coach chow

Okay but, Battle of the Blades AU

Like, could you imagine this??? Bitty never going to Samwell and pursuing his dream of becoming a figure skater and going to the Olympics and everything, and after he retires at the tender age of 26, he moves to teach figure skating to kids at the same rink where the Falconers practice. It’s refreshing, although Bitty misses the fierceness of competition.

He’s in luck when Larissa (“Please, call me Lardo.”) calls him up for an interview. Apparently, she works for a popular Canadian Tv show where famous figure skaters teach professional hockey players a figure skating routine within a week. They start out with 12 pairs and move on every week until there’s a winner. Apparently, they do it during the off-season so the hockey players don’t have to worry about conflicting game schedules, and since Bitty is a freshly retired 8 time US gold medalist (with three silvers and four bronze) in the world of figure skating, she called him up for one of the trainers positions.

After enthusiastically agreeing, she sends him an outline of how the season is going to go. This year, the producers decided to pick some of the fiercest, most hardened hockey players they could find, and the winners money goes to a charity of their choosing. Bitty likes the idea, and scrolls down to see the lineup. (Note: there will be quite a few OC’s for the Figure Skating Coaches)

To his surprise, he’s paired with the fiercest of them all, the son of Bad Bob Zimmerman.

When they first meet, it does not go well. They immediately clash, and it’s good conflict for the show, but in real life it’s straining. (Maybe Bitty had to retire from being a figure skater because it was wearing him down, and because he couldn’tdeal with the backlash after coming out. Maybe because it was because of a injury, or maybe it was something else entirely.)

Eventually, they work themselves into a rhythm and Bitty starts to get a feel for Jack under all the cold ice that’s surrounding him, and tentatively, they become friends, until Bitty starts feeling something a little bit more. As the show progresses, their relationship goes from strained, to synchronized. Their sequences are amazing, and although they do mess up, they make it all the way to the finals, battling for first against another well versed team.

They end up winning, and it’s an amazing feeling, the euphoria and lightness after the confetti cannons go off and they’re showered in small golden light. It almost angelic, and before he knows it, Bitty’s being lifted into the air by Jack, and they’re staring into each others eyes and it’s amazing.

It feels like love.

There’s no one else in the world but them as Jack swings him around with a smile on his face and laugh lines crinckling his eyes. Bitty doesn’t even notice that the host, a very enthusiastic man by the name of Shitty Knight, had walked up to them and asked him a question until the mic was under his nose.

The rest of the day goes by quickly. They finish filming in a rush, and then they’re sent back to their studio/dressing rooms to pack up their stuff so they can head home. (Jack didn’t go back with him because he had to sign the check so the money would go to a charity of his choosing).

So, Bitty is alone in the studio, packing up his stuff while blasting Beyoncé, realizing he’s in love with Jack and he’s probably never going to see him again. He starts to sniffle and cry as he sings her songs with a watery voice, and he straightens his back as he starts to walk out.

He’s almost to his car when he hears his name and see’s Jack running over to him with hopeful eyes. (In my head, their first kiss goes a lot like how it did in the comic, because I’m a sap and that kiss was so perfect it made me jello inside.) Jack isn’t even breathless from the sprint over, but his eyes are wide and his hands are shaking.

When they kiss, it’s everything Bitty ever hoped and more.

It’s not long after when they come out to the Falconer’s. Jack isn’t quite ready for the whole world to know about them, but after the team figures out how good a baker he is, and how far his live goes for both Bey and Jack, they start to jokingly call him Jay-Z.

The nickname sticks with him all throughought the next hockey season, and Bitty can’t help the surge of joy after hearing Tater call out to jack that his “Bey” is watching from the stands. It’s the first hockey game he’s been to as Jack’s plus one, and he blushes when Jack grins at him from the ice.

This is his life.

And he couldn’t be happier.