coach of the year or mvp right


Listen listen I understand why y'all are mad cuz Hinata was not invited. But I gotta be real I’ve been playing volleyball sense I was 11. I’ve talked to coaches I’ve been to several different training camps I get how these things work. Now surely they must be different in Japan. But remember Hinata is still a beginner. He just started playing whereas Kageyama has been known as a genius for a long time. He has a name lots of people know him so I am not shocked at all that he got invited. And I need to be honest Hinata would have never been invited to that atleast not right now. So now that that’s clear the special first year training camp. Remember that Tsukki was MVP of the game against Shiratorizawa. Him being invited is not surprising. He’s very skillful (except for receives) and his height is a big plus. Not only that he’s been playing for a while and his brother has also played so people know of him. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hinata was invited to the camp because he truly had proven himself but I’m not surprised he wasn’t. Like I said he’s still a beginner people are just beginning to recognize him. Where I’m from that’s how things worked. These coaches wanted to be known for training these people with big names people who they know can succeed. Hinata doesn’t have one yet but hell he will soon enough. Now about him inviting himself I’m not quite sure what Furudate is going at but its not too crazy. I know this one person who did just that. Though she got kicked out lmao so we’ll see what happens. But people are talking trash about Furudate sensei and that’s why I’m posting this. Stop trashing Furudate ok that really isn’t cool. He is the reason this exists and y'all can’t go being rude to him when he works so fucking hard for this. So just stop.