2004-03-28 Celebrating these babies…

Dbsk deserves better
Super Junior deserves better
Shinee deserves better
Infinite deserves better
U-kiss deserves better
2pm deserves better
B1a4 deserves better
Btob deserves better
Teen top deserves better
Block b deserves better
Even though these groups have been around for a while, they are in no way irrelevant or flops. They still have dedicated fans who have stayed by them since the very beginning, and they absolutely do not deserve to be disrespected and forgotten like they are now by so many new fans. All of these groups have paved their way to success from pure hard work, and helped make kpop this international so the least we can give them is a little respect.


wow… it’s been 13 years. where do i even begin to say how proud i am of how far dbsk has come? as changmin once said (i paraphrase, since i can’t find the exact interview) that being together for 10 (and more) years was an accomplishment by itself, regardless of the number of fans they had or the number of awards they had won. that the fact that they could make people happy around the world was rewarding in itself, and their long journey was fulfilling in itself.

honestly, this gifset is not enough to encompass all that you have done. whether one considers the numbers above small or big, according to me, you have accomplished so much more than just your awards and milestones. i think you have shown your fans the true meaning of working hard and not giving up, no matter how many obstacles fall your way. from the start, you’ve had a tough journey and yet you’ve persevered. being broke, having sasaengs, having anti-fans, having practically no audience in a foreign country, being lonely in a foreign country, broadcasting at the weirdest timings, having an insane schedule, splitting up, dealing with more anti-fans, almost not returning as a duo, losing huge amounts of fans, amongst so many other things. and yet, all of you have come out stronger and better. 

even with those difficulties, you have strived to show the best of you to us, and there has hardly been a moment you have not made us proud. so, be it as five or two, thank you for carrying the name of ‘dong bang shin ki’ far and wide across the world. thank you being such a huge part of what k-pop is today, and thank you for giving your 110% all the time, even though you know you don’t have to. thank you for everything in the past 13 years, and here’s to many more to come. 

gifs are from: the latest tour, with: live tour 2015
compilation of statistics can be found here.

Just because a group isn’t popular like they were in the past doesn’t make them irrelevant. People grow out of fandoms, and new generation groups take over because that’s just how it is, but that doesn’t make older generation groups any less influential or loved. Every group has their peak of popularity but they also have dedicated fans who have continued to love and support them since the very beginning. Please keep this in mind before you put down older generation groups.