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Okay, what's the deal with the whole Crosby got someone fired thing? Google wont help me :(

So, since I’ve got a couple people asking now I’ll give it a stab.

Therrien was the Penguins’ coach from 2005- mid 2009. As with any major coaching change, unless there’s a scandal to blame on anyone, it’s a lot of “We just felt it was time, a new direction was needed,” soft rhetoric and “yes we players were just SO surprised” after the firing so it’s hard to get the really good stuff on it.

As far as Therrien goes, what we do know, generally-speaking, is that he’s an authoritarian dick. My absolute least favorite kind of coach, both personally and as a psychologist who knows that sort of leadership has strength only in narrow circumstances and for a limited time and definitely doesn’t work best when you have unique stars instead of good soldiers. It’s the sort of style that produces some high results short-term but burns even the best people out after too long, and if I had to guess, I’d say that’s what happened.

(And while I don’t have sources handy, we know that he’s continuing the same shit in Montreal, doing things like trying to make PK play a completely different style to fit in, and (I think it was him, might’ve been other members of their shitty management) being shitty about Galchenyuk being abused by his gf and scolding him for embarrassing the team. And then there was tonight, him leaving his goalie out there to die a miserable humiliating career-damaging death on the ice like it’s some sort of character-building lesson… ugh)

Now, I obviously wasn’t yet a fan back in 05-09 (and other fans can maybe speak to the extra juicy bits), so I don’t have extra insight into the tone of things, or the nuances we can pick up from how games were played, how players were treated, and other details (sounds like there was stuff surrounding Flower? I’d love to hear more on that but I too don’t have anything concrete there), and because social media and such wasn’t really available for much more side conversations and unofficial opinions, but there are still remnants and whispers that I’ve heard about:

“Bylsma, hired on an interim basis but expected to coach at least the rest of the season, wants the Penguins to get back to utilizing their skill, speed and world-class players Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and goalie Marc-Andre Fleury"…"Therrien relied on a system in which every player, no matter his skill level offensively, was required to play tight defense, and there were rumblings in the dressing room that the players were no longer buying into the coach’s disciplinarian ways.”

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“"We were told to try and rediscover the fun and enjoy the game,” forward Miroslav Satan said of the message [brand new coach] Bylsma delivered at a 10 p.m. meeting last night"

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Now, you don’t hire a coach who says shit like ‘rediscover the love of the game’ to try and get your team back on track and get them winning if there isn’t a SERIOUS issue with morale and buy-in in the locker room that you’re trying to address. And you’re not going to fire a coach you just signed for three more years because he’s pissing off your fourth line. You fire him because he’s lost the respect of your core.

Sid is waaaaay too well media trained to like, go off on some public rant about how he hates a guy, but if you have Sidney Crosby as your captain, and you’re not a complete fucking moron, you know that if Sid is done with a coach, then your team is done with that coach and it’s time to get someone new. And yeah, he’s coachable of course, but seriously, you don’t get to be Sidney Crosby by changing your style of play to suit the coach so I honestly don’t know why they thought that would be a good idea in the first place.

 "I want other teams to deal with our speed and skill,“ said Bylsma

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This is, in my opinion, code for “Let Sid play Sid hockey”.

Someone yesterday asked Coach Sully something about whether or not Sid’s ridiculous “imma bank this shot off the boards in a tiny space behind a defenseman right to tanger like that’s a perfectly normal pass and then go to the net so he can bounce it in off my stick” play was something he’d authorized and Sully just kindof, looked at this guy like… you’re an idiot. And then proceeded to say what sounded to me a lot like code for “What we do is let Sid play, and my job is to build up a team that can support the style of him (and the other core guys like Geno and Tanger), so yeah, that was a cool play he did, wasn’t it?”

 But listen, this is all my conjecture, mostly, so take it for what you will.

Yuri on Ice Characters as Clickbait Link Titles

Victor Nikiforov: Figure Skating Coaches Hate Him! Brand new first-time ever coach’s secrets to winning gold in life AND love!

Katsuki Yuuri: He became the sexy pork cutlet bowl fatale that seduces men–what happens next will SHOCK YOU!

Yuri Plisetsky: Think you can’t go through life kicking people when you’re mad? THINK AGAIN. 

Otabek Altin: So, are we going to be friends or not?

Christophe Giacometti: You won’t believe what happens when this man takes off his glasses!

Badlands Visitor's Center (1.21.16)
Badlands Visitor's Center (1.21.16)

“Hello, welcome to Badlands Visitor’s Center. We hope you’ve been enjoying your stay. We’re delighted to inform you that there are plenty of fun activities to explore in the Badlands. Tennis lessons will be resuming this month with a brand new coach. And don’t forget to support your local photography club. A reminder to all Badlands residents and visitors: if you find yourself in trouble, keep running.”

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Don't you ever just get sick of doing the same thing every time you're at the gym? Don't your muscles get used to it and it stop working over time?

I have way more variation than a lot of weightlifters. There are a lot of people out there in the world lookin’ fit as shit and only doing 2-3 exercises per day in the gym. Too many people out there are looking for ways to make the gym as confusing as they can, driven by a market that profits off you relying on coaches, classes, branded gym equipment and reinventing the wheel. The fact is that some of the most famous people in the world for being fit are just deadlifting, squatting, bench pressing, and some are still rocking the overhead press like I do. They have visible abs without ever intentionally working it. The big lifts are as famous and classic as they are because they’re compound movements, and your muscles never get used to it if you’re constantly pushing them to new, one-rep maxes.


So I’m very rarely in Metro North/Amtrak territory, so this was just really a huge treat and a half.

It only recently occurred to me that Metro North goes into Connecticut as much as it does mainland NY.

I just always had it so drilled into my head that Metro-North  =  Upstate’s LIRR that I never considered it also served Connecticut, and that some of the Metro North branded coaches are mingled freely with Connecticut Commuter Rail branded coaches.

The strangest part was seeing locomotive hauled single-decker coaches  up close in revenue service for basically the first time since the 90′s on the LIRR back when were lucky enough to still have the P72s and P75s.

The Shoreliners aren’t as gritty and rugged as the old P72s and P75s I remember from the 90′s, but boy do they have so much more character and charm than the intensely unremarkable C3 bi-level cars that dominate LIRR’s diesel hauled routes today.

But I wasn’t taking Metro North that day, I was taking Amtrak, for the second and so far last time in my life.

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