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watching the canwnt game and listening to commentators talk about how canadian coach jon herdman wants to build on-field partnerships and chemistry now so they're locked down by wc/oly qualifying, but also 'no shirts handed out', everyone has to earn their spot on the roster and in the starting lineup... sigh, at least someone on this continent is getting it right.


when Jill Ellis makes the shortlist for FIFA women’s coach but John Herdman doesn’t

when Christine Sinclair isn’t on the shortlist for best women’s player


y’all need another reason to love Coach Handsome?


“(Christine Sinclair) gave me the (captain’s) armband and I was already in tears,” McLeod said with a chuckle after Canada trained in advance of Wednesday’s repeat fixture with Sweden.

“And then (Head Coach) John (Herdman) asked me to say a few things to the locker room and, fighting through my tears as I’m a sensitive emotional person, I just thanked everyone. I feel so grateful and I’m just so honoured that I get to play for these people every day.”

How can you not love Erin?


Given the result, is there any regret about not taking the England job now?

(Laughs), “No chance.”

“This is a real football country, okay? Women’s football country - so I don’t care what the result is tonight but those fans showed everyone around the world how to support the women’s game. And – (laughs) you nearly got me there, I was about go off on one but I’m not. I’ll tell you where I’ll be tomorrow, I’ll be walking along that (Vancouver) seafront with my wife and my kids, looking ahead into the future. 

Women’s World Cup coaches have upped their fashion game, but can they compete with John Herdman?
by Laura Vecsey

Forget soccer. This World Cup is bringing us a showdown of some of the snazziest sideline dressers in women’s futbol. The looks are so impressive that, we hate to admit it, the most sartorial savvy coaches sometimes steal the stage. Christine Sinclair is a fabulous athlete, but coach John Herdman is positively eye candy, thanks to his fastidious grooming. The camera don’t lie.

Herdman almost broke Twitter last week when he showed up for Canada’s knockout round win over Switzerland wearing, perhaps, the tightest white short-sleeve shirt this side of “Magic Mike.” 

No matter how Canada does in this tournament, the program should be significantly enriched by the poster sales of John Herdman’s tight shirt

— Bruce Arthur (@bruce_arthur)

June 22, 2015

John Herdman, down a few shirt buttons, looking cool pitchside #FIFAWWC. Forget Dos Equis guy. Canada coach may be most interesting man …

— Neil Davidson (@NeilMDavidson)

June 6, 2015

Snark award for the best commentary about Herdman’s haberdashery: “What’s this? Herdman shopping at Baby Gap?” The 39-year-old Englishman came so close to popping his shirt buttons that B.C. Place fans were said to be issued safety goggles.

Herdman is easy on the eyes, but he’s not the only one. Of the eight coaches left standing heading into the quarterfinals, five wear street clothes on the sideline and three wear team gear, so we’ll leave out Jill Ellis (Nike) Philippe Bergeroo (Nike) and Norio Sasaki (adidas) because, apparently, they choose not to use any imagination inside the dressing room.

Now it’s time to vote now for your snappiest sideline general:

John Herdman - Canada

Hao Wei - China

Silvia Neid - Germany

Alen Stajcic - Australia 

Mark Sampson - England

So who’s your pick?

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Team Canada

With the semi-final game today and it being Canada Day, I would like to say a few words to the Canwnt and fans. I originally was going to write this on Sunday in the wake of the loss, but decided it was best to let every one including myself grieve. If I spoke too soon the words might have been rash and regretful. So with a sound mind and still a heavy heart I will begin by saying……

Team Canada, us Canadians still love you.

Despite your loss, you still managed to inspire a nation through WOMENS soccer. This is unheard of in a country run by men’s hockey and the NHL. Being in Canada I can say that these games took over this country for the past month. On game days (especially Canada games) there was extensive coverage on TSN (1 through 5), pregame and post game included. It was all over bar and restaurant TVs with every one decked out in as much red as you can wear. Heck, if you were to walk into any sports chek I can guarantee you they would be sold out or have a now limited selection of Team Canada merch. An average of over 2 million tuned in each game and the attendance was at 50 000+. This country caught team canada fever and even after our loss there is no end in sight for the future support of this team.

Now speaking directly to the team. Starting with our coach, John Herdman. Mr. Herdman, regardless of what the media has/is still saying about your role on this team I, as a devout fan, would like to extend my gratitude to you from the bottom of my heart. Coach Herdman, you have not only inspired your team, you have inspired a nation of young girls who want YOU to be their coach on this national team. Your hard work and dedication for this team is unwaivering and it shows throughout the games. Yes we understand there were tactical errors and some poor line-up decisions, but as they say we win as a team we lose as a team. We cannot shift blame onto a coach who gave his heart to the game and his players.

To our defensive line, Lauren Sessleman, Carmelina Moscato, Allysha Chapman, Robyn Gayle, Marie-eve Nault, Rhian Wilkinson, Emily Zurrer. Speaking for almost all of you this was not your first world cup, but for a few of you this could be your last. And knowing that, I certainly believed you put everything you got into these games and left everything on the field on Saturday. Was there mistakes? Yes, but you are only human. Speaking to Lauren, some people may blame you but I think that was just shitty luck. On any other day you wouldn’t have tripped and that’s the way the cookie crumbles. I purposely left out Kadiesha Buchannan because I wanted to say, HOLY SHIT. You, are one of the most technical and tenacious defenders I have ever seen in either side of this sport. (men’s and women’s) With that being said you are 19 years old and you truly are the future of this team.You are a born leader and a born defender by sliding into hard challenges with ease and composure. Your speed and confidence on the ball in our end is a gift to watch. You have nothing to be ashamed of by losing your match against England. Also a special shout out to Josee Belanger whose efforts on defence are not to be forgotten.

To our midfielders, Sophie Schmidt, Desiree Scott, Kaylyn Kyle, Selenia Iacchelli, Diana Matheson. True talent radiates through our midfield, All of you have amazing footwork and sight of both fields and it often goes unnoticed. Sophie, the media hyped you up as one of the best midfielders in this game, did we see that this tournament? We saw glimpses, with some great services on set pieces and through balls galore, but you definitely didn’t show your best self for the full 90 (that injury though?) Ashley Lawrence and Jessie Flemming. First off miss Lawerence you are a super star. 20 years old and scores one of the most important goals in this tournament. You’re a goal seeking midfielder and world class to boot. Truly a force to be reckoned with in the future with this team. Finally Jessie Flemming, I have never seen a more confident 17 year old playing with and against people twice her age and not only holding her own, but showing up some veterans by a long stretch. The speed we’ve gained with you and the pace with the ball is incredible. Your composure on the ball is of a player far beyond your years and experience. Much is to be said with the likes of you and Ashley on our team in the future.

Our forwards, Jonelle Filigno, Melissa Tancredi, Adriana Leon. My god you give me heart attacks. The consistent pressure that all of you put forward on the ball is something that must not go unnoticed. Without that pressure scoring chances would be non existent. Tanc, although you are starting to show your age your talent and strength on the ball does not take a hit, with as many chances as a young 21 year old in front of the net and a beast in the air you are still a force to be reckoned with. Josee Belanger, the fact that you can be a superstar on defense and put one in the back of the net in your natural role is astonishing and proves that your soccer ability is one of a kind. You are a true class act and a team player to step up when you are called upon. I’m so excited to see what the future on this team holds for you.

To our fabulous keepers, Stephanie Labbe, Karina Leblanc, Erin Mcleod. Although only Erin saw game time, I know the talents of all of you and “brick wall” is the noun I would use in comparison. Erin Mcleod, I’ve said it a million times, I literally trust you with my life. Your ball control and footwork is kind of a legend in the world of keepers, speaking as a keeper myself I applaud your incredible abilities in that aspect. The vertical and agility you possess is a talent of its own and must be highlighted all the time. I am a watcher of the sportscenter top 10 and I’m pretty sure half of your saves were in the highlight reel. Your ability to track the balls through “rush hour” traffic baffles me. My only wish is that you never retire. Speaking of retirement, Miss Karina Leblanc, a staple on this team, you are the original Canadian great wall and those talents have not disappeared in the slightest. Not only your talents, but you’re relentless spirit, pride and love for this team will be truly missed. You leave this team a legend and still with the best hair. 

Last but certainly not least. Oh captain my captain, Christine Sinclair, there aren’t enough words to describe how much Canada appreciates the gifts you bring to this team. No matter what the media bullshits about you. There is only two words to describe Captain Canada, World. Class. You are the epitome of women’s soccer in my eyes. You don’t always have to score goals, but when you do it’s always worldies for days. Your ability to see the field and provide service to players is truly remarkable. Shown in Saturday’s match your footwork and ability to possess the ball is out of this world and should be put on display in a fucking museum. I have never seen someone more confident with ball in my life. The second the ball touches your feet I think the whole country breathes a sigh of relief knowing that the ball is in your control. The word pride can’t embody what it feels like to have you as our captain. Your level-headed-ness and leadership is respected and loved by not only your teammates, but by all of Canada. Always the quiet leader by words, but a loud leader through actions. There aren’t enough praises that could be sung about our incredible captain and as long as your our captain I have the most confidence in our team. I hope to see you in France 2019.

With all of this being said, to the team we thank you for your efforts on the pitch. You are all world class players and we are all so very proud of the work you have done for your country. Hold your heads up very high as you walk away from this tournament. We love you all the same with or without a world cup in your hands. To the fans, old and new. Remember this not the end of the road for this team. The future has never looked brighter for team Canada and with Rio just around the corner, expect great things from these girls. I promise they will not disappoint. Remember to fill the stands for friendlies, keep the support and energy from this world cup going. This team is NOT going anywhere but up. What a wonderful time to be a fan. Keep bleeding red and white. Keep being proud of this team and of our girls. They truly have given us something to be proud of this year. True canadians through and through. That’s what I see when I look at this team. 

All the best in the future I along with many others will be rooting for you in RIO and in France in 2019. 


Canadian Soccer Fan

Christine Sinclair injury may be less serious than originally thought

The prognosis on Canadian captain Christine Sinclair, who had to be helped off the field last weekend in a NWSL game, may be better than initial reports suggested. ………..

The Oregonian reported that Sinclair watched the Thorns’ practice Wednesday with ice on her ankle.

While Sinclair was slated to undergo an MRI this week, a Thorns spokeswoman said Thursday there was no update available. But Canadian national team coach John Herdman said his understanding was the injury is not that serious.

The Canadian team medical staff is scheduled to be in Portland this weekend to see for themselves.