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AU where Dean is sleeping in his and Cas’ room and Cas is up in the living room watching Law and Order religiously. Its about 3AM and Cas is munching away on some chips and by the corner of his eye, he sees movement on the wall opposite to him. He turns to see what it is and comes to find out there is a huuuuuuge cockroach the size of his hand on the wall with wings, his greatest fear. Cas stops his chewing and stares at the cockroach, almost as if he was daring for it to move. When it finally did, it ran all the way to the bottom of the wall and Cas yelled and threw his chips all over the floor and got up on the coach shouting for Dean to help him. Dean woke up so fast and grabbed the nearest gun ready to shoot anyone who got near his husband but when he went downstairs to see why Cas was screaming, he put the gun down and sighed.

“Cas, not again! You nearly gave me a heart attack! ”

“But Dean, you have to kill it! Its so big and of my gosh what if it starts to fly?!? ”

Dean groans and stomps on the cockroach that was now on the floor and rubs his tired eyes.

“Cas, I thought you were being murdered! ”

Cas rolled his eyes and huffed a sigh of relief before answering in a monotone voice “gee, if I was being murdered, I’d be dead by now. Took you long enough” dean threw him a tired glare but couldn’t resist chuckling. He helped Cas off the couch and gave him a sweet kiss on the lips.

“An angel of the lord, who has seen the earth since the beginning, fought demons, leviathans, vampires and wolves and even fought lucifer himself in the flesh, is afraid of cockroaches”

Cas hit his arm. “Shut up, you’re afraid of planes. ”

The 2016 Olympics is around the corner and were celebrating the athletes headed to Rio this week .

Haiti has received an invitation from the Tripartite Commission to send a wrestler Asnage Castelly competing in the men’s freestyle 74 kg to the Olympics, signifying the nation’s debut in the sport.

#Castelly train at Nieves Wrestling Club, he’s an assistant coach in this gym on the third floor of an unremarkable brick building in Springfield, Mass. He also coaches the team at Springfield Technical Community College. Castelly competed for Haiti in freestyle wrestling championships as far away as Mongolia. He did well, but not enough to qualify for the Rio #Olympics. But the sport’s international governing body granted him a wild card spot in the Olympics.
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What is the responsibility of the Head coach? Glad you're back educating the gymternet :P

Thanks! The head coach isn’t making the decisions in the way Martha is but is rather there to basically…coach the girls through it I guess? Martha isn’t on the floor and the lineups are all pre-set and everything, but Aimee and the assistant coach will be on the floor managing the team and everything like that.
Max's Lifestory. As told by the Telegraph.
It's very interesting actually. He's not normal, even for a child athlete.

Max started at Sapphire Gymnastics Club (home of Gabby Jupp) when he was 7. Coach Klemen Bedenik said “My assistant asked me to look at him after his first recreational class. I said ‘I’m really not interested’. I already had a strong group of boys in that age group who had been working for 18 months, but I did take a look. My coach said ‘Max, show Klemen your handstand’, and he walked around the floor area on his hands. He had been doing swimming so his shoulders were quite strong. But the balance, the co-ordination, it was extraordinary”. By 11, Max was going to national camps.

When Max was 12, Slovenian Bedenik moved back to Slovenia. After six months with Bedenik’s replacement, Max gave his parents an ultimatum: either I quit the sport or I go to Slovenia too. “At the time we thought it was the best thing for my training. At that stage I enjoyed the sport, and people saw potential in what I was doing. For me it was all about enjoying it. I wanted to keep it up and that was the way I could.”

“I went to a school in Slovenia. When I look back on it now I think it was pretty crazy. I used to go into school an hour early to do a Slovenian language lesson. I remember writing everything on the board in my book. English lessons were easy for me, but the rest of it was quite different to how we do things here. We would start at six or seven in the morning and finish at 12 or one.”

Bedenik found the idea of Max’s move “unthinkable, unimaginable” but “Max settled in well, had a good social life, and used to cycle around with his friends after training. Max’s biggest quality is that he never stops trying to get better. The more I threw at him, the more he loved it, and he still has that quality. The pommel horse can be a boring apparatus to practice because it takes so many repetitions, but I could say ‘Do 600 circles, now do another 500’ and he never had a problem with that.”

Max’s parents missed him so they moved him back to England after three months. To work with a suitable coach, they had to travel three hours a day to South Essex Gym Club. Max continued this for nine years until moving to Basildon with Leah two years ago. Max already knew Scott because they had worked together at national training camps but Scott said the journey was “ a crazy commitment for both Max and his parents. You have to ask yourself whether you would do it. I’ve asked myself whether I would do it”.

Slovenia wasn’t good for Max as a gymnast, according to Scott: “Max fell behind a bit in Slovenia so when he was 13 he had to do an interview with the British head coach to make it back on to the national squad. He was so shy he could not even speak. The coach wasn’t sure, but I talked him into it. At that age, Max wouldn’t even go into the shop to buy his own sweets. When we went on a trip, I had to buy them for him. Now he stands up and talks in front of thousands of people at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year show. I guess it’s the confidence you take from doing so many interviews over the years.”

In May, Max withdrew from the Europeans because of a fever that left him weak and not allowed to train at all for two weeks. He said: “I spent literally five hours drawing trainers the other week. That’s one of my passions. I used to wear Adidas even before they sponsored me, so to be involved personally with them now is crazy.”

“For the London Olympics I was only 19 and quite inexperienced. It turned out amazing, but this time it’s very different, because the results behind me have given me a massive advantage going in. This time I obviously set my targets high. If I can deliver clean routines, then hopefully the results will come.”

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Omg i just realized if you look in the gif of when stiles gets to dance with lydia at the school dance when shes taking him across the dance floor, look at coach's face, hes so happy for stiles aww :')