coach daniels

My favourite thing about The Foxhole Court was how nobody questioned Kevin’s needing company at all times. 

Not once did someone ask about it, they never bet on when he’d stop needing Andrew or Neil along to the Foxhole Court, they never left him alone in Eden’s Twilight. The Foxes accepted it, and Andrew’s lot did their best to be there for Kevin all of the time.


just a small reminder of some of those who won’t be coming back to teen wolf season 5 (x)  


April 20, 1999 Tuesday 11:08AM-12:08PM

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed 12 students and one teacher and injured 23 others before killing themselves

Today is April 20, 2016 and today marks 17 years since the columbine tragedy

Today we remember:

Rachel Scott
Daniel Rohrbough
Coach Dave Sanders
Kyle Velasquez
Steven Curnow
Cassie Bernall
Isaiah Shoels
Matthew Ketcher
Lauren Townsend
John Tomlin
Kelly Fleming
Daniel Mauser
Corey DePooter
Eric Harris
Dylan Klebold

And we remember those who were injured and survived.

We also send our care to the families of the victims along with the many others at Columbine during the time.