coach chow

GabbyI’m like so proud to be competing  for Team USA! The Russian girl has like a nice salute though. God bless her after I’m done kicking her ass today.

AlyOk, I gotta focus, like only one rotation to go before bars, like you got this Aly. You’re finally better than Jordyn, its your time to shine. I just wish they’d stop calling me sturdy…

VikaOk, Jordyn is not here. And I don’t have to count Grishys scores for my medal this time. There’s no one stopping this Russian swan, it’s perfection or nothing! How could I possibly lose with that attitude?

Vanessa:I wish it was 2006 again. Back then I actually had a shot to medal and we could wear sleeveless leos for AA finals. I showed them though, you can make me wear sleeves, but you can’t make me cover up my shoulders.

DengThat coach looks like he might kill me if I fall off of beam again. I need to have an escape plan if that happens. Maybe I could hide inside one of the backpacks of the pink people and coach Chow could smuggle me out… I mean, that was the plan during team finals in Beijing in case we’d lost.

AliyaThat’s right Vika, it’s all about elegance and attitude, just how I taught you. Nah, who am I kidding, she will never be me, she’ll break under the pressure and dasvidanya gold. I might even have a shot for silver in case she has a complete meltdown.