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You attract what you are, not what you want. So if you want it then reflect it.
—  Tony Gaskins

Tony!!! On Ice! 

AU where Tony is a cocky up and coming figure skater. Steve is a former figure skating champion who decides to coach him. Tony idolized Steve and now doesn’t know what to do when his celebrity crush and idol is now his coach. 

Maybe they fall in love. Maybe they skate together. Maybe Tony shows Steve his EROS!!!!

Also these are super quick sketches. How do draw anime again. 

IMAGINE: Being kidnapped by HYDRA and Steve losing his mind. 

[gif is not mine] this is for the lovely anon! happy belated birthday love! 

Steve walked to (Y/N)’s office with a smile on his face. Today was going to be the day that he was going to do it. With much coaching from Tony, well yelling and sarcastic remarks, he finally had enough courage to ask her out on a date. As Steve approached her office, he instantly knew something was wrong.

Her door was open and he knew that she never kept her door open, something to do with distraction. Steve hesitantly opened the door and peered in. As he took in the room he rushed in. The chairs and papers were overthrown, there was clearly an altercation. Steve took a deep breath, “(Y/N)?” She could still be here. A shot in the dark, but still.

There was no answer. Panic was in the pit of Steve’s stomach, as well as anger. He ran to the common area where he knew everyone was. As he got insight of Fury, he launched himself at her. “Where did she go?! Where is she?!” Steve grabbed a hold of Fury’s collar. He knew he shouldn’t be taking his anger out on Fury, but at this current moment, he couldn’t see anything but red.

“Steve,” Natasha spoke as she pulled his arm, “Steve, what’s going on?”

“(Y/N)! Where is she?”

“Rogers,” Fury pushed against Steve, “we have information that HYDRA took her. (Y/N) was doing some paperwork that had important information about HYDRA and their main base.”

Steve let go of Fury’s collar slowly, “Why wasn’t there any security?! Isn’t this supposed to be some fucking top-secret government facility?!”

“We have location on her. (Y/N) was a smart girl and turned on her-,” Fury didn’t finish his sentence as Steve was already gearing up.

“What are we waiting for then?” Steve grabbed his shield, “Where is she?”

“We need a plan.” Steve turned his head to Maria.

“She’s right Steve,” Sharon agreed.

“Screw the plan!” Steve yelled, “The more time we waste the more time she’s with them, and god knows what’s happening to her,” Steve shook his head, “we have to go now.”

Tony laid a hand on Steve’s shoulder, squeezing it slightly. “We’ll find her. But if we go in there blind…we don’t know what they have Steve.”

Steve mulled it over, “Fine. But come up with it quickly.”

The Avengers looked at Steve with sympathetic stares. They knew how much Steve felt for the girl and they knew that is must be killing him at the moment. Natasha walked up to Steve, “You okay?”

“What happens if we’re too late Nat?” His voice was breaking and Natasha sighed, she sat next to him and offered him her shoulder.

“She’s a tough girl.” They sat in silence until Tony spoke that they were at their location.

Steve geared up and was the first one out of the carrier. He ran to the gate and threw his shield at it. HYDRA soldiers came pouring out of the gate and Steve picked them off one by one. The Avengers looked on with surprise and fear. This wasn’t the Steve Rogers that they knew, the Steve Rogers they knew was clean-cut, moral-abiding-patriotic man. But this man in front of them was a man who was hurt, this was a man who was scorned.

As they reached the underground level there was only one door and Steve didn’t hesitate in opening it. What was in front of him broke his heart a million times over. There on the floor was (Y/N), she was beaten and dried blood was everywhere, as well as fresh ones.

A man stood at the corner, and Steve turned his gaze on him. The man knew right then that it was his last moment on Earth. Steve raised his shield and promptly threw at the man, over and over again. He didn’t stop until the man in front of him was in worse condition than the woman who held his heart.

Steve walked back to (Y/N) and carefully picked her up and carried her bridal style. “You’ll be okay darling, I promise.” Steve spoke gently. He jogged back to the carrier, eager for (Y/N) to get medical attention.

The beeping of the machines greeted (Y/N) as she woke up, not a pleasant sound but it was good to hear something to indicate that she wasn’t dead. (Y/N) tried to get up and groaned when her body protested. She looked to her right where a figure was holding her hand and her heart skipped a beat when she saw it was Steve. She unconsciously squeezed her hand.

“You shouldn’t try to get up sweetie,” The nurse who spoke softly as she came in. She checked over her vitals and happily wrote down her notes. “He’s been here you know,” she nodded towards Steve, “ever since you’ve been admitted which was three days ago. He never left your side, fought tooth and nail when someone tried to say that he had to leave.” The nurse placed back (Y/N)’s folder, “He’s a keeper.” With a final smile the nurse left the room, but not before seeing (Y/N)’s blush.

As the door closed Steve raised his head, he was instantly awake when he saw (Y/N) smiling down at him, “You’re awake.”

“Yeah. I am. How’re you going?”

Steve gave her a small smile, “Shouldn’t I be asking you that?” He sighed and shook his head, “When I saw you there all I kept thinking was I never got to tell her that she was in love with her. How she always managed to make my day and never failed to make me laugh, and that you’re always the first one that I seek whenever I have new news. How even when you’re down and upset she always manages to make everyone smile.” Steve lowered his gaze onto their locked hands. With his thumb he gently rubbed circles on her hand.

“I love you too,” (Y/N) didn’t want to waste anytime in saying how she truly felt about him.

“You mean it?”

(Y/N) scoffed, “Well I don’t really proclaim my love for everyone you know.” Steve laughed. (Y/N)’s eyelids fluttered indicating that she was getting sleepy and Steve caught on that.

“Rest up doll. I’ll be here when you wake up.” Steve leaned up and kissed (Y/N)’s forehead.

Thor #1

Anon: Could you do one where Thor and the reader have like a day off and they cuddle and be like really cute with each other and lots of fluff. Thanks :))) 

It’s short but I hope you’ll like it! I’m planning to post Pietro x Reader oneshot today, but I not promise.


“My lady, what you want to do this beautiful day?” Thor boomed entranced kitchen where you were with Tony and Clint.

“Um… I don’t know,Thor. Maybe we should just stay in tower and take some rest? It was busy week and I’m exhausted” you proposed and smiled to him. Stark rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, sure. Stay at home, because I’m sooo exhausted, Thor! Maybe we can cuddle on the coach and then…” Tony mocked and you threw him with apple. He caught it easily and laughed. Thor frowned his eyebrows.

“What you meant, man in iron?” he asked loudly.

“Nothing! Have fun, kids!” Tony and Clint laughed again and went out.

“Wanna watch a movie?” you asked with innocent smile.

“Of course, my lady!” Thor grinned and his eyes bright.

You and Thor laid on bed in your room, covered yourselves with blankets and turned on TV.

Thor looked like he was too big for your bed. He was wearing his casual clothes, not armor, but he was tall and broad-shouldered so you felt like a mouse near big cat.

But there were lots of advantages of this. You always felt safe with him. And comfotrable. He never laughed at your short size or glasses. He always was forthright, but he never hurt anyone with his words. Despite his huge size, he was always cute, kind and tender. And that’s probably why you started dating him.

You were watching film about half an hour, but you saw that Thor wasn’t very interested in it. He prefered playing with you hair than watching.

“You don’t like the film?” you asked looking at him.

“No, no! I very like it! The plot is very engrossing and…and…”

You laughed as you saw how Thor tried to play something by ear.

“You could tell that you don’t want to watch it” you stroked his hair. “I’d understand it”

“I’m sorry my lady, but your presence is distracting me” Thor explander purring into your ear. Your body shivered.

“So maybe you should focus on me” you encouraged tangling his ringlet on your finger.

Thor leaned on you and kissed your lips tenderly. You gripped his arms and pulled him up to you.

He let out a quiet growl and you smiled against his lips.

“Am I amusing you, Y/N?” he looked deep inside your eyes and raised his eyebrow.

“Just a little” you chuckled and tried to kiss him again but he moved back.

“You got offended at me?” you asked suprised.

He suddenly grabbed your wrists and apprehendend them above your head laying you along your bed.

“Maybe a little” he grinned portentously and kissed you passionately. His blonde hair fondled skin on your face tickling you softly. Nordic God stroked you face and neck with his long and gentle fingers. His touch made you got goose pimples on your skin.

Than you heard click of opening doors and Tony’s laugh.

“I told you’d cuddle!” he snorted and entranced the room with Barton by his side.

“You are not welcome here, Stark” Thor picked himself up and stood in front of Tony.

“I imagine” Tony sighed and patted Thor’s arm. “You think that I wanted to come here? I didn’t! I knew what you two were doing here. But Fury commanded me”

“What happened?” you asked picking up too.

“He didn’t tell us anything, but he was really angry and told us to convoke whole team” answered Clint playing with arrow.

“But we have day off…” Thor started,but Tony interrupted him.

“So come with us and tell it to Fury looking straight in his eye” Stark smirked and left the room.

Thor stretched out his hand and his hammer appeard. Thor’s bodu covered with his armor.

“We have to postphoned our movie on other day, my lady” Thor boomed and gave you his arm.

You took it and you walked out the room arm in arm.

Outgoing Spain coach Vicente Del Bosque revealed he sent a message to every member of the squad that took part at Euro 2016 to notify them of his exit, except for Iker Casillas.

Del Bosque announced on Thursday he would be stepping down from his role as coach after seeing Spain bow out of the European Championship last-16 stage against Italy.

The 65-year-old won the 2010 World Cup and Euro 2012 in a seven-year spell as Spain boss.

However, Del Bosque revealed his relationship with Casillas has deteriorated, with the goalkeeper unhappy at being used as a substitute behind new first-choice David De Gea.

“With his team-mates he has been fine, correct, but with the coaching staff it is so so,” Del Bosque told El Larguero.

“That is why the only player I did not send a message to has been Casillas.

"He feels bad with me, but also with [physical trainer] Javier Minano or [assistant coach] Toni Grande. With everyone else he has been fine. The anger has been with us.”

“For sure he is hurting or displeased with me and I understand that. He thinks we have done the wrong thing,” added Del Bosque, who said the decision to play De Gea in goals was a feeling his body had.

“But we have to be proud of a player who has 167 games with the national team. I don’t believe three or four games will hurt his resume.

"Casillas hasn’t disappointed me. I have a great appreciation for him. I have known him since he was nine years old.”