I'm tired of yo shit

Older 👏 kpop 👏 groups 👏 set 👏 the 👏 foundation 👏 for 👏 newer 👏 kpop 👏 groups 👏 to 👏 get 👏 where 👏 they 👏 are 👏 today 👏

Newer kpop groups are easily riding the Hallyu Wave that has already been created. They’re not doing anything spectacular for kpop as a whole.

Y'all better know damn well that there would be no Exo or NCT without BoA (queen) practically saving SM from going bankrupt and getting into the Japan market. Shinwa (some holy figure), TVXQ (Gods), Super Junior (Legends), Big Bang (Kings).

Show them the respect they fucking deserve. I’m not telling you to like them, but without them, you wouldn’t be listening to your faves cause they wouldn’t exist and even to this day, when the older groups comeback, they still S L A Y.

Big Bang took three years to comeback and they conquered everybody. B Y E. Thank you loyal ass V.I.Ps. If you’re not a V.I.P be thankful that Big Bang doesn’t comeback every year cause then your faves wouldn’t have a chance to win any award. BB on to break more important records though.

Just because a group isn’t popular like they were in the past doesn’t make them irrelevant. People grow out of fandoms, and new generation groups take over because that’s just how it is, but that doesn’t make older generation groups any less influential or loved. Every group has their peak of popularity but they also have dedicated fans who have continued to love and support them since the very beginning. Please keep this in mind before you put down older generation groups.

To all the kpop fans who joined the fandom in 2012 or later, I’m sorry you missed out on haru haru, mirotic, nobody, sorry sorry, ring ding dong, gee, heartbeat, again and again, shock, btd, bonamana, man man ha ni, y, abracadabra, Mona Lisa, fire, hot issue, bingeul bingeul, I’m a loner, Lucifer, fiction, the Chaser and many many more.