coach cotton

Awwww, yeah.  Cotton candy.  The wise pharaoh of food.  Sittin’ atop the food pyramid, passin’ judgement on all of the lesser foods.
—  Coach, Left 4 Dead 2
Shock ill

Requested - can you do a long imagine that The pack(Teen wolf, Scott’s pack) all get sick (like a cold or something) like slowly then all at once not knowing what to do cause they haven’t been sick in along time so they all meet at Derek’s loft to see what’s going on but it’s nothing fatal so they wait it out and the reader and Liam get all cute and stuff : )

A/N: Right, sorry to the anon who requested this for the time it took to write - I wanted to do some of my own to begin with. Also, sorry if it sucks (I’ve not seen series four yet so I tried my best with what I do know about it; and there’s the fact this is the first request I’ve ever written). So yeah, hope you enjoy it.

      Scott sneezed in lesson, a few people mumbled “bless yous” but the sound caused Stiles, Lydia, Kira and I to glance around at each other worriedly. I noticed that Stiles’ eyes also shifted towards Malia, whose face had dropped slightly. We all knew that werewolves didn’t get sick, it was just something that never happened. So, when our friendly town alpha had sneezed, we all began to quietly panic.
     Stiles had raised his hand quickly as Scott glanced around at us, his eyes slightly wide as they shifted around our little group. He didn’t look too bad, but whatever was making him ill seemed to have crept up on him quickly, and was finally rearing its ugly head in the form of what appeared to be a cold – for now, at least.
     ‘What is it, Stilinski?’ Coach asked, an annoyance on his face that seemed more obvious than normal.
    Stiles glanced sideways at Scott. ‘I’ve just got a text from my dad,’ he said, shifting his head slightly towards Scott as a curious silence fell over the class. ‘Can Scott give me a lift?’

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