just a scam of his to see how many of us were actually morally upstanding , and which ones were rooted deep in the patriarchal bullshit .

I got a soda AND a candy bar because I kicked off the debate by asking

“ We talk a lot about oppressed groups but we haven’t talked about women yet, do you think women aren’t oppressed?”

Which got a sexist boy in back to go “ Women don’t count ”

And I snapped back “ Women can count higher than YOU”

8th Grade

- Caused an ethical , moral, and spiritual debate in my Seminary class over abortion that ended with three girls declaring themselves Athiests

- Accused my Seminary Teacher of racism and sexism for his assumption that God is white and male

- Got kicked out of Seminary for arguing with the teacher about God hating gay people , and instead of going back in after ten minutes I just left and went to my friend’s house

- Called out my chemistry teacher for overlooking the accomplishments of women in the scientific fields

- Accidentally became a student librarian because I spent so much time there and I memorized the book keeping system

- Was officially the most well-read student and got an award for checking out over thirty books in a month

9th Grade

- Got suspended because a teacher heard me singing P!nk’s “ Fun House ” and thought the lyric ’ burn this sucker down’ was a threat of arson so I got to meet the Sheriff ( who incidentally was the father of one of my classmates and who still invited me to his daughter’s birthday party the next week ) and even though Sheriff Brooks was intimidating I cry REALLY easily so I got off with a warning despite me never remotely intending to burn my school down

I got suspended for a week but it was actually fine , and the Sheriff was super chill to me after that

- Was extra enough to get voted Most Dramatic in the yearbook

Was it because I frequently flopped down on the floor to nap if I was tired?

Or was it my complete overreaction to anything unexpected?

Maybe it was my scathing remarks to everything

’ Do you want to be study buddies’

’ Brittany, why would I want to study with someone with can’t spell their name right ’

Or my dramatic reactions to anything even slightly inconvient


’ It’s just raining calm down ’

’ dude I’m more concerned about the fact she referred to US as mortals but not her? ’

’ Aw man , the cafeteria is out of pudding cups ’


” What? What prophecy? “

10th Grade

- Got caught writing fan fiction in class but didn’t get in trouble because my teacher was a hardcore Harry Potter fan and he just wanted to read the story
( it was a Weasley Twins Deathly Hallows AU and I’ll post it on ao3 if you wantttt)

- Skipped school like six times to watch Inuyasha with my friend Melanie ( I faked being sick and just went to her house instead of going home)

- Became the school’s top badass because I stealthily orchestrated the expulsion of every kid who bullied me or my siblings and never got caught

( hey Ashley Bassett if you’re reading this I snitched on you , and I don’t regret it )

11th Grade
- Planned a prank that scared my U.S.Marine drama coach so much he almost called in reinforcements

I got my whole Drama class to fake a murder scene in the auditorium because Tony ( our coach) said we didn’t act dead convincingly .

So we faked a Sweeney Todd worthy slaughter fest , making it appear as though thirty teens were brutally murdered .

It was GLORIOUS. My friend Indi runs out into the hall , knowing Tony is just entering the building , and he first thing Tony sees is an apparently mortally wounded kid running toward him, gasping out last words.

’ They…got …us …They got all of us….run….SAVE YOURSELF ”

And then Indi collapses right there , looking for all the world like he’s dead , and poor Tony just panics and burst into the auditorium , flips the lights on, and screams

We listen to him freak out for a minute, but as he pulls out his phone to call the cops , Indi sneaks up behind him and taps his shoulder and goes “ Was that convincing enough, Tony? ”

Tony about fainted

12th Grade

- Snuck the name Sasuke Uchiha into every assignment

- Turned Naruto Running into a thing at my school

- Caused an existential crisis for my English teacher by suggesting that everything we experience could be fictional and we could be fictional characters unaware we don’t exist , and that death is simply someone finishing our book , but there’s no way to probe or disprove this theory because this reality (?) is all we know

- secretly wrote cryptic riddles in my school books for the next student to find

- The words ’ Bankai’, ’ Hollow’ and ’ soul reaper’ got banned in class because teachers thought it was a cult thing and none of us discouraged that thought

Tony Stark coach is back, have some angsty commentary from him that no one asked for :’) 

“ As far as I know, Hinata Shouyou hasn’t really made a name for himself yet, with Kageyama taken out of the equation… and, it’s not like from here on out he will be playing with Kageyama as his only setter.  Leaving the obvious importance of polishing individual skill aside, there will always be six people standing on the court.

In terms of the quick attack, as far as Hinata is concerned, it means that Atsumu is living proof that there is at least one other setter out there that can toss the ball to him. Wouldn’t the fact that their attack is no longer “the one and only be good news to him? … Well, I don’t think he’s actually thought that far yet though. “

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Random Fact: with exception to her pregger years and rookie year in '09, which to be fair was coached by Tony DiCicco, Amy Rodriguez has never failed to reach a championship game of any major tournament for both club and country. Philly Independence (runner up '10,'11). FCKC (champ '14,'15). Did not play Pro in '12 as the WPS dissolved or '13 for Ryan. Olympics (champ '08,'12) WWC (runner up '11, champ '15)... if there was ever a lucky charm in WOSO it'd be named ARod.

Oh my god this is the best. Thank you for that shinfo!!


For anon…reader is a soccer player as requested. Enjoy!

Y/N jogged down the field as her coach called her in. She glanced toward the stands only to stop short. Her jaw slacked slightly as she saw Tony, her boyfriend, waving like crazy as he pointed at an amused Gibbs. The corners of her mouth twitched upward as she also saw McGee, Ziva, Abby, Ducky, and Jimmy on the sidelines as well.

Her coach calling her name shook her from the trance. She gave a nod toward her boyfriend and friends before jogging to her coach. Tony beamed from the sidelines as he watched her stop to pay attention.

It wasn’t long after until the game started. Y/N was to start as the sweeper. She was the last defense before the goalie. She shook her hands, jumping slightly, as she looked over her defense, then her midfielders, and finally the forwards. She crouched in a ready position as her teammate faced a girl from the other team in the middle. The whistle signaled for her to move.

Thankfully, her teammate was able to move the ball to the opponent’s side pretty quickly. With that, Y/N moved her defense up to the middle of the field as she stood slightly behind them. Her keen eyes watched the movement of the ball. She started running backwards as she saw her left defender struggling to clear the ball. Y/N was quick to move and help. With ease, she maneuvered the ball back to the other side, passing it to her fellow midfielder.

Tony cheered as loud as he could from the sidelines. Abby was almost as enthused as Tony, hopping in place. Ziva smirked before attempting to heckle. McGee laughed before correcting her. Gibbs watched with a small smile as Ducky and Jimmy were wrapped up in a conversation about the history of soccer.

During the second half, Y/N was in the corner of the field, closer to the stands. Gibbs snagged Tony before he could run right next to her. From the corner of the field, Y/N cleared the ball past the middle and to one of the forwards. She didn’t have much time to rest as the ball was soon back on her side. Y/N kept herself aligned with the ball as her defenders faced the other team’s forwards. She barked out orders on who needed to be guarded based on what she could hear her goalie saying.

When her center defender was beat, Y/N sprinted forward and snagged the ball away. She hastily moved to the right side of the field, looking for a spot to clear it. Another forward had moved up in order to keep it on Y/N’s side. The agent managed to elude her opponent with some quick and timed dribbles. Eventually, she was able to pass it to a nearby midfield. An opposing midfielder, however, was right on her tail. The two fought until the opposing midfielder managed to kick it closer toward the goal.

Without hesitation, Y/N sprinted after the ball, her eyes set on the thing. Just before she could kick it, she collided with another player from the other team. The girl managed to knock her so hard that she fell on her back, knocking the wind out of her. Her opponent, was only slightly better off. She was, at least, able to crawl to her knees.

Y/N was suddenly aware of a mass pounding. She squeezed her eyes as she touched her forehead. When she noted the blood, her ability to regain air became even more desperate. Thankfully, the referee called a time out. Her coach ran over to her, quickly attempting to keep her on her back.

Y/N was suddenly aware of another face: Tony. She couldn’t help the slight smile that perked up as she tried to breathe. The man removed his sweater and balled it up. Gently, he placed it against her temple, where she was bleeding. She closed her eyes and tried to listen to her coach.

“Take a deep breath, now,” her coach instructed, “Just like that. Can you give me another one? There you go, good.”

Soon, Y/N’s breathing had returned. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to dull the angry booms rattling her brain. Tony seemed to catch on, even though her coach didn’t.

“You took quite the hit,” her coach teased.
“Y/N,” Tony cooed, “does anything else hurt?”
She nodded. “I…Something hit my head,” she spoke a little too slowly.

Tony and the coach shared a look. Y/N knit her brows in confusion.

“What?” she asked, just as slow, “Is the other girl alright?”
“Yeah, she’s fine,” Tony quickly replied, “You might have a concussion though.”
“We have to sub her out,” her coach told the referee.
”I can take her to the hospital,” Tony suggested.
“B-But the game,” Y/N began to protest.
Tony gently pet her head. “It’s okay. You need to be looked at anyway.”
“I-I’m fine. Really.”
Tony arched a brow. “Alright then, what’s the score?”

Y/N scrunched her face as she thought about it. For the life of her, she couldn’t remember. She continued to look around before a certain knock caused her to hiss. She suddenly felt herself being lifted.

“That’s what I thought,” Tony replied with no arrogance in his voice.

The audience clapped as Tony took Y/N off the field. Y/N could hear Ducky guess that she had a concussion. Jimmy joined in, saying he has a bandage that would help with the blood. It wasn’t long until she felt Tony’s sweater removed and Jimmy’s bandage on her forehead. Gibbs and Abby were the first two to move into her vision. She cringed slightly…jumped rather.

“Oh my gosh, Y/N! Are you okay? That looked like a really hard hit, and you’re bleeding!”
Y/N gripped the girl’s wrist. “I’ll be okay,” she managed to tell her.
Ziva popped into her view. “Would you like us to go with you?”
Y/N shook her head only slightly. “Tell me how it ends, please.”
She smiled. “Alright. We’ll visit as soon as it’s done.”
Gibbs smiled down at her. “I drive you two to the hospital.”

She nodded before curling into Tony’s chest. Now that he saw her eyes were closed, he allowed himself a moment of worry. After he let out a quick breath, he brushed Y/N’s forehead.

“Hey, you have to keep your eyes open for me, okay?”
She nodded, following orders. “Okay.”

Tony continued to coo at Y/N as he and Gibbs made their way to the boss’s car. The senior agent sat in the back, Y/N on his lap, as Gibbs started the car. Gibbs couldn’t help the sly smirk as he looked in his mirror. Y/N was staring up at Tony with a languid smile as the man worried over her. Even in his worry and her haziness, Gibbs could see how much the pair loved each other. As if confirming it, Tony placed a gentle kiss on the center of her forehead.

“You know there’s no way you’re going straight back to work, right?” Tony murmured.
Even in her haziness, she managed a mock glare. “We’ll see Mr. Overprotective.”

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Fiiiiiine. You know a few already but still:

1. The Lake House AU

2. She’s The Man AU 

3. Post CACW fic idea with Tony deleting his memories due to ‘reasons’ and starting a new life with Harley and his sis. Only, the world thinks he’s dead and so do the Avengers. Till they come across him during a mission and he has no clue of who they are.

4. The Newsroom AU where Tony is the reputed news anchor and face of Triskelion Cable News, and Steve Rogers is his ex who comes back as his producer.

5. Soulmate AU where the number of scars on your body will indicate the number of times your heart will be broken because of your soulmate. Steve cannot get scarred and Tony is a body of scar tissue. Yet, both of them hurt.

6. Pitch Perfect AU

7. Cutting Edge AU - You know the gist.

8. The comic book store Post CACW fic idea

9. The Lie Spell - Truth spell but concept reversed.

10. Steve and Tony are set to get married but there’s just one problem : Steve has run away. Now it’s up to Tony if he wants to find him or stay heartbroken in his half-informed inference. A story of the entire gang going on a roadtrip to get their favourite leaders married.

11. AU where Howard & Maria died when Tony was a baby and Peggy & Angie bring him up.

12. Tony is presumed dead in the end of the fight with Thanos. Unfortunately, he’s just stranded in another reality. The ‘unfortunately’ is deliberate, because he has to stop his own alternate self from making the biggest mistake of his life - Wiping his best friend’s mind (MCU Tony comes to 616 and finds 616 Tony planning the Mind Wipe with Illuminati. He knows a bad idea when he sees it and this one seems disastrous. Especially when he sees that 616 Tony might actually have a chance with Steve; one that he doesn’t think he has with his own Steve.)

13. Sharon & Tony grow up together, have the same issues of being legacies, fight for the same world, fall in love with the same man, and then? Well, don’t really have the same ending.

14. Tony & Steve grow old together.

15. Post CATWS fic where Steve tells Tony the truth and things unravel from there. Featuring Bucky/Rhodey and Sam/Nat

16. Steve Rogers has a daughter. He didn’t have her till yesterday, but he does now. The only thing Tony knows is that Steve came back from an alternate universe last night and the baby girl has freakishly familiar eyes. Eyes that he sees in the mirror every day.

17. The Accidental Husband AU

18. Steve and Tony are divorce lawyers who are married. The first part of the sentence is common knowledge. The second? Not so much. Not at all.

19. Tony doesn’t know much about baseball but his adopted son is definitely on the way to becoming a fan of the sport. So it’s only natural that Tony looks for a Little League Team for the boy. If it comes with Steve Rogers as the coach, Tony isn’t complaining.

20. Kate & Leopold AU where Steve travels through time and Tony is a snarky, lonely, overachieving media professional.


10 Quotes By Jim Rohn We Love

“To attract attractive people, you must be attractive. To attract powerful people, you must be powerful. To attract committed people, you must be committed. Instead of going to work on them, you go to work on yourself. If you become, you can attract.”

“We can have more than we’ve got because we can become more than we are.”

“The big challenge is to become all that you have the possibility of becoming. You cannot believe what it does to the human spirit to maximize your human potential and stretch yourself to the limit.”

“Pity the man who inherits a million dollars and who isn’t a millionaire. Here’s what would be pitiful: If your income grew and you didn’t.”

The most important question to ask on the job is not “What am I getting?” The most important question to ask on the job is “What am I becoming?’”

“It is hard to keep that which has not been obtained through personal development.”

“After you become a millionaire, you can give all of your money away because what’s important is not the million dollars; what’s important is the person you have become in the process of becoming a millionaire.”

“Income seldom exceeds personal development.”

“What you become directly influences what you get.”

“Values were meant to be costly. If it doesn’t cost much, we probably wouldn’t appreciate the value.”

You Can’t Hide Things From Dad

Anonymous asked: I know your really busy with all the requests but 2 things: Do you have any more Thranduil fics coming up And can you do a tony Stark!dad x daughter!reader where she is bullied all the time and hides it from her dad and one day (either at a sporting event at hers or when she’s getting bullied and they just happy to “be there” ;) if you get my drift and step it but act cool about it? Daddy’s little girl type stuff and big brother big sis avenger family! Thx!!!

Here it is, anon! I do not own any of the Avengers. They belong to Marvel.

Warnings: Bullying, fluff

Pairings: Tony Stark x daughter!reader, mentions of the other Avengers.

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Tony watched as you walked into the Tower, your head down and your shoulders slumped. He knew you were hiding something from him. He’d been watching you walk into the Tower from his window every day for months, but the minute you saw him, you put on a fake smile. Whenever he asked you what was wrong, you’d always answer with the same thing. “I’m fine, Dad. Just a little tired from practice today.” Then, you’d turn and leave the room.

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Tony!!! On Ice! 

AU where Tony is a cocky up and coming figure skater. Steve is a former figure skating champion who decides to coach him. Tony idolized Steve and now doesn’t know what to do when his celebrity crush and idol is now his coach. 

Maybe they fall in love. Maybe they skate together. Maybe Tony shows Steve his EROS!!!!

Also these are super quick sketches. How do draw anime again.