coach flip flops

@magical-awesome-kid @kittychat-ladybug @doitsu-does-the-satanic-bingo Y’all rang for Adrien not being able to swim? 


Adrien studied the water in front of him anxiously, his gaze sliding across the smooth, glassy surface that seemed to taunt him, make fun of him.

Time for everyone to find out you can’t swim, it seemed to snicker. Adrien’s cheeks burned slightly and he tugged at the drawstring on his swim trunks. The great Chat Noir, a silly little kitty cat scared of water. What a cliché.

“All right!” the coach snapped, making Adrien jump about a foot in the air. “Everyone get into the pool, we’re starting with a couple of warm up laps.”

The jocks in the class were quick to jump in, flexing their muscles obnoxiously for the girls standing off to the side, who were all silently groaning at the display of testosterone.

As the girls started to slide in, followed by the less athletic guys, the coach flip flopped his way up to Adrien, his hands on his hips. “AGRESTE!” he barked. “IN THE POOL!”

Adrien flinched, stepping backwards. His heel caught on the lip that allowed swimmers easy access in and out of the water, and with a flail of his arms and a shriek that he knew would get him teased for the next century, he slammed backwards into the ice cold water.

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