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TOP TEN DESCENDANTS SCENES: as voted by our followers.
↳ 09. Jay refuses to play Tourney without Carlos.

He’s bringing that hothead Jay in from the isle of the lost and that little guy Carlos can barely hold a shield. When they break from their huddles, this is gonna be a big moment here. And the tipoff is ready. Here we go. Long pass goes to Jay. Jay dishes off to prince Ben. Nice little block by Carlos. He does a little dancing jig in his opponent’s face.

wendyliddel  asked:

What do you think the Coach would have said if they had actually asked him if Lonnie could be on the team? Sidenote: while it was cool of Jay to give up his captain position for Lonnie, and clever of him to find the loophole, this still only allows for one girl on the team. What if another girl wanted to join?

Even though there is probably a ton of different and sneaky ways to find some sort of loop hole/s in the rule book, I feel like the coach would just pick up the book and silently write “and women” with a pen. Problem solved.

Chad (and a lot of the team) would be so dumbfounded and Jay wouldn’t be able to stop laughing

Exercise Your Rights

The room was filled with your moans and grunts. You were pretty sure the whole building heard you by now. It wasn’t your fault, you just couldn’t help it. Jay was working you from behind, pushing you gently to your limits.

“That’s it babe. You’ll stretch. Just breathe,” he encouraged into your ear. You could feel a tear building up in the corner of your eye.

“Jay…I don’t think.. I will..” you protested in between breaths. You couldn’t take it anymore and snapped your head back, hitting Jaebum’s nose.

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I know I just posted a Steve Trevor imagine, but honestly I really wanted to post this.
Sort of excited to start with this Descendants thing :))))
Also!!! I have a cute Peter Parker imagine that I’ll try posting soon

Title: Colors
Pairing: Prince Ben x reader
Summary: Jay and Carlos try helping Ben ask you to Cotillion by coaching him through an earpiece, but it doesn’t exactly go according to plan
Word Count: 1,458
Warnings: none 

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            “It’ll work, I promise,” Jay reassures, hands resting firmly on the shoulders of Ben.

           After weeks of hearing Ben chatter non-stop about you, Jay and Carlos decided it was finally time to take action and get Ben to ask you to Cotillion. Part of this, or really all of it, involved Jay and Carlos giving Ben directions through an earpiece, which Ben was now fiddling with. He smoothes his hair over it, hoping to camouflage the tech more.

           "There they are!“ Carlos announces suddenly, pointing in your direction as you walked through the courtyard.

           "Go get ‘em, tiger,” Jay says with a smile, shoving Ben towards you.

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Ice Dancing (Jimin, OC) Part 3


“Hey kiddo, time to wake up.”

Jimin ruffled his younger brother’s flop of brown hair and patted his cheek gently. The latter groaned in complaint and tried to swat his hand away; quite ungracefully as it didn’t even touch his older brother’s hand with how he was practically still half asleep.

Jimin chuckled at Jacob's—or Jay as what he’s called—attempt before shaking him a little more forcefully, causing the younger to whine in protest.

“Okay… hyung! I’m awake. Stop—“

"Are you sure? Do I need to flip you off this bed?”

Jay glared at his brother. “You’re mean.”

Jimin smirked. “You know I’m not.”

“You’re right. Tae Tae hyung said you’re evil.”

“And you believe him?”

“He says Santa really exists and that it was scientifically proven that he lives in the North Pole. Yup, Tae Tae hyung is smart!” The kid smiled lazily as he tried to keep his eyes open.  

Jimin sighed amusedly before pulling the curtains aside to let in some light. It was the blue hour, just at the brink of sunrise and Jimin couldn’t really blame his brother for having a hard time waking up.

“Yeah… I think we need to stop hanging out with Taehyung too often.”

“That’s what he told me about you!” Jay said which made Jimin chuckle, knowing Taehyung would actually really say that to try and steal his little brother away.

“Oh yeah? But you have to admit… Hyung is cooler than Tae Tae hyung right?” Jimin said as he helped the eight-year old out of his bed and pulled him onto his feet.

There was a moment of silence.

“Are you actually thinking about this?” Jimin asked incredulously which made Jay laugh. “Why you little—“

The little boy squealed as Jimin initiated a tickle fight, attacking his sides which Jimin knew was his most vulnerable spot. Right there, Jimin forgot his problems momentarily; with the whole skating and ‘save my career’ fiasco that’s currently keeping him up at night.

With Jay, he could just be himself and not have to put up his "champion-athlete” front.

It was a few years ago when their parents passed of a terrible accident. Jimin, who was only sixteen then, was already a competitive skater in the juniors division while Jay was merely three-years-old.

Jay was so young when he was left under Jimin’s care and the older was terrified to death when he thought he would be taken away from him considering they were still both minors. But Seokjin, their amazing and most beloved cousin, had come in and took them under his wing for a few years until Jimin was old enough to take care of Jacob on his own.

With Jimin’s success in his skating career, he was able to do just that: provide a home for the both of them and even support his schooling. Jimin was basically a parent at what’s supposed to be the prime of his youth. Though he never saw it as a downside.

In fact, he didn’t mind it at all. He would rather take care of his brother than do all those things kids his age usually do: like partying or dating.  

Jimin would do anything to keep his little brother with him. The only family they got was each other, after all.

He listened with a smile as Jay talked animatedly about his camping trip this weekend. They had gotten up extra early today since the bus would leave at 6 A.M. which should take them up north to a wilderness reserve. Jimin was against it at first, not wanting to have Jay so far from him but after much pleading from his little brother and assurances from his teachers that they would be completely safe, Jimin gave in and thought what kind of a brother would he be if he didn’t let him go out and explore?

He just hoped there weren’t any bears in that place.  

“When you get there I want you to send me a text, okay?” Jimin said as they pulled over at the front of the school. “I know there might not be signal in the woods but before you actually go in, please let me know—”

“Yes, hyung.“ Jay huffed while rolling his eyes. Jimin had been talking nonstop during the drive even though he probably gave him the whole safety speech for the hundredth time that week. "I know I know, you even told Mr. Brown about it remember?”

Jimin sighed as he pulled out his camping bag from the trunk. He caught one of the parents looking at his car and smiled inwardly. His BMW has always been a sight for sore eyes.

“Just be careful okay?” Jimin said as he placed the hat over the little boy’s head and helped him wear his backpack.

“It’s two nights hyung.” Jay rolled his eyes and Jimin wondered if Taehyung taught him to sass like that. “The worse that could happen is that I forget to brings insect repellant.”

“You did?!”

“No. you packed it yourself remember? And a spare too on my other bag.” Jay reminded him and Jimin sighed in relief. “I’ll be back before Monday!“

"I mean it, Jay. Behave.” Jimin said before pulling him in for a bone-crushing hug. “Love you.”

“I—I can’t breathe—"

“That’s not the reply I was looking for~” Jimin teased as he hugged him tighter.

“Okay I love you too hyung—can you please let go?”

Jimin chuckled and let go eventually, patting his back. “Have fun.”

Jay tipped his hat before jogging towards the bus where the other kids were. Jimin watched him go and was surprised when just before he boarded the bus, his little brother looked back and waved goodbye with the brightest smile on his face and somehow that made Jimin feel a lot less worried knowing his brother was going to have a blast.

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Jay Park & Heize in NBA Styles coach Jacket 

  • Jay: What do we do now?
  • Coach: Now we work together. You know, teamwork!
  • Jay: what's a "teeamwork"
  • Coach: No Jay, teamwork.
  • Jay: ...teeamwork
  • Coach: Teamwork.
  • Jay: tiamwork
  • Coach: Teamwork.
  • Jay: tie 'em up
  • Coach: Say "team" like a sports...
  • Jay: Team.
  • Coach: Team. Now say "work".
  • Jay: Work.
  • Coach: Put 'em together, whaddya got?
  • Jay: timebomb
  • Jay:
  • Coach: gettin' better
Out of the Park

Part Five
Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader
Word Count: 1885
Warnings: None? 


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Jaylos Gym Class AU

- Coach Phil pairs up Jay, the most athletic kid in class, and Carlos, who can’t even kick a ball, to work out together the whole period

- Carlos is extremely awkward which gets even worse after Jay smirkes at him

- He blushes so hard when Jay grabs his hand to pull him over to their station, but Jay totally didn’t notice because Jay totally doesn’t do blushes

- He desperately wants to impress Jay, but soon realizes he can’t even lift the 30 pound dumbbells, much left the 60 pound bells Jay is crunching

- Jay starts to laugh when Carlos moves on to the bench press, he knows if Carlos couldn’t lift the dumbbells he definitely won’t get the 45 pound bar up

- His laughing draws the unwanted attention of some other students (namely Chad) who start mocking Carlos, causing him to blush again  

- And Jay totally didn’t think Carlos’ blush was adorable, Jay totally doesn’t do blushes

- But Jay still puts his weights down and goes over to spot him on the bench press before he feels too insure

- “Actually Jay.. I don’t think this is a good idea, maybe I’ll just stick with a jumprope.”

- “What? No way Carlos, I got you. Don’t worry.”

- Carlos can’t resist Jay’s sweet grin and shyly lays down on the bench under the bar with Jay on the other side

- Together (mainly Jay) they make it to 5 lifts before Carlos can’t feel his arms anymore

- When Carlos’ back is turned drinking water Jay threatens he will beat anyone who says anything about Carlos up, but Carlos can’t know that of course

- After class Carlos is extremely worn out, but extremely happy he got to spend all gym class watching Jay workout up close

- Jay asks him if he wants to work out together over the weekend

- Obviously Carlos said yes

- But he was totally not blushing when he asked. Jay totally doesn’t do blushes

Favorite Classes at Auradon Prep

Mal always claims her favorite class is Remedial Goodness 101.  It is, after all, her easiest class.  Especially when she just pretends for a moment that her mother asked her the question, and then picks the opposite of what her mother would want.  But the truth is, she really enjoys Dragon Anatomy.  The practical applications are often less than fun, but she loves figuring out what makes them tick and how their parts work.  And if maybe she’s making notes for possible shapeshifting later, who has to know, right?

Jay enjoys both Heroism and Basic Chivalry, although the latter has tripped him up more than once.  He often drags his homework for Basic Chivalry to Ben’s room, and makes Ben review it with him just because who keeps straight all those forks and spoons at a banquet anyway?  And why do they have to have so many?  Ben laughs and happily coaches Jay on it in exchange for Jay teaching him a few more of his acrobatic tricks that he uses on the Tourney field.

Evie loves Chemistry.  It was the first class she really realized she could excel in, after all, and honestly, it has a ton of practical applications.  She likes comparing her notes from Chemistry with her notes in her spellbook (faithfully copied from what she remembers of her mother’s), and she likes creating new concoctions with things she’s learned.

Carlos hates Basic Chivalry.  He can’t ever keep anything straight in it.  But his favorite class is definitely the History of Woodsmen and Pirates.  After all, there’s no dogs in that subject (although, after Dude, that becomes less of a positive), and very few parents in it either.  He likes the stories scribbled in his textbook, and has copied most of them down into a notebook of his own.  He jots down some stories of his own in there as well, and loves how well they seem to mesh.

Ben tested out of most of the popular classes pretty young.  He had to, if he was going to fit his Crown Prince Curriculum on his schedule somewhere, especially since he insisted on playing Tourney too.  However, and he’s not entirely sure he’s comfortable admitting it, his favorite class has, thus far, been Enchanted Forestry.  He likes getting to talk to the trees, and the truly ancient ones near the castles have the best stories, even better than some of his favorites that he’s read with his mom.

Lonnie loves Heroism.  She often jokes about breaking her nails or having trouble finding shoes that she won’t ruin by leaping off into pits of mud or charging across the Tourney field in pouring rain.  To that end, her mother frequently sends her care packages with new shoes, in a never ending quest for pairing princess-perfect with action-hero.

Jane secretly adores mathematics.  She realizes, however, that it makes her ridiculously nerdy, and if asked what her favorite class is, she generally stumbles over about three choices before she finally manages to get out “History of Auradon.”  Which, to her horror, isn’t actually any less nerdy.

Audrey aced Bad Fairies without even trying, and she’d never tell anyone this, but it gave her nightmares.  Her.  Nightmares.  Horror of horrors.  To that end, she applied herself thoroughly to her Woodland Song classes, where she learned to exercise the little bit of her magical gifts to communicate with the woodland creatures.  They, at least, are always exactly what they seem.

Doug used to enjoy Dragon Anatomy the most.  Then Evie enrolled, and he catches himself daydreaming in Dragon Anatomy about Chemistry!  Chemistry!  But at least in Chemistry, he gets to sit with Evie, and she’s smart enough to be a good lab partner without expecting him to do all the work.  He likes that almost as he enjoys looking at her and listening to her.

Okay, because I’m having so much trouble posting my fanfiction on an actual fanfiction site, I’m just going to post the (mini) first chapter here! I’ll add it to the actual account when I get back.

This is a Jaylos (Carlos and Jay from the Disney movie Descendants) fanfiction, posted in honour of Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day (sorry I keep forgetting the “writers” in the title)

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So Elo and Jay Park performed an acoustic version of Tattoo on Dingo Music with Coke Jazz. And of course, it’s eargasmic with lots of extras especially when Jay Park is involved. xDDDD Watch Full

It ain’t easy when your boss is next to you haha…Jay coaching Elo on how to introduce himself.

The way Elo stopped and stare when Jay does his adlibs haha

Dayum check out Elo with his falsetto!

Elo is so done with Jay Park’s extra adlibness xD

Full Vid below