coach and stiles

Coach sees a Berserker throw Liam across the field.

“You there. The guy made of animal bones. Have you ever played lacrosse?”

I Promise You Won’t Fall

I did a thing because @halesheart was like someone needs to do this but a Sterek version. When ye asks ye shall receive. Happy Holidays!

Find it on AO3 (or read it down below)

Summary: “Derek! I’m not doing that,” Stiles gasped.

“I promise you won’t fall.”

“No you can’t promise that, I’m gonna fall and break my face. Or worse! My glasses! Do you know how expensive these are–?”

“Baby, breathe,” Derek shushed him.

Or the one where skaterboy!Derek loses a bet, and has to ride a skateboard with his boyfriend Stiles who more or less enjoys it.

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