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There is a point in time when you have to jump from following a mentors actions to charging forward with your own courage.

Three Keys to Influence
1). Trust in your abilities. To perform, overcome & pivot.

2). Seek change. You can’t operate at higher levels without changing.

3). Patience with a sense of urgency. Take consistent & intentional action over long periods of time.

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Hi!! Can I have a ship please! I’m 5’4 with dark hair that has Carmel highlights I’m Mexican, I’m somewhat outgoing and very funny, a lot of people say they love to hang out with me because I bring light to the room I also love video games and I have expensive taste but I’m very generous and caring also very forgiving but sometimes I let people walk over me! I’m adopted but before I was I had a terrible life but I’ve learned to grow from it. Sorry I’m terrible at trying to explain who I am :-(

I ship you with Bruce Wayne! 

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  • expensive tastes? hell yeah. 
  • Coach had a huge sale; 50% percent off the whole store? you were there. You failed to notice Bruce Wayne sulking about in the store as well, as per the request of Alfred; his briefcase was getting old and he needed a new bag. 
  • Laden with new things, you exited the store only to get run into, bags flying, and some robber making off with your stuff. 
  • Before you could even get up to chase him Bruce already had him in a headlock and pinned, giving him a lecture
  • You thanked him profusely and offered to buy him whatever he wanted from the store; he said all he asked for was a date instead
  • you’re the light to his darkness, as cheesy as that sounds; but no one can deny that Bruce has had a difficult life, and with you having empathy about that, you’re able to connect on a much better level
  • you get a twisty feeling in your gut about the whole Batman thing but you stay quiet about it; he notices one day that you’re upset about something
  • you try to deny and say nothing is wrong but he just gives you a look and it comes spilling out
  • he tries to ease up a little on the heroics; Nightwing and Red Robin cover more of Gotham, Jason steps up, so does Cass. You know and understand he’ll never totally quit but at least he’s in bed with you more nights than not now
  • in exchange, you try to learn how to stand up for yourself more; Bruce is proud of you the first time you tell Damian “No, no patrol, it’s a school night”
  • (damian is also shocked and a little scared because you always let him; were you sick?) 

Other possible match: Dick Grayson

There are three women in my office talking excitedly about a sale on Coach bags, and I just can’t relate. When people start talking about shopping, shoes, make-up, dating, or whatever, I phase out. In fact, I don’t think it’s just the female thing, I think I fail at being a normal human being. Life is wasted on me.


Talent attraction videos are VERY important to growing your business.  For my real estate group, this is the one I use ONCE I’ve had an exchange with a potential partner.  

How are you pitching your company to potential partners, employees or sponsors?

Developers of a new video game for your brain say theirs is more than just another get-smarter-quick scheme.

Akili, a Northern California startup, insists on taking the game through a full battery of clinical trials so it can get approval from the Food and Drug Administration — a process that will take lots of money and several years.

So why would a game designer go to all that trouble when there’s already a robust market of consumers ready to buy games that claim to make you smarter and improve your memory?

Think about all the ads you’ve heard for brain games. Maybe you’ve even passed a store selling them. There’s one at the mall in downtown San Francisco — just past the cream puff stand and across from Jamba Juice — staffed on my visit by a guy named Dominic Firpo.

“I’m a brain coach here at Marbles: The Brain Store,” he says.

Brain coach?

“Sounds better than sales person,” Firpo explains. “We have to learn all 200 games in here and become great sales people so we can help enrich peoples’ minds.”

Will Doctors Soon Be Prescribing Video Games For Mental Health?

Illustration: Lorenzo Gritti for NPR

The Biggest Problem for a Start-Up

The single biggest problem for a start-up is that they value money more than time.  

Rightfully so.  When the revenue is not there, it gets scary.  The first thing you want to do is fix the money problem.  Which means, generate sales at all costs.

Here is the rub…

Money will magnify how good or bad your business really is.

For most start-ups, they aren’t good yet.  So dumping a truck load of sales into a business that doesn’t have it figured out yet, creates big problems.  Very few start-ups have enough of their process figured out to handle it with grace.  Some do, but that is not the norm.  

Time, on the other hand, creates intentional action for a company.  It focuses on internal growth, getting the right team in place & figuring out your actual purpose.  

When you put value on your time & the companies time, you create standards.  Those standards can’t be purchased.  They have to be established.  If you don’t take the time to create those standards, they will be created for you.  That may not be something you want to have happen in your business.

If you are in a start-up or thinking of starting a business, value time over money.  It will create your standards & prevent you from having to re-boot once you have a list of clients.