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Madancy Characters List

(M) to indicate Mads characters & (H) for Hugh characters 

Clash of Titans - Draco-1500-1800 B.C.  (M) 

King Arthur – Tristan-5 A.D. (M)

King Arthur - Galahad- 5 A.D. (H)

Valhalla Rising - One Eye-1000s (M)

Elizabeth I - Earl of Essex Robert Devereux-late 1500s (H)

The New Adventures of Robin Hood – Kyle– 1500s (H)

Age of Uprising - Michael Kohlaas-1500s (M)

Ella Enchanted - Prince Charmont-1600s (H)

The Three Musketeers - Comte De Rochefort-1625-1628 (M)

Young Blades - D’Artagnan-1625-1628 (H)

A Royal Affair – Dr. Johann Friederich Streunsee-1700s (M)

David Copperfield - David Copperfield-1831-1850s (H) 

Madame Bovary – Leon – 1856 (H)

Daniel Deronda - Daniel Deronda-1865 (H)

The Salvation - Jon Jensen –1871 (M)

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synchronized fistpumps starring taka and mr. & mrs. sato
2011 worlds2014 nationals

FIRST members tumblr gathering!!!

I’m still trying to round up all the FIRST-ies so if you are one please reblog with team name and I’ll add you to the list. [looking to have weekly updates on this list]

BUT LOOK AT THEM ALL!!! I know there’s more though!! find them!! (I’ll be using the tag #FIRST gathering )

Myself (littleredstuff) FRC  314 Big MO alumni (2011) & Coach/Founder FTC 7472 Lil’ MO

scarletsongbird - FRC  810

secretly-a-fox - FRC 692 The Fembots

starcrossedbutterfly - FRC  692 The Fembots

moonchildcorinne - FRC  3184 Blaze Robotics (2014) & FTC  4140 Fish in the Boat (2014)

221b-timeywimey - FRC 1810 Jaguar Robotics (2016)

incurablebookwyrm - FRC 3574 High Tekerz (2012)

unaccepted-truths - FRC 2896 MechMonarchs (2016)

askatinybot - FRC 365 MOE (2012)

mais-la - FRC 157 The Aztechs (2015)

aquamar1na - FRC 3314 Mechanical Mustangs (2014)

cadandcookies - FRC 2220 Eagan Robotics (2014)

valentine-grey - FRC 3881 WHEA Robotics (2014)

northern-mutt - FRC 2169 KINGTec (2013) &  FTC 3385 W.A.T.E.R. 

rainmask99 - FRC 1740 Ledyard Cyber Colonels (2013)

thistechgirlisonfire - FRC 225 TechFire! (2013)

colbum - FRC 1665 Weapons of Mass Construction (2014)

candyqueen4  - FRC 5188 (2015)

vlawgger - FRC 527 Red Dragons

gallifreyan-dinosaurs - FRC 4531 STEMpunk (2014) [btw awesome name. I <3 steampunk]

nocarnage - FRC 2220 Blue Twilight

awks-extraordinaire - FRC 281 (2014)

givemeyourjuice - FRC 2169 King TeC

muchvideo- FRC 2169 King TeC

oygod - FRC 2169 King TeC

rockinwithrobots -  FRC 1902 Exploding Bacon

casualtea96 - FRC 3415

deadly-wonderland - FRC 16 Bomb Squad (2012)

fall-into-my-world - FRC 4909 Billerica Bionics

shingeki-no-one-survives - FRC 2265 FeMaidens

truthwrite - FRC 537 Chargers (2014)

greeneyedrobonerd - FRC 281

novelteathought - FRC 360 The Revolution

sorry-im-not-original - FRC 4845

igknightress - FRC 3173 The IgKnighters

jewpower64 - FRC 4959 Millennium Falcons

atrailofhysteria - FRC 846 

awkwardyakone - FRC 639 Code Red

burn-out-the-pain - FRC 1241 (alumni) and Mentors FRC 1241, 2702, & 4917

goodbyesfromyesterday  - FRC 449 The Blair Robot Project

secretly-a-fox - FRC 692 The Fembots

jyaple - FRC 1013 The Phoenix

nairb1997 - FRC 2344 The Saunders Droid Factory

nick31415- FRC 2517 The Green Wrenches


2016 Grand Prix Final: Men & Ice Dance Preview

Get ready, because the Grand Prix Final starts in only two days! Here’s our preview of the senior men’s and ice dance fields. Featuring both decorated champions on the comeback trail and talented young newcomers, these competitions are definitely not ones to miss. Also check out our previews of the junior men and ladies and senior ladies and pairs!

TV and streaming information for the Grand Prix Final is available here.

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A young kid called Ronaldo turned up one day. He looked at all the different players. He looked at the amount of time and effort that Giggsy was putting into it and thought, to be better than him, guess what I have got to do? I will work cleverer.

So for the five and a half years that I worked with Cristiano, he just succeeded above everybody else in the time, the amount of training he was prepared to do, the amount of looking after himself with his diet, his sleep and all the rest of it.

He put the whole plan into action, he had a pathway to greatness and he followed it. That’s the difference. He decided he was going to work harder than everybody else. But working hard isn’t always about pushing weights or doing sprints or stepovers, it’s about doing the whole thing together.

How many times in his early days did you see him fall over? How many times does he do it now? None, because he has strengthened everything up. All these things came together to create his body.

You have got to remember that he was trying new things all the time. He spent at least 40 minutes a day on his own, practising his own things, his own techniques.

The reason he did that is because there was no pressure. So he works on all these different skills, then he has got to try and do it under pressure. He takes it into training and he tries things, probably makes loads of mistakes. But when he has a certain degree of proficiency in this new trick, then he goes onto the pitch.

Against lower teams in his early days he was incredible. He was perfecting them against the lower teams. Against the top players in the world it was bloody difficult. It was right towards the end when he perfected everything, he was brilliant.

Creating skills like that and a body like that takes time. And everybody wants it now. But Cristiano knew not to be put off if people moaned. He weren’t bothered. Most players would have stopped doing what he was doing.

—  Mick Clegg, Manchester United fitness coach 2000 to 2011