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Everything Ep.10 changes

I’ve already made a post briefly summarizing the most important changes, but now let’s get a deeper look at everything I could find whose meaning is different now that we know about the party:

1) Victor watching the video of Yuri dancing to “Stay by Me & Never Leave”

Before: Victor saw the potential Yuri had and decided to coach him

Now: Victor saw the potential Yuri had and, considering the routine is about asking someone to stay by your side, likely also interpreted it as Yuri calling to him to be his coach.

2) Victor’s certainty in his choice

Before: Victor is so sure of himself he didn’t even worry that Yuri might not want to have him as a coach and simply moved to his place without asking.

After: he wasn’t worried because he thought Yuri remembered asking him for it and considering the video of him, Victor assumed that hadn’t changed.

3) The flirting and closeness

Before: Victor doesn’t understand personal space and/or is trolling because he knows how Yuri reacts to flirting

Now: Victor saw Yuri even pole dance half naked. They held each other and danced together. Yuri clung to him while dry-humping him. And Victor clearly had a thing for him at that moment. He didn’t think Yuri would mind the closeness so much because of how Yuri had behaved that night, and all the flirting wasn’t a joke but Victor sincerely interested in Yuri

4) Eros: the playboy was…Yuri

Before: Victor made a routine on Eros where a playboy has the heart of the prettiest girl in town then leaves her. This is likely modeled on himself and his playboy/idol character

After: Victor might have modeled the playboy after Yuri. Yuri showed up, stole his heart, then left to Japan without another word. Sure maybe Victor might not have been too much in love yet, but maybe still enough that it inspired him to make that song. A more indepth analysis of this is here.

This is getting too long, so here’s a cut:

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Doing a re watch (again lmao) and of course the infamous garage scene where Victor is fast running out of options in his newbie coach tool kit & decides to 'shatter Yuri's glass heart' As Victor is a beginner coach & they do tend when they start off to use the experiences that shaped them, do you think that someone tried to shatter Victors? Or was it an act of desperation?

Again is right! Watching YOI is like

That’s very insightful of you Anon-san. I do wonder. Has someone shattered or tried to shatter Viktor’s heart? To use this on Yuuri, it would’ve had to have been successful or why would he do it if he’s experienced it before? Let's think.

I feel like we know so little of Viktor’s backstory, his family appears non-existent. He did say he spent his whole life without life and love, and that makes me think his parents are out of the picture, whether they passed away or are just absent I don’t know. 

Since he speaks of never having loved before, I imagine any romantic relationships would not have reached the point of affecting him so thoroughly emotionally as to shatter his heart, let alone in a productive manner.

So that leaves Yakov. As you said Anon-san, “Victor is a beginner coach & they do tend when they start off to use the experiences that shaped them”, so Yakov ‘the only coach for him’, would have been the most likely one to do this.

And yet, I don’t think so. Yakov shouts a lot, but he still keeps offering Viktor a chance to return. He complains but he looks after Yuuri for the day when he has his own skater to worry about. He reminds me of Yurio actually, a bit of a tsundere. And in the GPF, when Yurio skates, Yakov has this very sweet flashback to a young Viktor skating.

Originally posted by kyotoxox

So yeah, I don’t think Yakov would have tried to shatter Viktor’s heart either.

Having said all that, I do think the reason Viktor chose to do that with Yuuri does tie in with Yakov’s coaching. 

Viktor was really struggling in that episode, so he adopted his own coach’s mentality (he’d been doing that in episode 5 too when he’d ask himself ‘what would Yakov do?’). And Yakov is all about the tough love because, let’s be honest, with disobedient skaters like Yurio and Viktor he probably has no choice but to yell! 

I actually did a whole (long eheh) meta thing about what went on in the garage scene. That’s what I believe happened, a calculated act of desperation somewhat! 

How To Be A Great Teacher, From 12 Great Teachers

Are you a great Teacher? Let’s look at the thoughts of 12 great Teachers. 

Source: NPR

Great teachers have two things in common: an exceptional level of devotion to their students, and the drive to inspire each one to learn and succeed.

At NPR Ed we’re just about halfway through our 50 Great Teachers project.

We’ve profiled teachers at all levels, in all subjects, from all over the country and overseas too. The series has taken us from rural Drumright, Okla., to a mountaintop in Israel. From a jazz class in New Orleans to a Boy Scout troop in South Central LA to the lost world of ancient Greece.

And so we’ve taken a moment here to pull from those stories some of the thoughts and lessons from those teachers that have stuck with us.

Together, they almost make a mini-guide for teachers.

1. Realize Teaching Is A Learned Skill

“I’m really trying hard to dispel this idea that teaching is this thing you’re born to do and it’s somehow natural to everyday life. I don’t think either of those things is true.”

Deborah Ball, dean of the School of Education at the University of Michigan.

2. Get To The Truth

“I’ll tell you the truth, you tell me the truth. The rest is commentary.”

Molly Pollak, 40-year veteran middle and high school English teacher, New York City

For 20 years, Conrad Cooper has been teaching children in Los Angeles to swim by earning his young students’ unwavering trust.

Elissa Nadworny/NPR

3. Build Trust

“Swimming is the easy part. It’s the trust part that’s the most difficult for them.”

Conrad Cooper, swim teacher, Los Angeles

4. Assume a Secret Identity

“Giving myself a name, Mr. Spider, gave me an out. It gave me a way to express a side of me I musta had but never took out.”

Mathias Schergen, “Mr. Spider,” elementary school art teacher, Chicago

5. Be A Sparring Partner

“All these students around me, they can easily come, and they can challenge me. They can reject me. They can oppose me. They can laugh with me. Sometimes they can even laugh at me. They can!”

Aziz Royesh, teacher, Afghanistan

6. Be Someone To Watch Over Them

“I want them to say, ‘At least one person, Miss Begay, is there every day for me. Miss Begay is going to wonder where I am if I go missing. There will be one person looking out for me, and it’s Miss Begay.’ ”

Tia Tsosie Begay, a 4th grade teacher in Arizona.

7. Be A Teacher, Not A Friend

Coach Nick Haley talks with a student during crew practice in Portland, Or. He stresses teaching over friendship.

David P Gilkey/NPR

“It’s important to support them. It’s important to respect them. It’s important to nurture them. But, a friend? No.”

Nick Haley, rowing coach in Portland, Ore.

8. Believe In Their Success

“The same tools the schools use to show they cannot succeed, we use them in opposite way.”

Ali Shalalha, principal, Beit Jann Comprehensive School, Israel

9. Recognize It Takes Vulnerability To Learn

“It takes a lot for any student, especially for a student who is learning English as their new language, to feel confident enough to say, 'I don’t know, but I want to know.’ ”

Thomas Whaley, 2nd grade teacher, Patchogue, N.Y.

10. Look For The Success Stories

“I know that you cannot save everybody. But if one of them could just go along, complete his education, go to college, and I see him in the future doing something positive with his life, that makes me think that what I was doing is all worthwhile.”

Rodney Carey, high school equivalency teacher, New Orleans

11. Blow Off Steam, But Remember Why You’re Here

“Yeah, there’s days where I complain. And the people I complain to think I’m insane because I haven’t left this place. But these kids deserve better.”

Sarah Hagan, high school math teacher, Drumright, Okla.

12. Be Grateful To Your Own Teachers

“I am the product of great teachers. They can show you something that you have never seen before. And awaken that little something inside of you that you’ve never seen before.”

no but imagine daffy training fenton for some random sporting event

daffy: i call you a lady to humiliate and demean you. it’s a motivational tool we coaches use.

~somewhere else~

lola: hmm…idk why but i think i’ll kick daffy’s butt tomorrow. :I This definitely ranks one of the top 10 best moments of my life. It’s hard to put into words what it means when your instructor and personal inspiration, teams up with his former instructor and personal inspiration to create a memorable coaching lesson jam packed with helpful tools to create a better dancer. I just couldn’t possibly be more grateful and blessed to have had this opportunity. Thank you vladkvartin and iamvalc for everything.

User Experience Statistics

1. More than nine out of 10 (95%) agreed with the statement that ‘good user experience just makes sense’. (Econsultancy)

2. Nearly three quarters (73%) of companies currently not conducting user experience testing will be doing so in the next 12 months. (Econsultancy)

3. Visual data is processed 60,000 times faster by the brain than text. (SocialTimes)  

4. 66% of mobile users find that web pages load too slow. (Keynote Systems, Inc)4. 50% of average global mobile web users now use mobile as either their primary or exclusive means of going online. (inmobi)

5. Users preferred mobile websites for news, food/entertainment info, travel info, shopping info, and shopping. (Keynote Systems, Inc)

6. Smartphone users preferred to use mobile apps over mobile websites for map information, social media updates, e‐mail, and banking information. (Keynote Systems, Inc)

7. 57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site. (Google’s Mobile Playbook)

8. 48% of users say that if they arrive on a business site that isn’t working well on mobile, they take it as an indication of the business simply not caring. (MarginMedia)

9. 40% of users have turned to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile experience. (Google’s Mobile Playbook)

10. Emails with social sharing buttons increase clickthrough rates by 158%. (SocialTimes)

11. 28.85% of all emails are opened on mobile phones and 10.16% on tablets. (Super Monitoring)

12. Only 11% of companies (Fortune 500 Companies) have social media links above the fold, and 89% below. (Go-Globe)

13. 47% of websites have a clear call-to-action button that takes users 3 seconds or less to see. (Go-Globe)

14. 70% (of the 200 small business websites evaluated) don’t display clear calls-to-action for anything on their home pages, such as specials, e-mail newsletters, how-to guides, demos, and interactive tools. (Online Marketing Coach)


This is not about strength.
This is about heart.

My heart goes out to some of you. I get that a lot of you have very big hyper focused aesthetic goals.

But I think for some you may focus too much on it and end up spinning your wheels. The concept of posting a picture of another human and saying “goal body” seems a little disordered. Seek your body. Seek YOUR mind. Seek YOUR own strength.

I think this steams from using extremes to reach your goals. “I want to lose body fat” so you eliminate an entire macro nutrient or drastically make changes to your nutrition by restricting a ton of food sources. The intention is great, but it sets you up once progress stalls to hit a hard wall. Same with lifting, training to failure using a all or nothing approach, again it has its time and place. But a consistent thoughtful progression can and will produce the result you need. Then later once it stalls you can add some volume, or intensity. Or constantly needing extreme amounts of mental stimulation either from an outside source or with other means. AGAIN terrific tool, but needing your coach to constantly psych you, or having to do it to yourself can lead to hard stalls where more is the only answer.

I am not telling ANYONE what to do. But consistency is the key to progression. Focus on YOUR current adaptation, YOUR current needs, and adjust to yourself.

In today’s world moderate views are not sexy, they are not extreme, the Bailey’s wont make FNF videos about them. But they do work, you wouldn’t light the forest on fire to heat your cabin in the mountains, you feed your wood stove a little bit at a time. To be efficient in order to survive the harsh times.

code pink

TWO FICS IN ONE DAY?! You guys are lucky! Ok this is part of the together universe. A mix of two prompts that I have gotten. But here ye go. Enjoy!

The operating room was silent, only a fluttering sound of the machines beeping at random intervals as she and Jo, her fellow, went about their work. She looked up at the closed gallery, surprised to find someone standing up there, but smiled as her eyes locked with Owen’s.

She looked back down at her patient, a fifteen year old who had a tumor the size of a golf ball on her brain. One wrong move, one flinch, this kid would be gone.

“Suction.” She breathed, and Jo placed the suction in the cavity. “Ok, Wilson, I need you to– ah!” Amelia cried out.

Jo’s face went white. “Ah, what?” Jo asked. Amelia pulled her scalpel away from her patient’s brain and pushed them into Jo’s hands.

“I–” Amelia breathed out heavily through clenched teeth. “I’m having contra–ah–actions.” She whimpered. “Ta–take this.” She said, shoving the medical instruments into Jo’s hands. “Keep re–resecting”

Jo’s eyes went wide and she continued with Amelia’s surgery. “I’m only a first year attending, are you sure about this?” She asked.

“Jo, I need you to. Finish resecting.” She breathed. “Just—” she was interrupted by the simultaneous beeping of pagers.

“What do we have?” Jo asked.

“Code Pink.” A nurse relayed. “We are to stay put. One of the psyche patients escaped from the ward and took a toddler. We have no idea where she went.”

Amelia groaned loudly and Jo wasn’t sure if it was in pain or in annoyance. “You holding up, Shepherd?” She asked, peeking back at the surgeon. Amelia nodded to her with a tight smile.

“I’m only twenty-nine weeks. He shouldn’t be coming. I shouldn’t be having contractions right now.” She cried out.

“Bohkee, turn the intercom on.” Jo instructed. Bohkee obliged and Jo paused her work, looking up at the gallery towards Owen, the redhead stopped pacing once her voice sounded through.

“Dr. Hunt,” she said and he looked down through the window. “We are under a code pink lockdown. It looks like you will be in the gallery for a while, but Amelia has started contracting. They look to be about four to five minutes apart. I need to finish operating on this patient. I will be sure to update you, okay?” She informed and Owen sighed loudly.

“Wilson, keep me updated.” He spoke sadly. Jo could vividly hear the worry in his voice.

“It’ll be okay.” She said and looked up at him and back to Amelia. The brunette was holding on to one of the nurses shoulders, in a squatting position and trying to relieve her contractions.

“I’m done. Tumor is out. Closing now.” Jo said, after another forty-five agonizing minutes. She turned back towards Amelia, who was pacing back and forth, getting ready to take her gloves off as the fellow surgeon’s eyes fluttered shut and she started falling.

Jo ran over, and with the help of a nurse the two had gently laid her back. “The baby is losing oxygen, turn the com on.” She instructed.

Owen looked down as the intercom turned on. “What happened? What’s going on? WILSON!” He yelled, scared for his wife and child.

“Hunt, the baby is losing oxygen. Amelia’s pulse is weak and she’s going to go into tachycardia.”

“Jo, get the baby out. She’s going to die and the baby will die if you don’t. Robbins can’t get in here. I know you’re in Neuro, but you have to. You have to save them.” He said, his hands pressed up against the glass window, staring down at his unconscious wife.

“We aren’t equipped for a cesarean.” Jo spoke. “I don’t have anything for a baby.”

“I’ll walk you through it, it’s like being out in the field. You have to use the tools you have.” He coached. “Put her on the gurney you brought your patient in on.” He instructed.

Both Jo and two nurses helped lift the pregnant surgeon onto the gurney and expose her swelling stomach. Jo grabbed a pair of fresh gloves and spread antiseptic over the area she would be cutting into before picking up a scalpel.

Jo and the anesthesiologist ran a separate IV through Amelia’s arm, making sure she wouldn’t wake up from her unconscious state. She then made sure there was a steady flow of oxygen to Amelia and the baby before cutting.

“Make your cuts. No more than ten centimeters.” Owen spoke through the com.

Jo pressed the scalpel into Amelia’s stomach and glided it across her flesh. “I don’t have clamps. I need gentle hands to pull back on the incision to get the baby out.” She said and one of the nurses pulled back on the incision so Jo could grab the baby.

“Hunt, what do I do? The baby isn’t breathing and I need to tend to him and close up!” She said frantically.

“Staples. Just for now, use staples instead of stitches and close Amelia up. Then tend to the baby.” He said and Jo handed the tiny bundle to a nurse.

She then made quick work of closing Amelia back up so she could tend to the infant.

She walked over to where a nurse was standing with the little boy, gently rubbing his back, trying to get him to cry. “I need a oxygen mask. And some suction.” She requested. The nurse handed her the suction tube and she gently suctioned out the baby’s airways, then placed an oxygen mask over the tiny baby’s face, the mask covering his whole head.

Every second she manually bagged the baby. Every second she hoped and prayed and willed that the baby would live.

“Wilson?” Owen’s voice sounded above her.

She didn’t answer him, but looked up at him with a smile as the little tiny baby let out a small cry.

Owen stopped pacing and ran his hands over his face, grateful that both Amelia and his son were alive.

“I’m going to keep bagging him until this code is cleared. Page Robbins and get her and a NICU team on standby.” She said. Owen pulled out his phone.

Her head turned, side to side as her eyes opened and the light shone into them. “How do you feel?” Owen asked her and she moaned.

“Baby?” She mumbled. “Is the baby okay?” She asked quietly.

Owen nodded. “He’s down in the NICU. Wilson saved you both.” Owen spoke, touching her hand.

“He’s okay? He is too early.” She said, crying.

“He’s early but he’s a fighter.” Owen told her. “He needs a name.”

“Joey. Joseph.” Amelia said without even thinking about it.

“Joey Christopher?” Owen suggested an Amelia nodded, sleepily.

“I’m going to go tell Ben, Ollie and Everett they have a little brother. They’ve been down in the daycare all day.” Owen said getting ready to leave her room.

“Tell Wilson to visit me.” Amelia asked, shutting her eyes.


Broccoli - the DNA whisperer: Tom Malterre at TEDxBellingham

I had the pleasure to speak at TEDxBellingham in November of last year. Here is the video If you haven’t had a chance to watch my TED talk on nutrition. Here’s some background on me

“Since the age of 10, Tom Malterre has been fascinated by the science of nutrition. In his quest to understand the genius of food, he has achieved both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in nutritional science from Bastyr University, learned from world experts in medicine at the Institute for Functional Medicine, become a faculty member of the Autism Research Institute, co-authored two books, and coached numerous health care practitioners on using nutritional science as a tool in their clinical practices. Tom loves to spend time with his wife and children hiking in the mountains, harvesting wild food, and tending to the family garden. " 

If you are interested in the most up to date information on nutrition, living GMO free, or Gluten free or are looking for great healthy recipes you can follow my tumblr blog here

Want to know my dream? Being a professional blogger. Delivering the content I do now on self-care, creativity, spirituality and inspiration on a wide scale. Creating really creative, honest, fun and interesting documentaries that reveal the beauty of people like you and I. Writing books and doing motivational speaking. Creating visually delicious and inspirational home decor for the creatives, the dreamers and the go-getters. Leading workshops. Teaching yoga. Life coaching. Supplying endless tools for the everyday person to be empowered in themselves, in their dreams, in their passions, in their beliefs. Being paid to travel, explore, inspire, ignite, empower, unite, motivate, seek, find and discover the beauty of life and self.


When learning technique, sometimes athletes lack the necessary body awareness to adjust their movement upon verbal command or may (erroneously) believe they are replicating demonstrated movements correctly. In these cases, the kinesthetic method is a highly effective coaching tool for athletes to overcome the obstacles above.

This method requires the instructor to use a stick or their hands to put the athlete in the proper position, point out key issues, and remind the athlete of a specific task. During the 2015 Ma Strength weightlifting camp, former snatch record holder and camp coach Wang Zhongyong reminded youth world champion Gao Yimei (44kg) to push her knees out, relax her arms, tighten her back, and maintain her balance properly to fix a slight hop in her snatch practice (as he did with camp participants). Whether you’re a coach or athlete, there’s plenty to learn at the 2016 Ma Strength camp so send your application today! #mastrength #mastrengthyourstrength #mastrengthcamp #chineseweightlifting #snatches #mastery #CrossFit #CrossFitweightlifting #weightlifting


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anonymous asked:

Do you have advice for working hard in school? Im smart but so lazy :(

find a motivation that’s not about school. think about the career you want and the steps you need to get there. going to school is going to be one of those steps sometimes. so see school as a tool, teachers as a coach to help you get to your goals. see school as the necessary steps to get you from point A to B. make school work for you.

if that doesn’t work, try eliminating distractions. tumblr, facebook, twitter, youtube, friends, family. each day carve out a specific number of hours where you “log off.” sometimes it’s not just that we’re lazy. when we’re not motivated it’s easy to distract ourselves. so eliminate distractions and you’ll find that even unpleasant tasks end up taking less time. less time working on school stuff can give you more time to do what you’re passionate about, like read, or paint, or dance, or play sports, etc.

Other people’s advantages are not an excuse for you to lose; they should motivate you to beat them. Just because a person has all the development resources- all the coaches, all the scouting, all the tools to train at the highest level, just because a person won the last Olympics or beat you the last time you met or is pumped full of steroids, they don’t get an extra score on the board when the fight starts. The fight is yours to win.
—  Ronda Rousey