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Badlands Visitor's Center (1.21.16)
Badlands Visitor's Center (1.21.16)

“Hello, welcome to Badlands Visitor’s Center. We hope you’ve been enjoying your stay. We’re delighted to inform you that there are plenty of fun activities to explore in the Badlands. Tennis lessons will be resuming this month with a brand new coach. And don’t forget to support your local photography club. A reminder to all Badlands residents and visitors: if you find yourself in trouble, keep running.”

150909  studiosummer update

 (Minho & Sooyoung invited  “New York Collection Fashion Show” as models for “COACH” brand)

studiosummerThank you for inviting us for your show! 코치의 새 얼굴~ 최수영 최민호, 우리 최씨 남매 이제 곧 뉴욕 컬렉션 출동합니다! 민호와 수영이의 환상적인 투샷 기대해주세요~!!#CoachSpring2016#choiminho#choisooyoung #coach@coach