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Two Beers and the Truth

An extremely late birthday fic for @wrathofthestag, who shares my hopes for Coach and Bitty. Here’s a little fic about how I hope the summer goes for the Bittle Clan…

         Bitty knew that coming out to coach would end one of three ways.

         The first scenario was the one that had kept him silent since middle school when he realized that it didn’t matter how many girls stole kisses from him, he just wasn’t interested. He could see Coach’s face turning to stone, the way it did when the Dawgs lost a game in overtime, and hear his father’s steely voice proclaiming I have no son. Some nights he would still wake up shaking when he thought about that scenario, if he was lucky, Jack would be there to gather him up and mutter soothing bits of nonsense into his hair as he trembled.

         The second scenario was more likely, but still not something Bitty was looking forward to. Coach would press his lips together until they disappeared behind his mustache, then nod with a resigned air. If he was lucky, Bitty would get an awkward slap on the back and Coach would mutter something Suzanne told him Oprah said to say. It would be disappointment, but acceptance. Some days Bitty wondered if that wouldn’t be worse than outright anger.

         The third scenario Bitty blamed on Chowder, who seemed to think everyone in the world would be thrilled with a gay son. In this dream setup, Coach cried, opening his arms to his son and assuring Bitty that he could never be prouder of a child. They would cry together, then, hugged up on the porch swing, talking about life and maybe boys.

         Bitty bit his lip, wondering which scenario he would be living through. He rolled his shoulder, preparing for a disappointed pat. He glanced at his mother in the kitchen.

         With a sigh, Suzanne moved to the refrigerator, picking out two beers and holding them out to Bitty. She kissed his forehead. “Go on, I’ll be doing dishes if you need me.”

         Bitty nodded and looked toward the porch again.

         “I can do this,” he muttered. “For me. For Jack.”

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Victor and Coaching

So, I have something I want to put to rest. Every time someone brings up wank about how the show ended with Victor returning to skating, one thing I see pointed out again and again was that no one “believed” Victor could be a coach and that by having him return to skating he is agreeing with the other coaches who made fun of poor Vitya and wouldn’t let him play in their reindeer games.

Except, I feel as if reading the show in this way ignores that the China Cup arc, which I posit was primarily about Victor growing and proving himself as a coach.

First off let’s take a look at people not taking Victor’s desire to become a coach seriously:

First is Minako, who after being baffled as to why Victor is here at all, she reasons that most likely he’s there to take a vacation. Which is not entirely unfair since he showed out of the blue (from their perspective). But even if Minako doubts his motives initially, we never see her criticizing Victor as a coach (except she does point out he’s a little overdressed in episode 5) and she seems happy to support them as a pair.

More seriously in the beginning of episode 2 we see Yakov replying to reporters questions about Victor leaving to become a coach, and he replies that Victor is too selfish to become a coach.

You know who also called a skater running out on his coach for personal reasons without discussing it first selfish? Victor himself.

I’m confused by people who say that Yakov is entirely wrong in this case, Victor deciding to take a break suddenly without any apparent prior discussion with his coach of over ten years is pretty selfish. Yes, it was totally Victor’s right and we see in episode 11 that he was unhappy with how his career was at that point, but it is also one of the things that Victor learns over the course of the show is how to genuinely express his feelings to people, and not just play a role for them like he is clearly doing to Yakov in the beginning of Episode 2.

Then we get to episode 4 which contains two comments towards Victor’s coaching ability. The first is Celestino, Yuuri’s old coach who tells Victor to stop playing at being coach. Which reads similarly to Minako’s comment about Victor just using Yuuri to take a break.

By this point Yuuri hasn’t even participated in sectionals, so no one really has a clear idea of how seriously Victor is taking his coaching position. Celestino, as an outsider, only knows that Victor agreed take a break from skating and try coaching because of a viral video.

Also this is Yuuri, one of Celestino’s previous students and Celestino knows first hand just how challenging Yuuri can be to coach. If a seasoned coach like Celestino had a difficult time with Yuuri’s barriers, it’s not hard to imagine he’d be skeptical about a brand new coach being able to handle Yuuri, especially if the coach in question might only be interested in this as a stunt to re-energize his career.

I can’t blame Celestino for being dubious of Victor when his motives are still very unclear, but note that he also does everything he can to help the pair by answering their questions honestly, despite the fact that they’re technically competition.

Then we have Yakov making a comment in his head that it was good for Yuri to leave Victor’s side. This is a sort of vague comment, and not necessarily critical of Victor’s coaching ability? Instead I read it as by leaving Victor and Yuuri, Yuri is energized to prove himself.

We don’t really hear much about Victor as a coach until we arrive at the China Cup, and here it’s very quickly established that Victor’s validity as a coach is the big question of the arc, with Yakov at the very beginning dismissing Victor as a serious coach.

Can we also appreciate that the night before a competition Victor has Yuuri visit hotpot, tries to make him eat raw food which Yuuri says doesn’t agree with him,

gets drunk with another coach (Celestino also doesn’t have anything to say about Victor’s seriousness as a coach by the way, he already accepts Victor by this point)

and there are pictures of him draped over his student all over the internet by the next day. Is it terribly surprising the Yakov might still not think of him as serious by this point?

Then at the end of episode 6 he refers to Victor as a “third-rate” coach to the cameras, when asked about his skater’s chances.

Once again, by this point he clearly doesn’t take Victor very seriously, after all in the Kiss and Cry Victor was acting more like a skater than coach. Compare Victor in the Kiss and Cry to Yakov (and you can go and look at all the other coaches who are equally less performative than Victor is here).

However, at the end of episode 7 when both Yuuri and Victor are clearly emotionally strained after dealing with Yuuri’s breakdown we have Yakov actually critiquing Victor’s coaching.

You know what Yakov is known for? Being critical of his students. Victor himself at this point finally admits he probably needs some help in becoming a better coach.

This actually marks Yakov’s acceptance of Victor as a coach. From there on Yakov never makes any denigrating comment towards Victor as a coach.

When episode 8 comes around all the “third rate coach” trash talk is entirely absent, despite Victor’s eccentric behavior continuing unabated. Yakov even criticizes Yuuri at the end of his skate in episode 9 for not fully showing to best advantage the program that Victor had clearly worked hard on.

Notice how taken aback Yakov is at the end of episode 12 when Victor says he’s returning to skating compared to even episode 8, by this point he has fully accepted Victor as a serious coach. 

So, does Victor returning to skating at the end of episode 12 completely undo Victor’s arc and prove everyone right that he could never be anything more than a skater? No, because he did prove himself as a coach, and even earned Yakov’s critical recognition. Not to mention that episode 12 concludes with Victor to continue being a coach as well as a skater, so he is not backsliding in his development.

I certainly understand not being entirely satisfied with episode 12, but this argument that it undoes Victor’s entire character arc comes across as willfully misreading the text.


For Trish (aka @socktrollqueen) who’s had a really shitty week. I know it’s super short but I hope you love it anyway. Hope everything gets better.

Originally posted by gotham-daily

     Victor isn’t exactly known for grand romantic gestures so Trish is a little nervous when she opens the door of her apartment to find a brand new Coach purse siting at her doorstep. Stuffed inside is a gorgeous black dress made from the softest silk she’s ever felt. Well, maybe second softest if Victor’s bedsheets count… which they do… obviously. Attached to the dress is a note written in Victor’s messy albeit charming scrawl.

     Dinner. 8:00. Be ready.

     Because that’s not intimidating or terrifying at all. Trish knows better than to expect anything different. You don’t date an assassin and get rainbows and cupcakes 24/7. Sometimes Victor forgets how to act like a human and yeah, it gets scary, but he always makes it up to her. Usually with a night of unforgettable sex. But Victor’s been sweet all week. Doting even. Why the sudden dinner date?

     Oh no, Trish thinks. He’s going to break up with me. But why buy her all this new, expensive stuff? Consolation prizes. Thanks for playing the game, babe. You lose. No, stop thinking like that. There’s no reason to think like that.

     But Anxiety is a deaf bitch who doesn’t understand sign language either, so she shows up unwanted and never leaves.

     Almost never leaves.

Victor knocks on the front door (even though it’s also his apartment, so there’s literally no need for him to do that unless he’s lost his keys again… which is a whole other story). Trish has one last final though of ohgodohgodohgod before Anxiety decides she’s now a bored bitch and heads home for a while. Until Victor drives the car to the richest part of town and stops at the nicest restaurant Trish has ever seen in her life. Then Anxiety decides she’s once again deaf and pops back up for round two.

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myotparmada  asked:

Okay, what's the deal with the whole Crosby got someone fired thing? Google wont help me :(

So, since I’ve got a couple people asking now I’ll give it a stab.

Therrien was the Penguins’ coach from 2005- mid 2009. As with any major coaching change, unless there’s a scandal to blame on anyone, it’s a lot of “We just felt it was time, a new direction was needed,” soft rhetoric and “yes we players were just SO surprised” after the firing so it’s hard to get the really good stuff on it.

As far as Therrien goes, what we do know, generally-speaking, is that he’s an authoritarian dick. My absolute least favorite kind of coach, both personally and as a psychologist who knows that sort of leadership has strength only in narrow circumstances and for a limited time and definitely doesn’t work best when you have unique stars instead of good soldiers. It’s the sort of style that produces some high results short-term but burns even the best people out after too long, and if I had to guess, I’d say that’s what happened.

(And while I don’t have sources handy, we know that he’s continuing the same shit in Montreal, doing things like trying to make PK play a completely different style to fit in, and (I think it was him, might’ve been other members of their shitty management) being shitty about Galchenyuk being abused by his gf and scolding him for embarrassing the team. And then there was tonight, him leaving his goalie out there to die a miserable humiliating career-damaging death on the ice like it’s some sort of character-building lesson… ugh)

Now, I obviously wasn’t yet a fan back in 05-09 (and other fans can maybe speak to the extra juicy bits), so I don’t have extra insight into the tone of things, or the nuances we can pick up from how games were played, how players were treated, and other details (sounds like there was stuff surrounding Flower? I’d love to hear more on that but I too don’t have anything concrete there), and because social media and such wasn’t really available for much more side conversations and unofficial opinions, but there are still remnants and whispers that I’ve heard about:

“Bylsma, hired on an interim basis but expected to coach at least the rest of the season, wants the Penguins to get back to utilizing their skill, speed and world-class players Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and goalie Marc-Andre Fleury"…"Therrien relied on a system in which every player, no matter his skill level offensively, was required to play tight defense, and there were rumblings in the dressing room that the players were no longer buying into the coach’s disciplinarian ways.”

 From <>


“"We were told to try and rediscover the fun and enjoy the game,” forward Miroslav Satan said of the message [brand new coach] Bylsma delivered at a 10 p.m. meeting last night"

From <>

Now, you don’t hire a coach who says shit like ‘rediscover the love of the game’ to try and get your team back on track and get them winning if there isn’t a SERIOUS issue with morale and buy-in in the locker room that you’re trying to address. And you’re not going to fire a coach you just signed for three more years because he’s pissing off your fourth line. You fire him because he’s lost the respect of your core.

Sid is waaaaay too well media trained to like, go off on some public rant about how he hates a guy, but if you have Sidney Crosby as your captain, and you’re not a complete fucking moron, you know that if Sid is done with a coach, then your team is done with that coach and it’s time to get someone new. And yeah, he’s coachable of course, but seriously, you don’t get to be Sidney Crosby by changing your style of play to suit the coach so I honestly don’t know why they thought that would be a good idea in the first place.

 "I want other teams to deal with our speed and skill,“ said Bylsma

From <>

This is, in my opinion, code for “Let Sid play Sid hockey”.

Someone yesterday asked Coach Sully something about whether or not Sid’s ridiculous “imma bank this shot off the boards in a tiny space behind a defenseman right to tanger like that’s a perfectly normal pass and then go to the net so he can bounce it in off my stick” play was something he’d authorized and Sully just kindof, looked at this guy like… you’re an idiot. And then proceeded to say what sounded to me a lot like code for “What we do is let Sid play, and my job is to build up a team that can support the style of him (and the other core guys like Geno and Tanger), so yeah, that was a cool play he did, wasn’t it?”

 But listen, this is all my conjecture, mostly, so take it for what you will.

Badlands Visitor's Center (1.21.16)
Badlands Visitor's Center (1.21.16)

“Hello, welcome to Badlands Visitor’s Center. We hope you’ve been enjoying your stay. We’re delighted to inform you that there are plenty of fun activities to explore in the Badlands. Tennis lessons will be resuming this month with a brand new coach. And don’t forget to support your local photography club. A reminder to all Badlands residents and visitors: if you find yourself in trouble, keep running.”

Yuri on Ice Characters as Clickbait Link Titles

Victor Nikiforov: Figure Skating Coaches Hate Him! Brand new first-time ever coach’s secrets to winning gold in life AND love!

Katsuki Yuuri: He became the sexy pork cutlet bowl fatale that seduces men–what happens next will SHOCK YOU!

Yuri Plisetsky: Think you can’t go through life kicking people when you’re mad? THINK AGAIN. 

Otabek Altin: So, are we going to be friends or not?

Christophe Giacometti: You won’t believe what happens when this man takes off his glasses!

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