coach molly

wingman molly coaching sherlock on talking to john is like. def on my s4 wishlist.

okay like picture this. molly is already dating greg because greg has his shit together and can ask somebody out in a remotely timely fashion. and like sherlock has contrived some reason to be in the lab, and he starts talking to molly all coy and shit like, Um Molly, if there’s a person in your life who you’ve taken for granted but you want to show them that you’ve changed and they can trust you with their feelings, how would you approach that?

and molly’s like !!!!!!!! i don’t know maybe you should ask my boyfriend greg my boyfriend who i am dating for a male perspective.

and sherlock gets out his big old john watson folder again, and molly’s like oh thank fuck! what are you being all weird about this for? i’ve known you’re in love with john for like five years.

and sherlock’s like omg !!!! do you think john knows????

and molly’s like, nah he is literally the only person in the world who is dumber than you are. god, i can’t believe i ever thought you were cool TELL HIM THE TRUTH

and sherlock’s like ……tell him the truth by use of nude collage?

and molly’s like, no use words with your mouth.

and sherlock’s like, okay but can i show you the collages i have already made? because i really feel like you might change your mind.

and molly’s like, yeah okay i can see there is absolutely no stopping you

AU, where are not sure whether they love or hate each other.

Sherlock seems to have no relationships, no feeling - but Molly Hopper is the only exception. It really surprises John when he sees Sherlock impudently flirting. Molly, who is a clever woman, says that it is nothing more than a joke. She considers Sherlock an impossible man with a great talant but with no tact. 

“I doubt that he thinks of me any better”.

Once Sherlock decides to play joke on Molly - and buys wedding ring.

Something goes wrong and he gets frozen in front of the door to the lab.

John, who was with him when it happens, has no idea why his friend runs away. Neighter he does for the next two weeks when he doesn’t visit the morgue, lying on the coach all day long.

Molly can’t believe herself - but Sherlock’s absence worries her. She asks John about it but his response leaves more questions than answers. 

Finally, Sherlock apperans… And she can barely recognise him. Where have the witty, insolent and arrogant man gone?!

Sherlock acts nice. Molly is scared.

He asks her out and next weekend they go to the theathre.

He is still nice during the play. But when they leave the theatre, he bursts out into a tirade. Sherlock incults the whole idea of a play, the cast, the decorators… Molly can’t agree with him and they have a heated agrument on their way home.

An old and not-so-good Sherlock is back. And just as he used to, he makes her smile again.

Molly writes “I can’t stand you” to him and when she gets an dirty flirting respince, for the first time in her life she answears “Okay”.

My first swim session with Coach Molly was AWE–to the—SOME!

I was trying to take a discrete selfie with the pool behind me as I was leaving the gym (its right at the front entrance) and that must be why I was not grinning from ear to ear in the photo as I thought.  But don’t let that fool you - I loved it!

She was so helpful and encouraging.  And best of all I have things to work on per her instruction but she said I am actually pretty natural at swimming, so I did not leave there feeling beat down as I may have in the past with other activities.

I was excited and anxious this morning before I went.  Heck the session was at 7:30 but I woke up at 4:30 and never went back to sleep if that tells you anything.  And I reminded myself of my favorite saying “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”.

She is creating a plan she will email over for me to do on my own the next two weeks and then we will have our next session to access my progress etc. 

This is going to be so much fun - challenging - but fun.  And while I am not ever comfortable without my shirt on due to my gut and hair everywhere but my head it seems - I never even thought about that for one second while I was there today, I only just realized it right now!


Last night Coach Molly emailed me three swim workouts for me to complete this week and then repeat next week.  I reviewed it a bunch of times but then thought there is no way I am going to remember this (even though its simple) once I am in the pool and trying to track rest times and feeling a bit tired etc.  So I printed out the plan and placed it into a zip lock bag that I set on the pool deck by my stuff when I got into my lane.

We had some nasty storm pass through earlier this morning so I waited for that to pass and then went to the gym a bit later than scheduled.  As I arrived it was just about time for kids swim classes to start but the pool keeps two lanes open for lap swimming at all times.  So I got a lane and did my thing.

I would say the hardest part of this workout was the 8x25 freestyle with only up to 20sec rest.  I did not need the rest because I was tired but I really needed it to catch my breath and man those 20 secs start to go by faster and faster each time!

Breast stroke is my favorite and I was very happy to see it was also part of today’s plan.

I completed everything as written and it felt challenging but great!

I was trying to think of why I love swimming so much - and its funny as much as I say I love that accountability of group fitness programs - I always feel bad about myself in comparison to others as I am bigger, slower, etc.  Even though I know I can’t compare myself to anyone else its just hard when you feel like you are standing out or slowing others down. Now truth be told most of the time those people tell me I am an inspiration and it makes them push harder to see me giving it my all - but it never feels good to be last all the time.  Right now I don’t have to worry about any of that with swimming.  Its just me vs me and I love that.  I am slow I am sure but it does not matter because my workout does not impact anyone else.  And in the pool I don’t have to worry about feeling overheated or like the sun is trying to do me in. 

So I am really happy with this decision and the path I am currently taking. 

On the food side - yesterday was a going away party for my cousin who is moving to AZ.  It was held at my other cousins house and all of the snacks and food were setup at their big patio table outside where we were all sitting.  I sat for hours with delicious chips, dips, preset, chocolate covered fruits, etc, etc and did not touch a thing.  I was offered beer more times than I can count and just stuck to bottled water.  For the meal they cooked up burgers and brats on the grill.  I filled ¾ of my plate with salad they had (thank goodness for that!) and a burger patty.  I would have loved to go back and get another burger but I know that would push the calories over the top so I refrained.  A bit later the table was filled with homemade cupcakes (the frosting looking heavenly), brownies, cake, a huge tray of cookies.  And once again I was under full control and did not have any of it. 

All in all it was a really fun laid back day and we had a great time.  But I will be honest and say when I got to my car and sat down - away from all that deliciousness I let out a sigh of relief that I did it!  I drove home in such a good mood because I was so proud of myself for maintaining control when faced with temptations at every turn of the day.

Had my second swim training session with Coach Molly this morning.  The work I put in the past few weeks really paid off as she saw all kinds of improvements in each of the strokes!

We went over some new training drills I will be doing for each swim stroke over the next few weeks before we meet again.  I love that we have the session and then she emails me over the plans to follow.  Signing up for these sessions was the best thing I could have done for myself. 

I look forward to getting up and getting to the gym each day and was really looking forward to working with her today as well.  Love this feeling!


OK so now its time to talk about the working out.

I was doing great up until Thanksgiving hit.  I had been swimming every other day on schedule.  And then with everything else I had going on this weekend, the first thing I bump is working out. 

I know I should have gone yesterday but I was so sore everywhere from the exterior decorating (bending, lifting, ladders, kneeing, etc) even my knuckles where sore - that I opted out of activity yesterday to let my body recover.

The good news is that I had my next session with the swim coach on the schedule for today - so that forced me to get back on track once again. 

The yardage for the lesson shown here is not much but that is because some was all kicking and there is also form correction and other training lessons going on - but I like to log it anyway.

And this MoovNow is not very generous on active minutes.  I did not sit down for the better part of Saturday and Sunday and none of my activity was active enough to cut towards the active minutes.  Which I think is good as the old fitbit would have made me feel really productive with thousands of steps but really even though I was moving I was not getting my heart rate up and being “active” in the formal sense.

Now for a quick awkward moment story - when I exit the pool I go straight into the locker room showers and rinse off.  I must have dropped my goggles which I hang from a hook in the shower stall on my way out and as I was just finished getting dressed and packing up my gym bag I noticed I did not have them.  So I head back towards the showers and sure enough there is a man in there.  I try and ask if my goggles are there but he does not reply.  So now I have to sort of hover near the showers waiting for him to finish.  He was older and struggled with moving I guess as I could hear him let out the occasional ouch and the grrrrrs that an old man with non flexible joints makes.  He took FOREVER in there…and I am sure some of the other guys in there were wondering why I was dressed an kind of hovering in this area.  I finally said to one I left my goggles in the shower and was waiting for the guy to finish as I did not want to look like a creepy weirdo.  When he finally came out in all of his naked glory - I quickly went into the stall and found my goggles on the floor, grabbed them and got the heck out there.  I will never not double check my shower stall before walking away again.  Lesson learned. 

It had been a few extra weeks since my last swim coaching session so I was looking forward to this morning.

As I have mentioned my biggest ongoing challenge in the pool has been shortness of breath when I have to do longer consecutive sets of laps (without breaking).  So I did not want to have another session with the coach until I felt better at that.  But it just was not happening yet and I did not want to keep putting off a chance to review that with her so we met this morning.

I really enjoy working with her - she is so encouraging and patient. 

One thing I noticed is that I must have said “I’m sorry” 100x’s during the 30 minute session.  At one point she said - you don’t need to keep apologizing.

It is something I picked up from my family - my Mom does it a lot and I have been called out on it in other instances in the past. 

I think its less about being sorry to the other person and more about trying to let them know (in this case - I know what my arm should do but I know I did not do it - so I say I’m sorry.)  And I also think its really me being frustrated with myself in the moment - and I guess I try and apologize my way out of not having done my best.  I am not sure but something I am going to try and be more mindful of going forward!

Anyway - the session was great and she will be sending me over the next rounds of workouts - I’ll do those over the next few weeks and then we will meet again. 

I always leave these session with her full of energy, encouragement and excitement to keep going!!!