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           Bitty stirs at the sound but doesn’t open his eyes. Jack is solid behind him and hasn’t moved a bit, with his arm still draped over Bitty’s middle.

           “Baby,” Jack says again, sleepily.


           Jack doesn’t respond. Bitty thinks he may have just spoken in his sleep. He taps at Jack’s hand.


           Jack tightens his grip and slips his hand under Bitty’s shirt to rest on his chest.

           “Good morning,” he slurs, and rubs his nose into the hair at the back of Bitty’s neck.

           Bitty laughs into the pillow. He doesn’t bother turning around—it’s too early for moving—but he leans further into Jack’s chest.

           “Good morning.”

           “Mm. Morning.”

           “Yes, honey. It’s morning. Are you getting up?”

           “Hmm. No.”

           Jack breathes in deeply and ducks to press his forehead between Bitty’s shoulder blades.

           “You smell nice,” he says.

           “Thanks honey.”

           “Mmmyou’re welcome babe.”


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When Bitty comes out over Skype, his parents take it very well. He wonders if they had an idea or are just much more open minded than he thought they would be. When he tells them he is dating someone who was on the smh team and graduated last year his momma freezes.

“Um, are you alright?”

She takes a deep breath and releases it with a sigh. “Dicky, I love you no matter what, but for the love of all things holy please tell me you aren’t dating that Mr. Crappy fellow. I don’t want to call my son’s boyfriend anything like that.”

Bitty can’t help but laugh. He looks behind his laptop at Jack, who is trying to hold back his own laughter. “No, momma, I’m not dating Shitty, sadly.” At this Jack makes a face at him. “ You both know him, though. Sweetheart, why don’t you say hi to my parents?”

When momma and coach look so  relieved to see that it is Jack on their screen. They both can’t contain their curiosity and joy. Bitty thinks he might even see Coach wipe away a tear during the conversation, but he is smiling and tells the both of them how proud he is.

After the Skype session ends the two of them sit in silence, both knowing this is the start of their two families truly becoming one.


Spider-Man: Homecoming actors [9/10]

Hemky Madera as Mr. Delmar

Donald Glover as Aaron Davis

Hannibal Buress as Coach Wilson

Martin Starr as Mr. Harrington

Tyne Daly as Anne Marie Hoag

Chris Evans as Captain America

During the After Kegster (ep 3.5)

Downstairs, the kegster is still in full swing. Bitty can feel the music vibrating up through the floor as he paces his room. He only has a couple of minutes before Jack needs to join him, and he can’t sit still in excitement. His excuse to leave the party–making sure his room is still locked and vomit free–will only buy him a little time.

He’s been desperate to be alone with Jack all night. He just wants to talk to him and smile at him and knock that hat off his head and not worry about who will see. He wants to talk to Jack about the game and also kiss his face.

He paces the short length of his room again and checks his phone. He wonders if Jack got caught up talking to someone and can’t get past them. He starts to think he should give up and go back downstairs and try again later. But Jack can’t stay all night, he’s got to go home soon.

Bitty flips his phone over in his hands a few times and starts towards the door to check the hallway to see if Jack is on his way when there’s a gentle knock.

He composes himself but still opens the door embarrassingly fast and Jack grins at him from the other side, as handsome as ever with his Samwell hat flipped backwards on his head.

“I was starting to think I’d been stood up,” Bitty says softly.

Jack leans in close, not quite kissing, and backs Bitty into the room while shutting the door behind them with his foot. The moment he hears the door click, he rocks forward the rest of the way and kisses Bitty solidly, pushing his hands into his hair.

He pulls away and says, “Hi,” and kisses Bitty again before he can respond. Jack covers Bitty’s face with short kisses and walks them towards the bed. Bitty laughs and pushes at Jack’s chest when Jack kisses his temple and nuzzles his hair.

“Jack! Honey, calm down.”

“You’re so great,” Jack says and kisses him again. Bitty makes a muffled noise and huffs when Jack pulls away again.

“Let me breathe, lord.”

“No can do, Bits. You were so good tonight. You’re so good. I’m so proud.”

“Oh come on–”

Jack pushes Bitty backwards until the backs of his knees hit the bed and keeps pushing until he climbs back onto it. Jack flops down next to him and leans over to kiss him again.

“I wanted to kiss you in the locker room,” he says.

“Me too.”

They take a moment to look at each other, just look and be next to each other and grin.

Bitty reaches out and grabs Jack’s hat and tosses it away.



“You girls are unique individuals with strong opinions and independent minds.”


On the Ides of March 2014, we selected for our project an unremarkable sophomore engineering student named Trevor Lee. Little did he know that he would become TEST SUBJECT 22: the breakthrough proof-of-concept for our years of research into cerebral reconfiguration. Twelve months later, despite no previous nor natural athletic inclination, Lee walked onto the University baseball team—remade as the ideal designated hitter, both in mind and body. As a result, the Dept of Athletics took keen interest in our continuation of the project, promising significant support and funding.

We knew right away that our immediate priority was to maintain our gift to the team. Lee would graduate by the end of the 2016 season. Therefore starting in the fall of 2015 we began building his replacement for the 2017 season. This time we recruited a freshman named Andrew Petit. At intake the asset—designated TEST SUBJECT 25—was a waif-like art history major. However, like SUBJECT 22, SUBJECT 25 now suffers from markedly reduced academic ability, and has had to switch to a General Education BS, with specially awarded credits in “applied hypertrophic sciences” from the Kinesthesiology Department.

Like SUBJECT 22, SUBJECT 25 acquired high-level visual motion-tracking, reflexes, and proprioception through our cerebral reconfiguration techniques. Subject was also given a high drive to pursue muscular hypertrophy, under the guidance of the baseball team’s strength coach, Mr. Terrazas. We programmed Subject with an absolute, emotionally-charged loyalty to Mr. Terrazas, whom Subject now sees as a father figure. Aided by our reprogramming of pituitary function to increase luteinizing hormone secretion, Subject made rapid gains in muscular development.

Further programming imprinted hitting coach Mr. Howard and head coach Mr. Burnett as additional father figures, who report perfect compliance, dedication, and “coachability” from Subject. Along with further guidance from SUBJECT 22—who served as a “big brother” figure in his training, SUBJECT 25 developed extremely rapidly towards game readiness. Subject was selected onto the team’s roster in December 2016, and had a moderately successful debut season by all relevant statistics. As of this writing, Subject will soon begin play in a summer collegiate league to continue his development, and will receive training in a fielding position.

The usefulness of interpersonal foci in our programming is now undeniable, and shall now be a part of protocol in future projects. We note as having profound reinforcing effect the private sessions which Subject shared with his mentors, which may be examined in our video archive.


Hot Coach

He Was Hot In A Skin Tight Uniform When He Played, And Now That He Is The Linebackers’ Coach For The Texans, Mike Vrabel Is Still Sizzling!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

I would just love it if Jack and Bitty’s first kiss is in a kitchen while Bitty is baking (haus kitchen, jack’s kitchen in providence, heck even bitty’s house in georgia I don’t care)

and like they’re very excited because #kissing so they’re kind of ignoring the world around them and maybe Jack has already hoisted Bitty up to sit on the counter (cause this is 1000% gonna happen eventually so)

BUT the oven timer goes off

and Jack is like no stay ignore it for just another minute but Bitty pushes him away like EXCUSE ME who do you think I am sir I can’t let my pie/cobbler/biscuits/bread/whatever burn come on?????

so Bitty shoves Jack away (gently bc it’s still Jack and he still likes him) and is suddenly in bakermode and checks on whats in the oven and like pokes it to make sure its done and maybe it’s not so he puts back in and sets the timer again and only then he turns his attention back to Jack like “you’ve got two minutes use it wisely” 

so Jack scoops him up again and def uses that time wisely

Teaching through Action

Mr. Cobalt had been teaching history at the University for almost 30 years now. He’d been noticing his body grow flabbier and flabbier as the years went on. He just never had the motivation to actually do anything about it. Whenever he’d try to go to the gym he’d quickly feel unmotivated watching all the 20 year olds brag about how much they could lift. Guys like that always made him feel intimidated.

However after his doctor told him he needed to do something about his diet and weight; he was going to have to make some kind of a change. Even if he was nervous about looking like an idiot to some of his students, he still had to make at least an effort. It took him about an hour to actually get ready for the gym because he kept trying to talk himself out of it. The more he thought about it, the more he just wanted to stay home and let whatever disease just take him. With a small kick to his butt he forced himself out of his house.

Everything about the college gym was great condition. Even though the machines had obviously been used a lot; they still looked brand new. “Must be how James likes to run his gym,” Mr. Cobalt mused to himself.

“Glad to hear it Mr. Cobalt,” behind him Coach Larson was smiling broadly. “You here to train today?”

Mr. Cobalt practically jumped out of his skin. He had no idea how long Coach Larson had been standing behind him. “Y-yes,” he stammered trying to calm himself down. “Need to lose some of this weight.” He rubbed his protruding belly. “And no need for formalities James. You can just call me Dale. It’s not like you’re one of my students.”

“Nonsense. I try to show anyone who shows up in my gym with a certain amount of respect.” Coach Larson pat Mr. Cobalt on the back. “And while we’re in the gym I’d prefer you to call me coach.”

Mr. Cobalt smiled. “Alright, Coach.” He couldn’t get over how serious Coach Larson was about his gym. Mr. Cobalt just shrugged it off knowing everyone has their own set of quirks. Why couldn’t Coach have his?

“Haha! Glad you agree. Now, how about I show you around the gym? I got a feeling that you haven’t been here often and might be a bit nervous.”

“Is it that obvious?” Mr. Cobalt’s eyes wanted to shoot to the floor.

“It’s alright. Everyone has to start somewhere. Let’s start over here.” Coach led Mr. Cobalt over to some of the free weights. He showed him a few of the exercises that he could easily do. Coach handed him a couple of the dumbbells. Even though it was only 15 pounds they felt so heavy in Mr. Cobalt’s hands.

“I don’t know… These are kind of heavy…” Mr. Cobalt’s confidence waned.

“Nah course not! You’ll be coaching here soon yourself if you keep at it.” Coach’s smile could light up a room. For whatever reason, Mr. Cobalt felt a flood of excitement as he kept moving the weights in his hands. It was like they were getting lighter the more he moved them. He didn’t want to stop.

“Dude this feels real good.” ‘Dude?’

Coach grinned widely, “You think so? Cause it’s really good for your body.”

For a moment Mr. Cobalt couldn’t help but agree with him. Just being in the gym was already making him feel better. His body felt like it was several years younger. Dale started grinning widely as he kept pumping the weight. He wanted to admit that it was too light but he was demonstrating what he knew to Coach. A part of him liked showing off what Coach had taught him over the last few years.

“Yeah man this is great,” ‘why am I speaking like some college student?’ “It’s so awesome. This isn’t that hard at all.” He looked at himself in the mirror again. ‘Cause I am one duh,’ Dale couldn’t help but laugh at how stupid of a question he’d asked. He was a senior almost ready to graduate. It was going to be one of the last times he’d be able to use the gym. He just wanted to get a few more workouts before he left. There were so many great memories from working out here. Dale flexed his arms as he finished the workout.

“Is that one of those goodbye flexes?” Coach asked.

“Haha! No man. I’ll make sure to come back and visit. Maybe I’ll be able to teach you a thing or two about the gym,” Dale poked his coach in the side.

“Sure you can,” Coach rolled his eyes sarcastically, “It’ll take you a pretty long time before you can teach me anything.”