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THE REVENANT - model: Wouter Peelen - photographer: Giampaolo Sgura - stylist: Miguel Arnau - grooming: Andrew Guida -GQ Spain November 2016

  • featured designers: Coach - Ralph Lauren - Emporia Armani - Gucci - Valentino - Ermenegildo Zegna - Dries Van Noten - Hackett - Bottega Veneta - Marni - Prada - Loewe

THE REVENANT - model: Wouter Peelen - photographer: Giampaolo Sgura - stylist: Miguel Arnau - grooming: Andrew Guida -GQ Spain November 2016

  • featured designers: Coach - Ralph Lauren - Emporia Armani - Gucci - Valentino - Ermenegildo Zegna - Dries Van Noten - Hackett - Bottega Veneta - Marni - Prada - Loewe

au where instead of being in space everyone’s high school teachers

Karasuno headcannons;

Karasuno university majors-
Kiyoko -
Psychology with a major in forensic psychology and a minor in literature.
Daichi - Nutrition and physiology.
Sugawara -
Medical sciences with a major in pediatrics.
Asahi -
Arts with a major in humanities.
Ennoshita - Film and media with a major in script writing and film making.
Kinnoshita - Small business management (He wants to open his own bakery)
Narita - Agricultural sciences with a major in urban landscape.
Tanaka -
Physical education and coaching
Nishinoya -
Sports scholarship playing volleyball with a major in sports sciences and a focus on refereeing/coaching.
Yachi -
Graphic design and media.
Hinata -
Sports scholarship playing volleyball with a major in physical therapy.
Kageyama - Sports scholarship playing volleyball with a major in sports sciences.
Tsukishima -
Palaeobiology with a major in palaeontology and research.
Yamaguchi - Medical sciences with a major in anatomy and histology.

Karasuno possible tattoos -
Kiyoko -
Mehndi design as a neck and spine piece.
Daichi - Deer/wolf design in black and white as a thigh piece.
Sugawara - Coloured lotus design as a back piece.
Asahi - Rose design as a foot/calf piece.
Ennoshita - A film reference of some sort as an upper arm piece.
Kinnoshita - A scenery design as an upper back piece.
Narita - Geometrical design as a forearm piece.
Tanaka - Anchor tattoo with Nishinoya  Tribal tattoo as a back piece.
Nishinoya - Anchor tattoo with Tanaka Squid design, coloured as a sleeve.
Yachi - Sunflowers and dandelions as a foot/ankle piece.
Hinata - Water colour bird design as a shoulder blade piece.
Kageyama - Black and white realistic bird design as a rib piece.
Tsukishima - Dinosaurs/Music reference as a spine piece or collarbone piece.
Yamaguchi - Anatomical tattoo as a half chest piece.

Karasuno possible injuries -
Kiyoko -
Wrist tenderness.
Daichi - Thigh tendonitis, calf muscle tear and issues with a knee dislocation. Sugawara - jammed and sprained fingers. wrist and elbow tenderness.
Asahi - Ankle and achilles tendon issues from his height and weight with repetitive jumping. Shoulder sprain and inflammation from spiking. (Ace position is demanding)
Ennoshita - Ongoing issues with hamstring and calves.
Kinnoshita - sprained fingers and calf tenderness.
Narita - Ongoing issues from a torn ankle tendon due to landing poorly.
Tanaka - Roator cuff in right shoulder, inflammation in shoulders from previous dislocation and pulled hand tendon. (Again, that ace position)
Nishinoya - Elbow tendonitis and contact bruising and floor burn. ITB symptoms from constant diving and quick movements.
Yachi - Sprained fingers.
Hinata - Knee tendonitis and achilles sprain from excessive jumping. Sprained fingers.
Kageyama - Jammed, sprained and broken fingers. Shoulder inflammation and knee tenderness.
Tsukishima - Hip labral tear and ankle tenderness from constant pivoting, jumping and quick position changes. Finger sprains from blocking. (Middle blockers take a beating)
Yamaguchi - Finger sprains, elbow tendonitis and knee inflammation from serving.

Karasuno hobbies other than volleyball -
Kiyoko - Music. - Often goes to live shows and concerts and album releases.
Daichi - Trivia nights. - he knows a lot about useless things.
Sugawara - Theater - This also extends to trashy musicals.
Asahi - Sketching - He mostly sketches animals and scenery.
Ennoshita - Creative writing - This is part of the reason why he got so interested in films and film making.
Kinnoshita - Cooking/baking - Baking is his favourite. The team often ask him to bring in snacks.
Narita - Computers/technology - He’s on top of new releases and research in the industry and is scary good with IT.
Tanaka - Anime/manga - He doesn’t have a preferred genre and will watch whatever catches his eye. Some of his past favorites include; Akira, DBZ and Parasyte.
Nishinoya - Skateboarding - He thought it looked cool at first and then enjoyed the amount of energy and effort it required.
Yachi - Flower pressing. - She enjoys the calm atmosphere it has. She made good luck charms for the senpai with their birth month flower for their exams.
Hinata - Really enjoys swimming. - This extends to anything to do with water, such as water parks, beaches, pools etc. It also doubles as good exercise for volleyball so bonus points in Hinata’s books.
Kageyama - Getting Oikawa to teach him how to serve. Likes going to the aquarium and zoo. - He likes the atmosphere those places have and enjoys looking at the animals.
Tsukishima - Literally anything to do with horror - Games, films, books etc. Yamaguchi -  Reading - He’s very well read and will read anything from text books to fantasy to literature classics and crime. He will literally read anything simply for the sake of reading it even if he doesn’t enjoy it.

The “Ends up talking during the movie” squad - Asahi, Tanaka, Ennoshita, Hinata, Tsukishima and Yachi.
The “Super photogenic no matter whats going on” squad
- Kiyoko, Sugawara, Narita and Yamaguchi
The “Super into PDA” squad
- Asahi, Sugawara, Kinnoshita, Nishinoya, Hinata, Yamaguchi and Yachi.
The “Horrible sleeper” squad
- Daichi, Ennoshita, Tanaka, Hinata, Tsukishima and Yachi.
The “Clingy sleeper” squad - Kiyoko, Asahi, Sugawara, Nishinoya, Narita and Kageyama.
The “Sweet tooth” squad
- Asahi, Kinnoshita, Nishinoya, Hinata, Tsukishima and Yachi.
The “I drown my fries in ketchup” squad
- Daichi, Tanaka, Hinata and Yamaguchi
The “Falls asleep in class” squad
- Tanaka, Nishinoya and Hinata.
The “Constantly texts during class” squad
- Sugawara, Ennoshita, Tsukishima and Yamaguchi.
The “Updates social media every 10 seconds” squad - Sugawara, Ennoshita, Narita, Tanaka, Nishinoya, Hinata, Tsukishima and Yachi.
The “Hardly ever updates social media but still has a lot of friends/followers” squad
- Kiyoko, Daichi and Yamaguchi.
The “Sleeps with socks on” squad
- Daichi, Narita, Tanaka, Hinata and Yamaguchi.
The “Has really nice handwriting” squad
- Kiyoko, Sugawara, Ennoshita, Tsukishima and Yachi.
The “Not even you can decipher your own handwriting” squad
- Asahi, Narita, Tanaka and Kageyama
The “I’m always cold” squad
- Sugawara, Nishinoya, Hinata and Yachi
The “I always over heat” squad
- Daichi, Asahi, Kinnoshita, Tanaka and Yamaguchi.
The coffee drinkers
- Daichi, Ennoshita, Tanaka, Tsukishima and Yamaguchi.
The tea drinkers
- Kiyoko, Sugawara, Asahi, Narita, Hinata and Yachi.
The hot chocolate drinkers
-  Kageyama.
The “I’ll take whatever is offered” drinkers
- Kinnoshita and Nishinoya.

  • Do not watch a movie with Ennoshita unless you want an essay on what the actors/directors/producers have done previously, facts about the way particular scenes were shot and where they were shot and how certain special effects are actually done.
  • Yachi continues to keep in contact with the graduating third years and then the second years when they eventually graduate, updating them on practices and when match times are if they wish to attend.
  • Daichi and the other third years have a trivia team for trivia nights
  • Kiyoko and Tsukishima often recommend music to each other, swapping CD’s and USB’s.
  •  Asahi and Yachi like to discuss artists they like. Sometimes they get a group together to go to the art gallery.
  • Tsukishima and Tanaka often end up trashing movies when they watch them with the rest of the team.
  • Nishinoya on occasion skateboards into school. Sometimes he pushes Hinata and Tanaka around on it. It doesn’t always end well.
  • Kinnoshita often brings in baked goods when its someones birthday.
  • Sugawara often makes obscure theater references and more often than not Ennoshita and Yamaguchi are the only ones who get them.
  • Everyone is surprised when they find out that Narita is super good with computers and technology, he’s often the one that does a lot of filming editing for Ennoshita’s projects.
  • Surprisingly Kageyama and Tsukishima are the two who get along with Natsu the best. (Next to Sugawara of course)
  • Yamaguchi is quite well read and pulls out book quotes left right and centre in conversation.
  • Yamaguchi is the best at videogames out of all the first years and Kageyama is the worst.
What’s the deal with this Bersih thing?

So I’ve reblogged a bunch of Bersih 4 rally stuff, and I thought you guys might like to know what’s up with that. I’m not particularly well-versed in this, but here are the basics:

Earlier this year, the Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib (I refuse to use honorifics), was reported by Wall Street Journal to have transferred RM2.6 billion (that’s about $700 million) out of a government-run development company, 1 Malaysia Development Berhad, into his own personal accounts. Yes, under his own name

One month later, he claimed that this RM2.6 billion was, in fact, donations, primarily from Saudi Arabia as thanks for fighting ISIS. A different government official claims to have seen the cheque with his very own eyes. (Dude, who writes cheques for $700 million? Also, why would donation money go into the prime minister’s personal accounts, and not that of the government or the political party?)

The worst part is that the government is shutting down everyone who dares speak out about this. The Sarawak Report, the website that had been primarily involved with exposing all this, was blocked. The Edge, a newspaper that had been reporting about this 1MDB scandal, has been suspended. Government ministers critical of the scandal have been removed from their positions. Even the attorney general heading the investigation into the scandal was, without warning, forced to resign. (Literally, he walked into the office and was told he wasn’t supposed to be there.)

Bersih means clean in Malay; the Bersih 4 rally is a huge protest by the Malaysian people who are infuriated by the actions (or lack thereof) being taken to punish the prime minister for his crimes. Bersih 4′s five demands are:

1. Free and fair elections
2. A transparent government
3. The right to demonstrate
4. A stronger parliamentary democracy system
5. The rescue of the national economy

There’s still so much more that’s happened. This is Bersih 4, this is the fourth time Malaysians have felt the need to protest against a corrupt government. Even now, we are being oppressed, forced into silence. The newspapers and radio stations cannot report anything that casts the government in a bad light for fear of having their publishing license revoked. Just wearing a Bersih 4 T-shirt is now illegal.

Bersih protesters hate Malaysia, Najib says. I am Malaysia is what he means. How dare you oppose me? How dare you say I am at fault? How dare you use your brains and think for yourselves? How dare you protest for your rights? How dare you make the news? How dare you show the world that Malaysians hate their leader?

How dare you try to strip my power away?

There is little hope that things will change. Honestly, we can protest all we like; it doesn’t matter. The government doesn’t care about us. They will not change. But we cannot roll over and let this happen. We cannot stand by and watch as our country crumbles. We have to do something, we have to fight for change, because if we don’t, then who will?

We love our country, even if our country does not love us.

Please spread the word.

anonymous asked:

You think hanyu is unbeatable if he's clean... i mean.. if he has the same amount of jumps, and they're all clean... you think a squad member can beat him?

Technically no, from what I’ve read.

When it comes to the technical aspect of figure skating, I can only look at numbers and compare the results.

But from what I know and seeing how Yuzu and his coaches and choreographer design his programs, they’re pretty much built to guarantee a win if skated cleanly, UNLESS a squad member skates cleanly and is awarded with high PCs – which shouldn’t happen because Yuzu’s PC score should dominate his rivals, hypothetically speaking. 

But there are definitely other more knowledgeable tumblr users who can answer in depth.