coach chow

Time for some fancasting...

I’ve been reading so many Check!Please headcanons lately that I’ve been thinking about what kind of people the characters would be like in real life: this is the result….

Nick Offerman as “Coach” Bittle

Kristin Chenoweth as Suzanne “Mama” Bittle

Tom Cavanaugh as Robert “Bad Bob” Zimmermann

Leslie Mann as Alicia Zimmermann

Luke Newberry as Eric “Bitty” Bittle

Ryan Kennedy as Jack Laurent Zimmermann

Tyler Hoechlin as Unknown “Shitty” Knight

Ngô Than Vân as Larissa “Lardo” Duan

Scott Michael Foster as Adam “Holster” Birkholtz

Stephan James as Justin “Ransom” Oluransi

Alexander Ludwig as Kent Parson


Osric Chau as Chris “Chowder” Chow