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  • the mccall pack: *dealing with a mass murdering beast, trying to stop him from killing more people*
  • the guidance counselor: u didn't save me :(

My favourite thing about The Foxhole Court was how nobody questioned Kevin’s needing company at all times. 

Not once did someone ask about it, they never bet on when he’d stop needing Andrew or Neil along to the Foxhole Court, they never left him alone in Eden’s Twilight. The Foxes accepted it, and Andrew’s lot did their best to be there for Kevin all of the time.

The Foxes as kids at daycare

Allison: only says no. 

Renee: ball of giggling energy who always wants to wear shoes that are too big for her. 

Matt: in tutu always. constantly trying to kiss everyone because he is a PRINcess. 

Dan: sorts out all her problems by making dolls violently fight one another 

Andrew: only plays with trains and nothing else. you will know hell if you try to take his trains.

Aaron: says nothing. even when asked a question “aaron you want water?”: silence. 

Neil: screams at everything. good things. bad things. everything is scream worthy.

Kevin: running. constantly. plows over at least three kids a day.

Nicky: sweet child who brings teachers pretend food to eat. 

Wymack: collects toys and hoards them in a corner because “they are mine and i must protect them”

Seth: always pisses himself every time a teacher goes to change him


Riko: crying constantly. nothing is happening: cries. also can’t move very far and has to just sit on his butt and make grabby hands. while crying. 


Fun Teen Wolf Scenario:

Greenberg, for reasons unknown and unimportant, was running down the hallway with a roll of toilet paper. Coach Finstock noted that a) the high school was so cheap it used one ply toilet paper, and that b) Greenberg was, impossibly, even slower than he remembered. Was this enough of a reason to kick him off of the team? God, he hoped so.

The Foxes + Sexuality (Headcanons)

Neil + no label:

Its never been something he’s dwelled on in the past. He never could. He’s never swung either way because he wasn’t allowed to. When he started to pay attention to girls his mother beat it out of him. It’s not that he doesn’t like girls, they’ve just always been dangerous. And guys (before Andrew) never really seemed to be an option before. And now when asked the question he answers truthfully. He doesn’t feel the need to label something that doesn’t need to be labeled. It’s pointless. At least to him anyway.

Andrew + Homosexuality:

 He’s gay, that’s it

Dan + Bisexuality:

Dan’s had boyfriends and only boyfriends up until she started to work in the strip club. Her fellow stage sisters taught her to be more confident in who she was and what she does.. And that eventually led to her discovering her love for women in her senior year of high school. Reagan Martinez, editor of her school’s newspaper, was the first girl to catch her eye. She wouldn’t be the last. And now she has Matt, but that doesn’t make her sexuality any less valid.

Nicky + GAYYYY:

If you even had to read this, I’m severely disappointed in you

Renee + Asexuality:

Even before she was saved, Renee never really felt sexual attraction for anyone. She was always to preoccupied with her gang and family and then surviving juvie and then her new foster mother Stephanie and letting her in to help her be a better person and then the foxes and her degree. Sex was never a priority, nor was it a concern.  Allison asked when was the last time she got laid and Renee didn’t have an answer. She wasn’t interested in sex, she never had been.

Matt + Heterosexuality :

Matt grew up partying and doing illegal things, thanks to his father not caring enough and his mother not being around. He was rich, had inherited fame from his parents and he was attractive. Since he was fifteen Matt has always had a girl on his arm. Different girl, different week. That is until Dan. But he was never one of those STRAIGHT PERSON, you know, the type to say no home before showing any affection to another person of the same sex. It was stupid and he knew that. He even tried to swing the other way once but it just, it didn’t work for him.

Aaron + Demisexuality:

Aaron wasn’t used to people giving a fuck about him. At least, not in the right way that is. He grew up with an abusive alcoholic mother and then found our he had a brother who didn’t show affection. Because of that, he stayed to himself. Never had a girlfriend, never had a boyfriend. No one cared enough to try and when they did, their small attempts didn’t last more then five minutes. Lack of Aaron’s interest being the main reason. That is until Katelyn. That girl wouldn’t quit. At first, she had no intention of being his girlfriend, she just wanted to figure him out and be his friend. He didn’t know why but he never asked. Katelyn was just a good person like that. She stayed long enough to crack down Aaron’s walls. She actually gave a shit. Something Aaron wasn’t used to. She cared about what he said, what he thought, what he’s been through. That was new. And when the deep feelings for her came, so did the sexual attraction.

Kevin + Bisexuality:

Riko kept him caged up like an animal when he was with the Ravens. Relationships were prohibited and he knew that. But then came Thea. He remembers sneaking around to catch a few kisses and sometimes just to talk to the dark skinned girl. She was the first person he felt safe with.  On her last night, they shared a kiss, a passionate kiss that was dangerous but necessary. Jean caught them but he didnt say anything. Kevin was surprised he didnt turn them in but he didnt dare say confront him. After she was gone, Kevin threw himself even harder into Exy, to ignore the heartbreak he felt.  After months of walking on eggshells around Jean, they both were fed up. Jean was the one to confront him. He asked questions and Kevin answered. And then he left. A few weeks later Jean had caught Kevin staring while he was speaking French. Later that day he offered to teach him the language if he wanted. They spent many afternoons studying and practicing it, whether in the library or on the court. Once Kevin had mastered it, during their last lesson, he kissed Jean. It was in the moment but it felt different. A good kind of different and both Jean and him reveled in the feeling of each other’s lips. They never talked about it only about Exy and other miscellaneous things. Two months later, Riko broke Kevin’s hand.

Allison + Pansexuality:

Allison was used to getting what and who she wanted. Their gender identity were never important. If she found you attractive, she made you her’s. Point. Blank. Period

Seth Gordon + Closeted Homosexuality :

Seth had grown up around hypermasculinity and rejected homosexuality his entire life. He did everything he could not acknowledge his own. He took his insecurities out on everyone around him, mainly Nicky. In some ways he was jealous of how confident his teammate was with his gayness. Other ways, he hated it. He dated Allison in hopes to erase it and that relationship was hell from start to finish. He had a crush on Matt and hated himself for it. The more he was around him, the more Seth tried to bury his sorrows in Allison’s lips. Seth took this secret to the grave. No one knew.


Wymack + Straight Ally

Bee + Gay:

She’s happily married to a beautiful women, this is canon.

Abby + Straight Ally

Jean + No label:

Like Neil, he thinks it’s pointless.

Jeremy + Happy Pansexual:

Come on, have you seen him.

whatever you do don’t imagine the impact on the foxes if Neil’s dad had managed to kill him in the end.

So they’re in the hotel because everyone’s freaking the fuck out and it’s just kind of silent because nobody knows what to do or say. They find out in the middle of the night and it’s a female agent at the door who’s so overcome with second hand grief that the only words she can get out are “I’m sorry”.

It’s Nicky who answers the door and he collapses against is because he knows what those words mean and he knows what’s happened and he doesn’t even want to hear anymore about it, he just collapses down against the wall next to the door and doesn’t move for however long it takes him to catch his breath.

Matts up next, he’s a light sleeper, and he takes one look at Nicky and at the woman and storms out, he marches down the stairs and outside and throws his fists into the first wall he sees until he’s bleeding and then sits down. Dan finds him but she doesn’t say anything, just sits down next to him and leans on his shoulder, both of them watching the sunrise and thinking about this messy, broken kid they tried to save but failed.

When the rest of the team are woken up and told they’re all silently stunned. Nobody can deal with it, nobody can really process it and it falls to Allison to start to organise. She organises when Neil’s body will be released so they can say goodbye, how they’re getting home, brigs everybody breakfast, sends Matt to hospital, calls the university and pulls the liquor bottle away from Kevin, pouring it down the sink.

She tells them Neil wanted to win, he wanted to fucking kill the Ravens on the court and so help her god they will, they will finish this season, for Neil and for Seth and for what they did to Kevin they have to at least try.

So they do.

Everyone watched Andrew the whole way back but he’s stoic, he’s more than that he’s absolutely still to the point coach sends Aaron to check he’s breathing. Aaron sits with him for a minute and try’s to do something comforting, but he doesn’t know what so he reached out for Andrews hand. Aaron fully expects him to pull away but he stays still. They sit like that the whole way home.

Of course the press have somehow found out and they’re all camped out when they get there. Nicky realises he hasn’t spoken to erik yet, but he’s seen the news and is already on his way, unable to answer the phone. This leads to Nicky having a full on meltdown in the parking lot as his phone rings and it’s exactly how it felt with Neil, that worry in his stomach. Kevin slips his arm around him to cover over the fact he’s sobbing.

A week later renee decides she wants to pray for Neil, but she try’s and try’s but she doesn’t know what to say to a God who took Neil from them so early, she can’t accept that as part of his plan. Allison is there with her as she silently cries.

Allison stays in charge, she manages to hold it together for all of them so she handles the press. She does it beautifully, answering every question reporters throw at her, until one suggests this was simply Neil’s past catching up to him, that he shouldn’t of broken the law all these years. She stares at them point blank and tells them “Neil Josten was a fucking good man.”. They don’t do press again.

Her parents show up, two deaths is too many for them, they want her to come home, where they say it’s safe. She tells them she’s built a home for herself here and they can go fuck themselves.

Kevin leaves. He essentially runs away, at first just to get away from the grief but then he realised why Neil did it. It was nice to sit somewhere where nobody knew your name. He starts drinking himself across the state, until one day he takes it to far and ends up at a police station. They call Coach and he takes him home, watching him break down in the living room reminds him of Neil after the Ravens, but he doesn’t say anything.

Andrew breaks down once. He’s at the court late at night with Kevin and he feels angry. Angry like nothing he’s ever felt before and he picks up the ball and just launched it at the glass. It’s one of the first reactions to anything he’s had since they got back, so Kevin says nothing and hands him another. They do that for a while until he decides to go in goal, catching every shot Kevin fires and then throwing them against the floor so they bounced up. In the end he throws his stick against the floor and crumples into himself, sobbing quietly, Kevin steps outside, turning down the lights to give him some privacy and gets in the car.

When Andrew comes out he’s silent again, and neither of them ever talk about it

Apart from that Andrew doesn’t change. He doesn’t speak, he seems to go on autopilot. He goes to classes before anyone else but he doesn’t seem to listen or understand. He won’t eat unless Nicky puts plates of food in front of him, a responsibility that eventually falls to erik, and he sleeps most of the time.

They near their game with the Ravens, and the press slowly moves away from Neil, they have the funeral, all the teams show up, excluding the Ravens who aren’t invited, and it falls into something they rarely discuss.

They’re doing the final press before the final game the next day, when someone asks about Neil, asks what made him great. Dan opens her mouth to answer but she hasn’t got a word out before Andrew has started laughing, small at first and then hysterically.

Nickys clawing at his arm for him to stop, Kevin’s trying to not smile, Allison is smirking at a camera.

“He wasn’t great” Andrew says when he manages to stop. “He was a bit of a mess really.”

He goes on to list everything that was wrong with Neil Josten; flighty, over dramatic, impulsive, rude, sarcastic, boring, never trusts anyone, never scared even when he should be, would of let himself bleed out long before this if we hadn’t continuously sewed him back together, oblivious, can literally never tell the truth, cared about exy way to much, although not at much as Kevin but honestly who cares as much about this stupid game as Kevin?“

Allison doesn’t miss a beat before she responds with “Riko.”

The reporters all look a little uncomfortable at the turn this has taken but the team are smiling for the first time in weeks and they don’t care. They lost everything the world cares about more than Riko, and by the end of it they’re all laughing, the twins are sort of half smiling ( which is as close as they can get) and something about dragging Riko to hell and back in Neil’s honour seems very right.

Nobody knows how but they manage to win the game, not by a lot but they win and the entire crowd goes wild. Andrew throws Renee up in the air in triumph, Kevin falls to his knees because he can’t quite believe they did it, and stares across the court at Riko. Nobody knows what he’s doing as he stands up and walks towards him, neither breaking eye contact. Then he punches him. The crowd erupts with cheers again.

Years later, and without telling anyone, Andrew manages to track down Neil’s father. He follows him for days until he’s alone in an alley in New York, and then he puts three bullets in his head. It’s nothing elaborate, it’s nothing like the death Neil faced, but it’s what he would’ve wanted, quick and over with. Andrew smiles from the rooftop and goes home, a weight lifted off his chest, where he’s been breaking for years.

who the fuck is Greenberg!?!???
I want to see his goddamn face, is that to much to ask?!
Movie Accent Expert Breaks Down 32 Actors' Accents | WIRED
Dialect coach Erik Singer analyzes the accents of some of Hollywood's biggest names. How accurate were they really? Check out more from Erik here: http://www...

This is so fascinating and well done. I only wish he would have gone into even more detail on how some of these accents should have sounded, and given us more examples of when it is done well. Basically, I just want more :)


just a small reminder of some of those who won’t be coming back to teen wolf season 5 (x)  

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An opie imagine where the reader gets his crow as a teenager and they break up and after many years (prob in their late 30s) she goes back to charming and he doesn't recognize her, only when he sees her tattoo (but not on purpose tho) I don't have any ideas for an ending so do whatever feels right, thank you!!!!! <3

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A/N: I hope you enjoy it!


Keep Swimming:

“Breathe. Deep breaths. It’s just water, it’s just a pool. You can do this.” You whispered to yourself as you looked into the pool of water in front of you and as you looked closer into the water the memory just flooded into your mind.

“Come on babe, you’re the greatest swimmer on the team. You don’t need to practice so hard.” Opie said as he splashed you with water causing you to laugh “And I didn’t become the greatest by just sitting on my ass now did I?” You asked raising and eyebrow as he shrugged “I don’t know maybe you slept with Coach Daniels.” He said smirking causing you to gasp as you swam near him “You think I’d sleep with that awful man?” You said laying your wet arms on his legs as his feet were in the pool of water “I don’t know baby, you sleep with me don’t you?” He asked teasing you as you stuck your tongue out “Harry you’re far from horrible like that man.” You said looking at him as he fixed the strap of your bathing suit.

“You know, you’re truly the most beautiful girl I’ve laid eyes on.” He said smiling full and bright “You know what would make me even better?” You asked as he tilted his looking at you “Your crow right here.” You said pointing to your shoulder blade, his eyes opened wide in shock “Baby, I’m not patched yet, shit I’m not even done prospecting.” He said shocked “We both know you will Harry, and I want to get it for you, for us, for this.” You said now leaning on the ledge to get out of the pool and looking at him “Okay, what do you want it to look like?” He asked as he grabbed your hand towering over you “Something that only we would know about.” You said softly “How about a crow in a water cage.” He said as you smiled “Because I’m a swimmer? You’re so corny Opie.” You said tiptoeing to kiss him.

But you weren’t in that time when you were once so young and happy, you were in this time alone and cold. You gave up with a sigh making your way back to the lockers when you bumped into someone causing you to slip and fall into the water, you flailed your arms trying to swim back to the surface only your arms didn’t find the energy or force to push you up to the air. And just when you thought it was all going to be over you felt a strong arm grab you pulling you up as you’d both reached air you gasped for air, swimming out of the pool as if it was on fire. “Hey! You okay? I didn’t even see you!” The man yelled as you began to speed walk off to the lockers trying to calm yourself down.

“Yeah I’m fine thanks.” You said waving off as you made your way to the locker room to change. He isn’t here anymore (Y/N) you thought as you got dressed. About ten minutes after you had finished getting ready you had stepped out of the locker room to be met with the stranger who had saved you from your death “Hey, I wanted to make sure you were alright. I didn’t see you and felt horrible abou- wait.. (Y/N)?” The man said leaning down towards your face as you moved back into the wall “How do you know my name?” You snapped now scared, wait if he had hired someone to finish what he started, how could you run now?

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