coach surfing

What to do before the Interrail trip

Also goes with other traveling

1. How are you going to this trip: alone or in a group. In a group you may be safer and have more fun, but you might also get into fights during the trip, even if you go with your best friends or family.
2. Time. How much you have time to travel. Two weeks or a month? Figure that out.
3. The budget, how much you have money to spend and remember to have some emergency money somewhere. Do not put all the money in the same place!
4. Are you going go-with-the-flow style or with a carefully made-up plan
- We have something in between. We know where we are going, but don’t know what we’ll end up doing there. Though we have looked what to do in all of the places, but we haven’t actually decided them.
5. Gather information
- About anything you’ll need
Phone numbers to: bank, embassies, insurance company, emercengy numbers where you’re headed, (your countrys international number),
Adresses: embassies, hotels/ hostels/ other accommodations, places of interest
Customs: culture, what not/to do, what you might need in somewhere (for example: long skirts/shirts in some churches)
- a list where you would like to go (but remember anything can happen and you might not get to see that, so don’t expect to get there 100%)
6. Payments, Insurances etc. important stuff
Interrail / Eurail pass
Visas if needed

Vaccinations/ medication for travel if needed

Flights if needed
Hostels/ Hotels / other accommodations if booked earlier
Travel insurance
Some places where you need to book your visit earlier through the internet (for example: Disneyland Paris is cheaper if booked online)
7. Shopping for essentials
- a good backpack, enough space for you, comfy for your back
- good shoes, trainers or similar, shoes that are soft and designed for long walks
- locks for backs and other locking situations
- a simple camera (if not owned yet) and memory cards
- adapters, chargers
- emercengy kit (plasters, disinfectant, medicine etc.), sewing kit
- guide books, maps, dictionaries (might not need and might weigh a lot, so think if you really need)
- a towel designed for traveling (goes to a small space and dries faster than normal ones)
- compression sacks (sacks that make your clothes compressed into a smaller size, so that you’ll have more room in your backpack)
- change money if needed
- a diary to write everything in
- washing powder for your clothes
8. What you’ll also need
- toiletries/ sanitaries, in small containers (toothbrush and -paste, sun cream, body butter, lip-cream, shampoo, soap etc.)
- medicine
- passport and other important documents (like prescriptions for some medicines etc.)
- a daypack
- penknife, flashlight might come in handy
- sunglasses, scarf for sunny weathers
- sleeping bag

- an old phone (because new smartphones attract thieves)
- chargers for any electric equipment
- some student-cards are handy even in abroad giving you discount
- cards to play with or something small to keep you awake in trains
- pens, scisors, tape, paper, safety pins
- handkerchiefs (also toilet paper if you want)
- plastic bags
- a plastic mug. You could cook something in a hostel in it and drink some juice from it.
- if you feel safe and want, a tablet (or Ipod touch…). In it you can put maps, books etc. You can also communicate with family with it, write a blog or something else. You can get into internet when Wi-fi is around. Down side is the same as for a smartphone, thieves like them so think hard before taking one with you.
9. Do not take
- lots of makeup, really no one sees you. Little makeup is okay, but really, do you need it? It also takes time.
- books, they’re heavy
- computer, a smartphone etc. You’re experiencing stuff, you will not need a smartphone during your stay, really.
- for girls, you don’t need all of your clothes and shoes. Only the comfy and practical ones. No high heels, maybe don’t take dresses as well, I don’t know.
- no hairstraightners, curlers or anything like them
- fullfillable waterbottle. When you’re abroad it’s safer if you only drink bottled drinks.
- do not take the whole insides of your wallet, only the essentials and leave others home. Also leave all the unneeded keys as well.
10. Clothing
- shirts: t-shirts, tank top, sweather, hoodie, jacket depending on time of the year and destination
- bottom: shorts, skirt, sweat pants, jeggings, leggings etc. No jeans (in warm places at least), they’ll be uncomfortable. Pockets are good, hidden pockets even better
- shoes: good ones that you can walk the whole trip with. You can take two or couple more if you want, but think how much you’re packing in your backpack.
- underwear, swimwear, socks, scarf
- flip-flops are usefull if you come across a hostel that has dirty showers
Everything in reasonable quantities! You won’t need everything. The more you pack the more your backpack will weigh.
11. Other
- watch and read other travel stories on the internet for more information, tips and inspiration: blogs, Youtube, sites
- ask family, friens, acquintances of their travels. Maybe they have something cool to inspire you on your trip
- make your bank aware that you’re going abroad, that they won’t think your card is stolen and close it
- it would be good if you’d take good walks before your trip that your legs will become used to walking and that your health would be good when you’re out there
- remember that in interrail/eurail passes not all the trains are covered with it, like night trains and private railroads
- if you’re going coach surfing, you might take something small with you to give the host, for example candy from your country or a small keychain
- meeting old international friends is a cool idea, and maybe they can help you in their home countries somehow. Remember to communicate with them in a good time before the trip.

Feel free to add things if I forgot :)


4th June 2015//

Rise at 8, the family is already up, while we are still half asleep.

For first thing in the morning we quickly visit Phoenix park, where Cecilia wanted but she didn’t see the deers.

After the park we kept going around Dublin city centre where we visit the castle, trinity college, national gallery and other museums.

In the evening we went to drink a Guinness, a must in Dublin, the most expensive beer ever tasted!

We were in the John Gogarty bar, the atmosphere was nice with live music, happy people and plus the pub was yellow :)

We went home around 9 where we made a tiramisù ( this fuckings italians, cit :P )

Preference #322: He is your surfing coach, with feelings for you

Louis: Salt water. Yet again, all you could taste was salt water, as you fell into the ocean for the hundredth time today. For days now, Louis had been trying to teach you how to surf, and so far it was going absolutely nowhere. “I’m so horrible,” you laughed, when you both got back to the shore minutes later, “I’m really sorry you’re stuck doing this.” “It’s okay,” Louis assured you, also laughing a bit himself, “It just means it’ll mean even more when you do actually stand up for a few moments one day.” “True,” you agreed, as you looked out at the waves, “Let’s go try again. I want to get this today. That’s my goal. Today is the day it can happen.” Louis loved how determined you were, even if you kept falling repeatedly. “I kind of want to kiss you right now.” That statement shocked you for a moment, and then a little more laughter fell from your lips, as you replied, “Then do it.”

Harry: “I’m sorry. I am really trying, I just don’t get it,” you sighed frustratedly, after falling into the water for the hundredth time. “You’re a good teacher though, it’s just me,” you quickly said, not wanted Harry to feel any blame for this. You just couldn’t learn, and there was nothing he could do to change that. He refused to believe you were unteachable though. “Don’t give up [Y/N]. I am going to teach you soon,” he responded, as he helped you back to shore yet again. You felt so discouraged, and even his words couldn’t help. “I just don’t think it will ever happen for me. I can’t stay up when I’m actually on the water.” Giving up could have been easy for Harry too, but the more you tried, the more time he got to spend with you, and he was really enjoying that. “We’re not giving up. If this takes all summer, who cares? I’m going to teach you to surf. Don’t give up, because I’m not.”

Liam: You were so annoyed at yourself. How could so many just learn so quickly how to surf, and you just couldn’t do it despite your efforts. No matter how hard you tried, it just felt impossible to you. Maybe you were one of those people who never would learn. “Liam, let’s just stop. I’m never going to learn. You’re wasting your time. You could be teaching someone else right now, and actually doing something productive.” Liam laughed, as he shook his head, “no I couldn’t. I said I would teach you how to surf. That’s my job, and in going to do it.” “You’re wasting your time,” you repeated. With another shake of his head, Liam smiled at you, “I get to spend time with you. I don’t think that’s wasting anything.” You blushed, as he picked up the surfboard. “Now lets try again. Maybe by the time this week is over, you’ll at least stand for a second or two.”

Niall: You stood up for barely a second while out in the ocean, but it felt like a minute or longer. “I did it! Did you see that?! I did it!” You screamed excitedly, as you got back to where Niall had been watching you the entire time, “You actually taught me how to surf!” A smile quickly covered Niall’s face. Seeing you this happy, was truly an amazing sight. It was all he wanted out of this. To see you this happy. “Well I taught you how to stand for a second, which is awesome, but I really want to teach you how to truly surf.” You still felt so excited, as you replied, “Of course! But I did it! I stood up while in the water!” With the excitement of the moment stopping you from having the fears you typically would have had, you leaned over to him, and collided your lips against his. It took Niall a moment to realize what was happening, before returning the kiss, so happy with how this day turned out.

Zayn: Falling is what you felt like you were great at. Surfing, not so much. Zayn was really helping you though, and you were even starting to feel like maybe one day, you’d be able to do it without any help at all. Just go out there and surf, because you’d really know how. “It doesn’t seem so impossible anymore,” you told Zayn, after a day of you trying, but actually not improving at all. “How? You haven’t gotten any better. I’m not trying to discourage you, but I’m just curious why you’re so confident suddenly?” You weren’t insulted by his words, because they were true. “I know I’m no better than yesterday. I still can’t do anything right, but I just know you can teach me. It’s not about me. I just know you can do it.” A small smile crossed Zayn’s face, but he also felt nervous now. He didn’t want to let you down. This meant just as much to him, as it did to you. He wanted to impress you, by helping you. “I sure hope you’re right. I don’t want to let you down.”