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{PART 9} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; Jungkook takes you shopping and you inadvertently give him a lesson on just how cruel humans can be to each other.

{Part 1} // {Part 8} {Part 9} {Part 10}

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

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What's the fun in That?

Prompt: “You could say you’re sorry you know.” “Now what’s the fun in that?”

Relationship: Bruce Wayne x Reader

Warnings: FLUFF

Date Finished/ 12/31/16

A/N: I thought this was a cute idea so yeah. Go ahead and send in some requests for me to write, I’d love for my readers to be happy with my writing instead of just guessing. (Maybe some New Years prompts WHO knows?)

“What the Hell?” You mumbled groggily as you reach out to where Bruce should be sleeping but instead found the cold empty sheets. “God dammit Bruce.”

You slowly get up, pulling on your robe as you walk to the entrance of the batcave knowing that’s where you’d find Bruce at this time of night. Sure enough when you went downstairs and entered the cave, Bruce sat staring at the bat computer.

“You know, I go to sleep with you expecting you to be there when I wake up.” You said sarcastically crossing your arms and approaching him.

“I had work to do.” He mutters not looking away from the screen.

“Like what? Everyone’s in Arkham, and I’m sure the boys can handle a couple muggers and rapists.” You assured him. “I would know because I stayed up waiting for you all last week while you put their asses into Arkham.”

You took a seat on his lap, putting your arms around his neck. “What I’m trying to say is give yourself a break, and come to bed before I make you sleep on the couch.”

“One second dear.” He says typing away on the computer.

“That’s it you’re so sleeping on the couch tonight.” You laugh getting off of his lap only to be pulled back onto it by strong arms grabbing your waist.

“Oh dear, however will I be allowed to sleep in our cozy bed with my beautiful spouse?” He mumbles into your neck lovingly.

“You could start by saying you’re sorry.” You say giving him a playful look.

“Now what’s the fun in that?” He says playfully.

“Bruce Wayne, better yet the Batman, having fun?” You say laughing. “My god I must’ve broken you.”

“Now if anything you’ve completed me.” He says picking you up and carrying you to your bedroom . “and I’m sure I can take a night off of work.”

“Good. The bags under your eyes are starting to look like they belong in a Coach store.”

All I Want for Christmas (Part 1/5)

Bucky x Reader AU

Summary – You’ve put your career ahead of everything else in life. Then you meet a guy that makes you want to believe in love again, but he’s not interested in you.  What happens when Fate decides you deserve a second chance?  

Warnings – Robbery and death (This sounds bad, but I promise it’s going to get fluffy!!)

Word Count – 3,000

Notes –   This was supposed to have been my 1,500 Followers Celebration Fic, but I hit that milestone over a month ago (you guys are awesome, yay!).  I hit 2,000 last week, so this is still a Followers Celebration Fic!  There will be 5 parts, each part will post every day from now until Christmas Eve.  I’m basing this fic off of a TV Christmas movie, 12 Dates of Christmas.  I hope you enjoy!  Merry Christmas!!  As always, please feel free to leave me comments or asks to let me know what you thought!

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5


Christmas Fic Masterlist

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I don’t want a lot for Christmas
This is all I’m asking for
I just wanna see my baby
Standing right outside my door

I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
Baby all I want for Christmas is you

All I want for Christmas is you, baby

You awoke to the radio playing Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas.  Your friends thought you were crazy for still using a clock radio for an alarm, but there was something soothing about waking up to music instead of a blaring alarm.  You also loved to listen to Rick and Lola in the Morning.  They were a husband and wife DJ team and they always made you laugh.  You waited for the song to end before getting up and making the bed.

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oisuga; 943 words; based on “You are 20 centimetres taller than me, and whenever someone asks about our relationship I say that it’s a long distance relationship” AU 

“Suga-san, I heard you’re dating someone!” Noya shouts just as the team exits Coach Ukai’s store, meat buns in hand. They’re walking home from practice, tired and drowsy after a long day. Noya’s voice is so loud that it startles the whole team, and causes some of the first and second years to stare wide-eyed at Suga. 

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