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How Do You Measure Progress?
How do you measure progress outside of the systematic approach of institutionalized education?

How do you establish your worth and value, when your teachers can shit on your dreams because they had a bad day?

Why do we expect ourselves to conform to an outdated belief system and way of life?

We are allowing our self-esteem to be influenced by the destructive ways of society and the powers that be, instead of recognising that they don’t hold any powers over us if we choose not to play the game.

Generations before us led a life based on greed, violence, and dishonesty; however, we can make the conscious decision to put a stop to it. This does not require a mass revolution. All that is required is that each of us wake up every day and choose a life led by integrity.

We are seeking approval by those that have misdirected dignity and no integrity or honest character and have given them permission to make us feel bad about aspects of ourselves that we shouldn’t feel bad about.


2016-17 Goals Game 60/82 (vs Minnesota Wild)

Goal 1: Toews
Goal 2: Panik
Goal 3: Schmaltz
Goal 4: Toews
Goal 5: Toews (4th career hat trick/2nd 5-point game of his career)
Bonus Gif 1: A happy Schmaltz after his goal
Bonus Gif 2: Toews celebrating his hat trick with this teammates on the bench
Bonus Gif 3: Crow’s amazing save on Zucker

**Game Notes** With this win the Hawks tie a franchise record of winning 7 consecutive road games.
- Coach Q notches his 400th win with the Hawks


Cordoba to Granada by coach - April 2016 by Jannine Smith
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Chardonnay Compilation:

Here are 3 different chards I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know recently, all perfect for the summer season.

1. Stella Bella Chardonnay 2015, Margaret River, Western Australia, Australia

2. Domaine de Bellene Saint-Romain Vieilles Vignes 2015, Saint-Romain, Burgundy, France

3. Seifried Old Coach Road Nelson Unoaked Chardonnay 2015, Nelson, New Zealand

I usually prefer the oaked, buttery, creamy and rich chards, but I thought I’d try an unoaked one for a change (number 3) - and I was pleasantly surprised; green herbs, citrus and tropical fruits.

You’re welcome!

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So I was sitting thinking about how much a fairy tale fusion wouldn’t work in the Fury Road fandom and then my brain went, “No, but what WOULD it look like if you stuck the Mad Max characters in something like Cinderella?”

Furiosa and her five amazing sisters live under the rule of their tiranical wick-stepfather, Joe. He is a generally abusive asshole and makes their lives hell. A decree is sent out by the royal family: “All eligible ladies are invited to our royal ball, so that the prince may find a wife!” Furiosa isn’t interested in any fancy parties, but her sisters all really want to go. Their wicked-stepfather says no and increases his evilness further (because he is an asshole). Furiosa decides that her sisters deserve nice things and that she’s had enough of Joe’s shit, so she shoots him and takes her sisters to the ball. Her sisters take the ball by storm, and Furiosa gets together with the driver of the coach they hijacked to get to the palace. The coach driver’s name is Max. The end.

A little bit on Hypnosis

As I’ve mentioned before, I have tried some hypnosis files here and there, but the ones that haven gotten me really stirred up were EMG’s “Train Total Jock” series and anything by Luggy.

But I have a very serious problem with hypnosis files: I can’t trance. I can’t trance at all.

Well, I should probably say I have ADD. Well, I am the one who diagnosed myself with ADD, so I don’t really know if I have ADD, but it surely seems like I have add.

So I can’t trance.

Every time I get close to trancing something inside me goes WOW I AM CLOSE TO TRANCING, my heart starts racing in anxiety, and then it all goes to hell.

But most of the files I have listened (especially Luggy’s files, as erotic as the are), turn the listener into a Dumb Jock overnight. I mean… at least they turn the listener into a dumb person overnight.

Nothing against that, but I wouldn’t be comfortable becoming dumb overnight. Just like the muscles take time to evolve, the brain has to take time to devolve.

I wouldn’t like to be dumb before being a jock to back up the dumbing down.

And then I started using musclemesmerizer’s “Dumb Jock” file. Wow. It’s amazing. I still can’t trance, but his voice gets me really relaxed. And I really like that, according to he says, I’m up to me, to what I imagine, how dumb I’m gonna get, or how I’m gonna turn out to be. So, I’m not retarded… yet. I can still function as a member of society, I just don’t care about reading, or history, or math, or any kind of nerdy shit unless it has to do with sports or fitness.

Well, that and spelling. I have written a couple of stories here, and, as much as I’m still good with formulating ideas, I’ve got really bad with writing them. Reading them after posting, I could see several grammatical mistakes, and even certain words missing. Oh well, it comes with territory.

I’m still at the beginning of this, but this file has been a good first step. So, thanks, Coach Josh.

babesuke  asked:

Ok ok hear me out: Anastasia yuri on ice au with victor as dimitri and yuri as anastasia


and like maybe a modern day version of it??? like the same plot line almost but with newer elements

  • yuuri as the son of a wealthy japanese family residing in russia
  • he doesn’t get to interact w people much, but he makes friends easily with the house staff
  • viktor as their insignificant assistant to the family chef
  • he and yuuri became close friends, if only because there were no other boys their age for them to play w
  • viktor basically teased yuuri one day about all the food he asked the chef to make, calling him a piglet in that annoying 8 year old tone (you know the one)
  • they were fast friends after that
  • viktor skated in his free time when they were kids, and as a birthday gift, he gives yuuri a necklace with two dangling pairs of ice skates and asks for him to join him on the ice one day
  • before that ever happens though, a group of people jealous of the katsuki’s wealth, set fire to their home
  • after realizing, tries to help the family escape, but the house is big and doesn’t have many exits
  • viktor manages to lead yuuri and his older sister out of the house, but in the outside commotion of police cars and firefighters, they become separated
  • yuuri’s necklace breaks, and he manages to grab just one of the charms before a firefighter is leading him away
  • viktor finds the rest of it, and tries to look for yuuri, but he is also dragged off by a helpful police officer
  • all three of them are carted off to be taken care of
  • since yuuri and his sister are both under the age of 16, they’re separated and placed into foster care. their money is put into a trust fund thing for the daughter to access once she 
  •  yuuri’s sister turns 18 only a year or two after the event, but she has no information as to yuuri’s location since his records in the foster system were somehow lost
  • (turns out he went to a really crummy and kinda abusive foster home that cared more about the government funds it received than the wellbeing of the children in their care)
  • mari moves back to japan, and puts a reward on any information pertaining to his whereabouts, which is international news since the arson of their family was a large-scale event
  • viktor, who has since become a pretty famous skater, finds out about the reward and decides it’d be interesting to see his childhood friend again. After all, they did make a promise that has yet to be fulfilled
  • yuri as vlad, viktor’s friend/rival (the personalities don’t match i know, but imagine his begrudging reluctance to help, how perfect)
  • meanwhile, yuuri sneaks out of the group home he’s in. he has the clothes on his back and a pair of worn skates, the only thing he had to call his own. 
  • well, the skates and a small, silver charm from his childhood
  • he was young when he was put into the system, and only has hazy memories of the events that occurred. because of this, he remembers next to nothin about his past
  • all he wants is to go to moscow and watch his idol, viktor nikiforov perform. he reminds him of someone he knew in childhood, and wants to keep those memories close to his heart
  • makkachin as the cute little pupper ??? they’re little, furry friend throughout all of this
  • yuuri makes it all the way to moscow and sneaks in to watch one of viktor’s competitions. he doesn’t have the money for a ticket, but that won’t stop him
  • except he ends up being kicked out and stands outside the rink, imagining all that is happening inside. 
  • except viktor sees him on his way out and, realizing that he looks oddly familiar, and noticing that the necklace with the iceskate charm feels oddly heavy around his neck, he approaches yuuri
  • viktor is a Flirt, and they’re first interaction as adults is a solid mess. but viktor convinces yuuri that he knows his sister, and asks him if he could have the honor to take him to japan to see her
  • angry yuri comes along too, cuz viktor’s supposed to be coaching him, dammit
  • cue Road Trip 
  • viktor tells yuuri about his past - conveniently leaving out his own role in it, cuz it’s embarassing when yuuri can’t even remember him - and teaches him how to be a princess i mean proper wealthy individual
  • and we all know what happens next. during the trip there, yuuri falls a little more in love with viktor, and viktor is reminded of his closest friend from childhood and falls for him a little bit as well
  • and yuri is suffering the whole time, cuz they’re too gay for him to handle
  • except there’s angst when viktor gets yuuri back to mari, cuz yuuri finds out about the reward, and accuses him of only being in this for the money
  • upset, yuuri runs off before viktor has the chance to explain himself
  • luckily, though, there are only so many places yuuri can go cuz he’s never been to japan before, and viktor finds him easily enough
  • he shows him his necklace, the one he always wore during performances because he had given it to someone special that he had lost too soon in his life. and yuuri gets all excited because he has the matching piece. 
  • there’s a cute confession scene
  • and they live happy, gay lives