Repeat after me:

Fandom wars are stupid, because your fave isn’t going to stay at the top forever. They’ll be replaced by a newer more fresher face faster than you think (that’s just how it’s always been) and you’ll just feel extremely stupid at the end of it all.
Kpop doesn’t have to be a competition. It’s music to ENJOY. Not fight over.
Telling someone to go kill themselves because you want to defend your fave makes you a horrible person. There are more mature ways you can respond to things.
All groups work equally hard, and they ALL deserve support and recognition because they ALL work equally hard.
All groups deserve respect.
If an artist wins an award, it’s because they deserved it and worked hard for it.
A person can like whatever group they want, because in the end of it all, its just music.
Lastly, fandom wars are stupid, because these groups don’t work their asses off to get pinned againt and compared to other groups, while having their names tarnished because their fandom couldn’t be mature enough.
That is all.