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My favourite thing about The Foxhole Court was how nobody questioned Kevin’s needing company at all times. 

Not once did someone ask about it, they never bet on when he’d stop needing Andrew or Neil along to the Foxhole Court, they never left him alone in Eden’s Twilight. The Foxes accepted it, and Andrew’s lot did their best to be there for Kevin all of the time.

My very first WWE fic....

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So this is my first attempt at a WWE fic and I would love some feedback on it. I originally posted it to my other blog and didn’t really hear anything about it. So please do not be afraid to let me know how you feel about it and if I should keep it going. 

Seth Rollins/OC

“Flame: A Seth Rollins Story”


“Yo where in the fuck is Rollins at man?!? I wanna get out of here already!!” Roman Reigns paced impatiently by their rental car as he, Dean Ambrose, and 22-year-old Divas Champion Maya Grey stood outside the arena, waiting for their Shield member and friend Seth Rollins.  

It was two weeks before the Payback pay-per-view where the boys would continue their feud with Evolution in a no disqualification match and Maya would defend her title against AJ Lee. They had just finished a grueling tag team match against Evolution on RAW and were all very eager to get to their hotel for some much-needed sleep.

“I swear he takes longer to get ready than a freaking chick man!!” Dean groans. “Even Lil’ Bit over here is quicker than him!!”

Maya smiled, rolling her eyes over Dean’s nickname for her. “You know we could just leave him behind.” she playfully suggests. “He can always catch a ride with Cesaro or someone else.”

“That would be a great idea…if we had the car keys!!” Dean sassed back at her. “Why don’t you go and hurry your man along so we can get on the road?”

“Are you kidding me? If she goes, we’ll never get out of here!” Roman jokes. Maya’s face turns red and she quickly throws her empty water bottle at Roman’s head, which he smacked it away with his hand.

“You guys suck.” Maya says, annoyed by her brothers and their constant teasing. “And how many times do I have to tell y'all-”

“‘There’s nothing going on between me and Seth!’” both Roman and Dean say at once, mimicking her Southern accent. “We know, we know!!”

“And yet we see you two stealing kisses when you think no one notices.” Roman teases.

“Or how they can’t keep their hands off each other.” Dean coos, making kissing noises at her.

“Oh and let’s not forget how they’re always cuddled up in the back seat or in the back of the bus ALL THE DAMN TIME!!” Roman laughed, fist bumping Dean in the process.

“Fuck you both.” Maya flashes them both her middle finger before making her way back inside the arena to search for Seth.

Even though she hated when Roman and Dean would tease about her and Seth, she couldn’t help but smile. Their “relationship” was a confusing one to say the least. In fact, on her 22nd birthday back in August, Seth confessed that he was in love with her and that he wanted to be with her. The only ones who knew about it were Dean and Roman, and that’s because they all traveled together.

Growing up in San Antonio, Maya Grey always knew that she wanted to be a WWE Superstar, ever since she the first time she saw Lita compete. She took one look at her and thought, “I wanna be like her.” At only 9, she began studying every wrestler on the WWE roster, learned their moves and even created a few of her own, and fully dedicated herself to one day making her dream a reality. Her mother on the other hand, refused to have Maya be involved in something that she believed was ridiculous and degrading towards women. When Maya refused to give up on her dream, at only 16, her mother disowned her and kicked her out. After that, Maya traveled to Austin and began to wrestle under the name Magenta Riff for a local indie company called Anarchy Championship Wrestling (ACW).

Two years later, word began to spread about her and her skills in the ring, even going so far as to calling her “Little Lita”. Curious, Vince McMahon sent both Stephanie and Triple H down to Texas to see this so called “Little Lita” for themselves. To make a long story short, they were extremely impressed with what they saw and urged Maya to come and sign with the WWE, but Maya was afraid they wouldn’t want her after they found out how old she really was.

Once she told them the truth however, Stephanie and Triple H decided to become somewhat of ‘surrogate parents’ to Maya, even went as far as to move her down to Orlando and get her set up in her own apartment. Her first day as an official WWE signed talent, Triple H let her know that she would be making her debut on the main roster in less than a month and that she would become the fourth member of a faction that was slowly beginning to dominate the main roster, The Shield.

Two members of The Shield, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, loved the idea of having a female in the group and naturally welcomed her into the fold with open arms. Seth Rollins on the other hand…not so much. In fact, in the beginning he was a total ass to her. He thought that Triple H made a huge mistake signing someone so incredibly young and he wasn’t afraid to say it to her either.  

After having enough of Seth’s insults, Maya decided to be trained by Daniel Bryan and a main roster diva, AJ Lee. Once she won in her debut match against Natalya, a seasoned Diva, she showed everyone, including Seth, just why she was given the nickname “Little Lita”. Seth eventually apologized for being such an ass to her and as time passed, they slowly started forming a friendship.

As a team, Roman, Dean, Seth, and Maya dominated both the men’s and the Divas Division. Roman and Seth won the Tag Team Titles from Team Hell No, Dean became one of the longest reigning United States Champions with 351 days, and Maya became the youngest Diva’s champion at 18 after defeating AJ Lee and was now fast approaching beating her record as longest reigning Diva’s Champion!  

Outside of the ring, Maya become close with all her Shield members and vice versa. But her friendship with Seth was something different. She never admitted it aloud, but she begun to develop feelings for Seth. There was just something about him, whether it was his cockiness in the ring or how he was always so goofy and sweet around her, she couldn’t help falling for him. But she refused to act on her feelings. She knew that work relationships were kind of frowned upon, even though there were a lot of them happening (AJ/Punk, Cena/Nikki, Brie/Daniel, etc.). So, she just pushed her feelings down and hoped that eventually they would go away.

However, working and traveling together, constantly being around each other 24/7 only made her feelings for him grow stronger. What she didn’t realize, was that Seth was beginning to form feelings for her as well.

Normally, Maya wasn’t the type of girl he would be interested in. I mean sure, she was gorgeous, fun to be around, and one hell of a wrestler, but besides the 5-year age difference, they didn’t have that much in common. Sure, they both shared a love for sci-fi, horror movies, and video games, but that was pretty much it. Seth had a love for Heavy Metal music while Maya was more of a classic rock vinyl girl. Seth liked his girls with lots of tattoos and piercings, and Maya being so young, didn’t have any yet. The biggest difference between them, at the time Maya was still a virgin, and Seth…well…to be frank, Seth was known around the locker room for being a man-whore.  

She came off like this sweet and innocent girl that he would corrupt if he got too close to her. But Seth couldn’t control the way he felt, and neither could she. There was just something about her that kept drawing her to him. Whether it was her personality, her smile, her infectious laugh, how she didn’t care what people thought of her, or the fact that wasn’t afraid to call him on ALL his bullshit, he could let down the guard he built up and could just be himself around her. Maya was the same way; she had her guard up. That all changed when Seth confessed his love for her.    

Maya checked catering, all the break rooms where the guys would go play video games, and even peeked inside one of the men’s locker room, but Seth was nowhere to be found. She tried calling him, but his phone kept going straight to voicemail, which was a little weird to her. She was about to give up when she saw two of her closest friends Brie and Nicki Bella walking towards her with Brie’s husband and Maya’s former coach Daniel Bryan.

“Hey, have you guys seen Rollins? The boys wanna get to the hotel and he has the car keys.” she asked.

“Yea, I think I saw him heading towards the locker rooms in the back.” Brie replied, pointing towards the back.

“Thanks Brie. I’ll see y’all back at the hotel.”

“Hey Maya, great job tonight!” Daniel yells to her as she walks away.

“Thanks Daniel!!” she yells back as she heads to the locker room. Once she reaches the one marked men’s, she pushed the door open and heads inside.

*******Maya’s POV********

“Yo Rollins, come on!! What the hell is taking you so-” I start to say but was quickly silenced by what sounded like someone groaning, but not like someone was in pain.  

I stepped further inside, curious as to who or what was making that noise. My eyes grew wide in horror and I felt my heart sink into my stomach when I saw exactly who it was. Seth, the man I loved, the man who swore that he loved me and wanted to be with me, was with another woman. Not just any woman, but Zahra, his crazy ex!! His pants were down at his ankles and Zahra was on her knees in front of him, her head bobbing back and forth on his junk.

Once he saw me, he quickly pushed Zahra away from him and pulls up his pants while Zahra just stayed there on her knees, a smug smile stretched across her face. She never liked the fact I was chosen to be a part of The Shield over her and believed that I was the reason Seth had dumped her crazy ass. This bitch knew exactly what she was doing and was enjoying watching me suffer. 

Before either one of them could say anything, I bolted out the room. I could hear him calling my name but that didn’t stop me. I ran past a few of the divas and could hear them call my name, but I didn’t stop. I could feel the tears beginning to form, but I pushed them away. No. I tell myself. You’re not gonna cry. Not here. Not until I was out the arena and away from everyone. 

“Maya!” Seth called, his voice getting closer and closer to me. “Maya, stop… wait a second!!”

Hearing his voice only made me run faster. I was almost to the exit when Seth finally caught up, jumping in front of me, and grabbing me by the hand but I quickly slap it away. 

“DON’T TOUCH ME!!” I shouted loud enough that people began to look towards our direction. Seth backs down, but doesn’t walk away. 

“Maya please, I can explain-” he tried to say but I quickly cut him off.

“I don’t wanna hear whatever bullshit excuse you’ve cooked up Seth.” I choke. “In fact, I don’t want to hear anything from you.” I go to walk away from him, but he pushes his body right up against me, pinning me to the wall and blocking me from getting away.

“Get out of my way Seth.” I ordered, but he refused to move. 

“Baby please.” he begged. “I swear I never meant for this to happen. Zahra showed up out of nowhere and I told her to leave-”

“Please just stop!” I cry, looking away from him. “I don’t want to hear any of this! Just let me go!”

“No! I’m not letting you leave until you hear me out!”

I could feel my eyes filling with tears as Seth stood in front of me. I couldn’t bear to look at him. I kept seeing Zahra down on her knees, all I could hear was Seth moaning in pleasure. I felt sick to my stomach.

“Maya, Seth! There you guys are!!” I heard a deep voice call out. I look over Seth’s arm and saw both Roman and Dean walking towards us. This isn’t happening right now, I thought to myself. Keep it together girl. Don’t let them see you cry.

“Yo, lovebirds!! Let’s go, I wanna get out of here sometime tonight!” Dean’s voiced echoed as he and Roman got closer to us. Wisely, Seth quickly backed away from me, folding his arms over his chest. Once they reached us, Roman took one look at me and could tell that something wasn’t right. I stuck my hands in my pockets and looked down, watching as the tears fell from my eyes and hit the concrete.  

Both Roman and Dean stare over at Seth, then at one another, then finally over at me, confused looks stretched across their faces. Roman was the one to break the awkward silence. “What’s going on here?”  

“It’s nothing. Can you guys just give us a minute?” Seth sighed, his voice slightly irritated. 

“Maya, what’s wrong? Are you crying?” Dean looked at me, puzzled.

“No. It’s nothing.” I lie, pushing myself off the wall. “I just want to get out of here. You guys go ahead, I’m just gonna catch a ride with Nikki and Brie tonight.”

“Why? What’s wrong?” Roman asked, his voice laced with a mixture of concern and confusion.

I looked at my worried Samoan before I shifted my eyes over to the direction of Seth. “Ask him.” I replied coldly and began to move away from them.

“Baby, please.” I hear Seth plead as I walked away. “Don’t do this. Please let me fix this. Maya… I love you.“  

I don’t know what came over me, but hearing him say those words, I snapped. I turned around and my hand swung, connecting with his face, hard. He stumbled back, holding his face in complete shock. 

I stare him down, my anger quickly rising. Everybody told me once I joined The Shield not to get too close to him. That he was known for being a cheater. I mean hell, I stood up for him when he cheated on his fiancé with that tattooed blow-up doll looking bimbo!! But I didn’t listen. I didn’t fall in love in Seth Rollins, the Architect of The Shield with a horrible track record with women. I fell in love with Seth, the lovable goofball that taught me how to play video games and would watch horror movies with me. I fell in love with the guy who could always make me smile even when I didn’t want to. I fell in love with the guy who told me that he loved me since the first moment we met. And it was that guy who had stolen my heart that would be the one to shatter it in to a million pieces.

“You…” I growled, raising my finger at him, “don’t speak to me unless it involves work. Don’t call me, don’t text me…don’t even look at me. I believed you when you said that you loved me. I defended you when EVERYONE told me not to fall for your bullshit, when they talked about you cheating on Leighla with that…that bitch. I stood up for you because they didn’t see the person that you were with me!”

Seth says nothing but runs his fingers through his hair, avoiding eye contact with me.

“Now I can see that they were right all along.” I continue, tears falling down my face. But I didn’t care. Let them fall, let him see how much he’s hurt me. “You turned out to be everything I feared.”



Grabbing my suitcase and my title from Roman, I turn on my heel and walk away from the three of them. I could hear what sounded like Dean’s voice yelling at most likely Seth, but I didn’t turn around. I kept walking. The tears continued to fall from my eyes but I didn’t care who saw at this point.

I felt betrayed by the one person I trusted more than anything. He said that he was in love with me. That he wanted to be with me and only me. That no matter how hard he tried to deny it, it was me. It Was Always Me.
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This is so fascinating and well done. I only wish he would have gone into even more detail on how some of these accents should have sounded, and given us more examples of when it is done well. Basically, I just want more :)


just a small reminder of some of those who won’t be coming back to teen wolf season 5 (x)  

whatever you do don’t imagine the impact on the foxes if Neil’s dad had managed to kill him in the end.

So they’re in the hotel because everyone’s freaking the fuck out and it’s just kind of silent because nobody knows what to do or say. They find out in the middle of the night and it’s a female agent at the door who’s so overcome with second hand grief that the only words she can get out are “I’m sorry”.

It’s Nicky who answers the door and he collapses against is because he knows what those words mean and he knows what’s happened and he doesn’t even want to hear anymore about it, he just collapses down against the wall next to the door and doesn’t move for however long it takes him to catch his breath.

Matts up next, he’s a light sleeper, and he takes one look at Nicky and at the woman and storms out, he marches down the stairs and outside and throws his fists into the first wall he sees until he’s bleeding and then sits down. Dan finds him but she doesn’t say anything, just sits down next to him and leans on his shoulder, both of them watching the sunrise and thinking about this messy, broken kid they tried to save but failed.

When the rest of the team are woken up and told they’re all silently stunned. Nobody can deal with it, nobody can really process it and it falls to Allison to start to organise. She organises when Neil’s body will be released so they can say goodbye, how they’re getting home, brigs everybody breakfast, sends Matt to hospital, calls the university and pulls the liquor bottle away from Kevin, pouring it down the sink.

She tells them Neil wanted to win, he wanted to fucking kill the Ravens on the court and so help her god they will, they will finish this season, for Neil and for Seth and for what they did to Kevin they have to at least try.

So they do.

Everyone watched Andrew the whole way back but he’s stoic, he’s more than that he’s absolutely still to the point coach sends Aaron to check he’s breathing. Aaron sits with him for a minute and try’s to do something comforting, but he doesn’t know what so he reached out for Andrews hand. Aaron fully expects him to pull away but he stays still. They sit like that the whole way home.

Of course the press have somehow found out and they’re all camped out when they get there. Nicky realises he hasn’t spoken to erik yet, but he’s seen the news and is already on his way, unable to answer the phone. This leads to Nicky having a full on meltdown in the parking lot as his phone rings and it’s exactly how it felt with Neil, that worry in his stomach. Kevin slips his arm around him to cover over the fact he’s sobbing.

A week later renee decides she wants to pray for Neil, but she try’s and try’s but she doesn’t know what to say to a God who took Neil from them so early, she can’t accept that as part of his plan. Allison is there with her as she silently cries.

Allison stays in charge, she manages to hold it together for all of them so she handles the press. She does it beautifully, answering every question reporters throw at her, until one suggests this was simply Neil’s past catching up to him, that he shouldn’t of broken the law all these years. She stares at them point blank and tells them “Neil Josten was a fucking good man.”. They don’t do press again.

Her parents show up, two deaths is too many for them, they want her to come home, where they say it’s safe. She tells them she’s built a home for herself here and they can go fuck themselves.

Kevin leaves. He essentially runs away, at first just to get away from the grief but then he realised why Neil did it. It was nice to sit somewhere where nobody knew your name. He starts drinking himself across the state, until one day he takes it to far and ends up at a police station. They call Coach and he takes him home, watching him break down in the living room reminds him of Neil after the Ravens, but he doesn’t say anything.

Andrew breaks down once. He’s at the court late at night with Kevin and he feels angry. Angry like nothing he’s ever felt before and he picks up the ball and just launched it at the glass. It’s one of the first reactions to anything he’s had since they got back, so Kevin says nothing and hands him another. They do that for a while until he decides to go in goal, catching every shot Kevin fires and then throwing them against the floor so they bounced up. In the end he throws his stick against the floor and crumples into himself, sobbing quietly, Kevin steps outside, turning down the lights to give him some privacy and gets in the car.

When Andrew comes out he’s silent again, and neither of them ever talk about it

Apart from that Andrew doesn’t change. He doesn’t speak, he seems to go on autopilot. He goes to classes before anyone else but he doesn’t seem to listen or understand. He won’t eat unless Nicky puts plates of food in front of him, a responsibility that eventually falls to erik, and he sleeps most of the time.

They near their game with the Ravens, and the press slowly moves away from Neil, they have the funeral, all the teams show up, excluding the Ravens who aren’t invited, and it falls into something they rarely discuss.

They’re doing the final press before the final game the next day, when someone asks about Neil, asks what made him great. Dan opens her mouth to answer but she hasn’t got a word out before Andrew has started laughing, small at first and then hysterically.

Nickys clawing at his arm for him to stop, Kevin’s trying to not smile, Allison is smirking at a camera.

“He wasn’t great” Andrew says when he manages to stop. “He was a bit of a mess really.”

He goes on to list everything that was wrong with Neil Josten; flighty, over dramatic, impulsive, rude, sarcastic, boring, never trusts anyone, never scared even when he should be, would of let himself bleed out long before this if we hadn’t continuously sewed him back together, oblivious, can literally never tell the truth, cared about exy way to much, although not at much as Kevin but honestly who cares as much about this stupid game as Kevin?“

Allison doesn’t miss a beat before she responds with “Riko.”

The reporters all look a little uncomfortable at the turn this has taken but the team are smiling for the first time in weeks and they don’t care. They lost everything the world cares about more than Riko, and by the end of it they’re all laughing, the twins are sort of half smiling ( which is as close as they can get) and something about dragging Riko to hell and back in Neil’s honour seems very right.

Nobody knows how but they manage to win the game, not by a lot but they win and the entire crowd goes wild. Andrew throws Renee up in the air in triumph, Kevin falls to his knees because he can’t quite believe they did it, and stares across the court at Riko. Nobody knows what he’s doing as he stands up and walks towards him, neither breaking eye contact. Then he punches him. The crowd erupts with cheers again.

Years later, and without telling anyone, Andrew manages to track down Neil’s father. He follows him for days until he’s alone in an alley in New York, and then he puts three bullets in his head. It’s nothing elaborate, it’s nothing like the death Neil faced, but it’s what he would’ve wanted, quick and over with. Andrew smiles from the rooftop and goes home, a weight lifted off his chest, where he’s been breaking for years.